Too Hot Too Bear

At a little over thirty-nine years of age, John Mahon was a handsome man to look at. A little over six feet tall, he was built well, toned from years on the police force, with little fat on his body. He looked like a dark god with his hair shaved against his scalp so that only the dark stubble remained and his dark eyes which seemed to hint at erotic desires whenever women looked his way.

It was all a farce though. Molly knew that well. She remembered the images her mother had shown her of the nice officer she chatted with online for hours shortly after her father left, slamming the door behind him. She remembered how she’d stared at the man with a dreamy look in her own eyes, wishing every once in a while that the man was interested in her rather than her mother.

Now she wished she’d never convinced her mother to see him. He’d been a perfect gentleman when her mother was alive, taking her on dates and sometimes even bringing a gift or two for Molly to enjoy, making both Molly and her mother fall deeper in love with the man.

Then John had asked her mother to marry him, and he’d become Molly’s stepfather. It wasn’t bad at first, but shortly after the wedding, her mother became ill. The doctors claimed it was cancer. Molly couldn’t believe it. Her mother? Cancer? There was just no way. She was a wonderful woman who worked full time and cared for Molly despite the lack of a man in her life for six years.

After her mother’s death, John changed. It wasn’t an overnight change, but it was as if he became bitter being left with a daughter that wasn’t his and took it out on everyone around him.

At first, he only took it out on their dog, Bruno, kicking and yelling at it over and over again, as if Bruno had any control over what had happened to Molly’s mother. When Molly couldn’t take it anymore though, she released Bruno outside without leash or collar, hoping he’d find a family who could love him and care for him.

That was when John turned on her. He never hit her. He wasn’t dumb enough to do that, but he did yell at her. Over and over again. Each day seemed to be worse than the last until she wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t.

Already, she believed half the things he said about her.

“You’re so fat, you can’t even get a boyfriend. No one would even want to fuck you, much less marry you, so I’m stuck with you for the rest of my miserable life.”

Molly didn’t think his life was so miserable. He was a police officer. He had respect in his field, the gratitude of his men as well as the families he’d helped over the years.

That changed after her mother’s death too. Shortly after, he started coughing and wheezing. Three doctor’s appointments later he was diagnosed with emphysema. He was put off work at the station and sent home on disability.

“It’s all your fault!” he snarled at her between fits of coughing. “If you weren’t so fat and lazy and got a job, I wouldn’t be working my ass into an early grave!”

There were days when John didn’t even leave his room. Molly had no idea what he did when he didn’t come out and she didn’t care. Those were the days she lived for. It was the only time she didn’t feel like she had to hide and cower from him, hoping he didn’t notice her and start another round of insults aimed her way.

It was no secret she was overweight. She knew it. She didn’t need John’s constant and angry reminders to tell her what she already knew. The mirror told her enough times.

She slouched her shoulders as she looked at her naked form in the mirror. She combed her fingers through her bright red hair. Once upon her time, her hair had been blond, but over the years it had darkened until it was the bright red it was now. If it was anything like her mother’s hair, it was just another phase it was going through. Next it would turn brown before it darkened to black and then lightened to grey or white.

The thought of it made her a little sad. She liked having red hair. The thick locks were dark and luscious. The ends curled into springs. Wet, her hair fell down to the middle of her back and thick enough that she could cover her face and pretend to be Cousin It for a while. On more than one occasion, she had considered the possibility of dressing as Cousin It for Halloween, but that had been a long time before when her mother was still alive and she was young enough to go trick-or-treating.

She looked in the mirror again. Her hair was long and thick enough to hide most of her upper torso when she pulled it over her shoulders to the front, but she wanted a clearer view of herself. With that in mind, she grabbed a fistful of locks and tossed it over her shoulder behind her.

Molly cupped her breasts in her hands. They weren’t like those of most girls her age: small and perky. They were large, overflowing out of her palms on either side. She frowned at them. No one liked boobs the size of hers. It was another thing John liked to yell at her. She would never be anyone’s lover because she was too big, too fat. The breasts in her hands attested to that fact. She wore a double D size bra and even that felt too small sometimes.

Sighing, her hands drifted down over the folds of her body. She wasn’t small in the rest of her body either. She had rolls and folds all over. Thick arms. Thick thighs. Thick everything. Her gaze fell upon her navel. Unless she was looking in the mirror, she couldn’t see it. Nor could she see her toes, which she wriggled now just to watch them. There was a reason she only wore flip flops as soon as it warmed up.

Winter was hard for her. She struggled to put socks on sometimes, more-so if John had just spent the last half hour berating her for her looks.

Her best feature, in her opinion, was her eyes. Big and blue, they didn’t need any makeup to enhance them, so she didn’t wear any. Where would she get some anyway? John didn’t buy anything for her but food—and clothes when she desperately needed them. Even then, he complained that her clothes cost twice as much as his did because of her larger size. It was hard to find a pair of jeans that fit correctly. Even some of the big chain stores didn’t have the sizes she needed, which was one of John’s biggest complaints when they went to buy clothes for her.

Molly leaned closer to the mirror, looking at her eyes. Her face was free of blemishes for once, which pleased her. At least she wouldn’t have to listen to John’s complaints about her having a pizza for a face. What did that even mean anyway? What did it mean if someone was pizza-faced? She’d never had a real big issue with pimples or blackheads, but every time she got a single zit, John roared about it.

Turning away from the full-length mirror, a present from her mother when she turned thirteen, Molly looked over the outfit she’d chosen for that day. Before she went to bed each night, she would carefully pick the outfit she’d wear the next day.


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Her Two Alphas

Dawn hung in the air over the horizon as car after car zoomed past the two vehicles parked on the shoulder oblivious to the goings-on between the vehicles. Officer Ruiz’s fingers curled in the head of wavy blond hair bent over his cock, his eyes narrowed on the full bosom presented to him.

The slick sounds of slurping filled his ears even as a groan emerged from deep in his throat. The woman bent over him, sucking him deep in her throat, certainly knew what she was doing. Her lips, stained brilliant red wrapped around his cock and pulled it deep into her throat, even while her tongue danced around his flesh, stroking against the veins pulsing under his skin.

She moaned, the sound vibrating around him and shooting a tremor of pleasure through his entire body, and he groaned again, his hips bucking forward so that his cock slid further into her mouth.

“Had some practice with this, have you?” he asked, a smirk crossing his face as he looked down at her through hooded eyes. His wedding band rest forgotten on his finger. What was a quick blow job to him? It wasn’t like his wife would notice. She was too busy applying facial masks at night to preserve her skin to notice if he’d had a random woman suck his dick in order to get out of a speeding ticket.

Nicole looked up at him, her blue eyes deeper than the ocean as she caught his gaze and held it, slipping her mouth off his cock and licking the tip with tantalizing teases.

“You like that stud?” she asked. Her voice was black velvet, caressing him with the lightest touch despite the hint of whiskey on her breath. She’d passed the Breathalyzer test, and the moment he mentioned a ticket for speeding, immediately offered to suck his cock in exchange for a warning.

He grinned down at her, his eyes flashing with need as he curled his fingers in her hair and shoved her back onto his cock. “Yes, girl. Now finish me off. I’m close.”

“Oh, I know,” she told him with a chuckle that coaxed his nerves and sent him spiraling a little closer towards the heaven that awaited his release. He growled, shoving her face toward his cock, grateful when her full lips clasped him like a vice grip and she sucked hard. He thrust himself in and out of her mouth, groaning with pure pleasure even as her hands curled into his belt loops for balance.

To Nicole, this was easy to handle. She’d gone down on a guy for less, and hated the taste of the man in her mouth. This time though, she didn’t mind the taste, and she received pleasure from him as he did her. There was also the thrill that came with the possibility of getting caught. How might it look if someone noticed she was sucking a cop’s cock between their cars? She moaned again, pride at her abilities rising up in her chest as she realized he was about to come.

A small smile appeared on her lips and she pulled harder, milking his release when he finally spurted long and hard into her mouth with a loud groan. She swallowed hard several times, riding out the buck of his hips as he finished and withdrew from her mouth. Cum glistened on her lips as she looked up at him with a pleased smirk. He tucked himself back into his pants, straightening his uniform as he looked down at her, content shining in his eyes.

Her tongue darted out of her mouth and lapped at the cum on her lips, drawing it into her mouth. She raised one finger and wiped the rest off before popping her finger into her mouth and sucking it off. His eyes darkened with desire for a moment, but then it was gone, replaced with a satisfied smirk.

“Get off on getting guys off, do you?” he asked.

“You have no idea,” she murmured.

He nodded at her, a curt jerk of his head. “You’re free to go, Miss Marston. Don’t speed again.”

He jotted down a quick note on the notepad he’d sat down on the hood of his squad car before their excursion, tore off the sheet, and handed it to her.

She took it. “Of course not, officer. I wouldn’t dream of it.” She rose to her feet then and with a last grin his direction and a light wave of her hand, slid around the side of her car and into the driver’s seat when there were no cars flying past.

“Well, that’s that,” she said, reaching across the dashboard to open the glove box and shove the warning inside.

Without a backwards glance, Nicole turned her car on and shifted into drive. She put on her signal, aware of the officer still sitting in his car behind her, and slipped out onto the highway again, proud of her narrow escape with the law.

She looked at her reflection in the rearview mirror, pleased with her look. It didn’t appear she’d been out all night, as she had been. Her makeup, which had now been on for about ten hours only needed a quick reapplication to touch it up.

A single glance down told her the state of her outfit demanded a new one before she went clubbing again, but she was pleased with the look overall. The tight black dress looked as if it had been painted on her skin, tight enough that she could see the tight pebbles of her nipples pressed up against the fabric. She laughed aloud, knowing that her thong was still in place despite her usual need for men driving their cocks hard into her pussy each night.

That was the life for Nicole. Drinks, cars, men. It was an un-ending cycle for her. One she never tired of and prayed she never would. It certainly made life interesting for her.

The night before for example. Despite the alcohol in her system, she could remember everything that had occurred.

She’d gone out with the intention of staying out all night. If she found someone to fuck while out, great, but if she didn’t, she’d be happy as long as she had a drink in her hand and good music to dance to.

The music came easy. The DJ played a mix that made her heart pound and her feet move. She had never heard of the DJ before, but from the moment she heard his style, she knew she’d like it.

Drinks were also easy to come by, and not once did she have to buy her own. Thanks to the dress she wore, which hitched up high on her hips so that the smallest bend at her waist left little to the imagination as men noted her lacy thong and more.

With her ass pressed against men’s groins, grinding to the beat of every song, Nicole had enjoyed her night at the club. She usually did, but last night had sent a new fire in her soul. On more than one occasion the men she’d danced with had slipped their hands up her dress, curled around the material of her thong and slid inside her, working her as she danced to the music.

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A Beast In Bed

Her phone rang while she was taking a shower, so she didn’t answer it. Jessica heard it ring, and her first thoughts were: “Shoot. I just got in.” Then she shrugged and let it ring. If it was important, whoever it was would leave a message.

Even still, she counted each ring, remembering what her mother might have said about the situation. She practiced Wicca and saw meaning in everything. According to her mother, there was no such thing as coincidences. She didn’t know if she believed that herself, but she still counted the number of times her phone rang, so maybe she did share some of her mother’s beliefs.

Seven times. Seven is a lucky number to some. Maybe it will be for me as well.

She washed the soap from her hair before slathering her scrubber with body wash. She lathered her body and rinsed as fast as she could when she heard her phone beep. Whether from the missed call or a voicemail, she didn’t know.

Please don’t be Pia, she thought.

She loved her best friend. She really did, but sometimes it felt like Pia was worrying about nothing. Not that she could blame her. Ever since she’d married Matt and had her twin boys, Will and Luke, she hadn’t had a chance to really breathe.

Jessica chuckled as she thought about the twins. At nine months, the boys were already proving what kind of terrors they could be when they got older. Crawling around on their own now, Will was even threatening to start walking soon.

“He’ll never walk,” Matt would tease. “Have you seen them crawl? I’m telling you, once they learn to stand, they’ll never walk anywhere. They’ll be running around trying to convince us that they need to climb every tree or rock and cross every stream they see in front of them.”

Jessica believed him. When she’d first met the man, it had been hard to believe how fast Pia had fallen for him. He certainly wasn’t like any man Jessica had ever dated. He was big, hairy and too nice to ever fall for a girl like herself. However, the moment he looked at Pia, his gaze softened and Jessica knew she needn’t worry about her friend.

She had no idea who had fallen in love with whom first—Pia or Matt—but it was evident they were, in fact, in love. Then, ten months after they met, they greeted two baby boys who Jessica had fallen in love with the moment she’d laid her eyes on them.

Pia and Matt weren’t married, but that didn’t matter. Nothing would tear them apart. The twins were proof of that. Still, it was hard to believe how quickly things had happened between Matt and Pia when she had never shown any interest in men before.

In a way, Jessica envied it. Once, last summer, she even thought she’d found the same kind of love that Pia and Matt had, but then the man she’d been interested in disappeared without a word, and she’d never heard from him again.

No, she scolded herself. Don’t think about that. He’s gone, and you’re better off without him.

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While it is a stand-alone story, A Beast In Bed builds on some of the characters introduced in my first Paranormal erotica, Bearing The Cold.

Bearing The Cold

“You need to find a man this Christmas.” Pia Swain knew the comment was aimed at her. She was the only one of the three women sitting at the booth of the local bar and grill without a partner. Jessica, the blond woman who had made the remark, stared at Pia over the rim of her glass, the yellow orange mixture of her screwdriver making her green eyes pop. Jessica was a horrible flirt and seemed to date a new man every week, something Pia had no desire to do.

Beside her, Erin nodded in agreement. Erin, married with a little boy, looked savvier than either Jessica or Pia in her blouse and skirt. With her brown hair piled atop her head in a bun and her manicured nails, one would think she was a business woman rather than an elementary school teacher.

“Here we go,” Pia said under her breath. She loved her friends. She loved them dearly. She loved them even more since her father died and she’d been left alone to fend for herself. They made sure she ate and shopped for groceries and had some semblance of a life.

Over the past two years, as her father’s health had taken a turn for the worse, Pia Swain had become a recluse, never leaving her father’s house except to shop for groceries when either he or her friends told her to or to meet with her agent, Randy, about her upcoming book. That never stopped her friends from assuming she needed someone in her life.

Poor Randy had been their first target until they discovered his tastes ran towards those of his own gender, but that hadn’t stopped them since. They assumed Pia was never leaving her house because she was lonely and didn’t want to admit it.

Sometimes, Pia wondered how clueless her friends were.

Jessica was just getting started. “Yeah!” she exclaimed as if a new idea had just popped into her head. They both knew that wasn’t the case. She always pondered her ideas before she said them aloud in an attempt not to look stupid. “I know a single fireman—”

“Oh, a fire-man,” Pia said in mock enthusiasm.

Jessica waved her off as if she hadn’t spoken. “Can it smartass,” Erin said. “I want to hear more.”

So Pia sat back in the booth and drank her own mixed drink, some fruity thing she’d let Jessica order for her because she was usually a hard liquor kind of girl and didn’t know a thing about mixed drinks. She sighed as Jessica talked about how dreamy this guy was while Erin sat with her head resting against her palm, entranced in Jessica’s every word.

When Jessica had finished and was looking at Pia as if awaiting her reply, Pia frowned, her hands gesturing at herself with a sigh. “Girls, look at me. Really look.”

Both of her friends gave her the once-over, taking in the sweater dress that reached down to her mid-thigh and leggings she wore tucked into fake Uggs. “What are we looking at?” Jessica asked.

Pia sighed again, downing the rest of the fruity drink in her glass and wincing as it left a sour taste in her mouth. What she wouldn’t give for a shot of whiskey.

“Erin, you’re tall and smart: beautiful. Jessica, you’re tall and blond: gorgeous,” Pia said, gesturing to her with her hands. “Me? I am short with a bad attitude.”

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The Stranger In You

Brian’s finger hesitated over the doorbell as he stood outside of Alice’s home. He took a slow and heavy breath, staring at the small rectangular button without blinking. His finger was shaking a little, he noticed; he wasn’t scared, just nervous. It was unexpected, after all. It had been a week since he and Alice had that… unexpected bump in, in the elevator.

Brian thought back wistfully to that lucky day. So many fortuitous things had happened with such convenient timing. What if the elevator hadn’t broken that day? What if it wasn’t Alice in the elevator with him? What if she hadn’t been interested?

But she had. He remembered her naked, sweaty breasts heaving in and out from her heavy breaths as she lay on top of him after their copious fucking. His only disappointment was that the repairmen had interrupted them on the intercom. They’d both rushed to put their clothes on, Brian blushing and Alice not even looking at him. They hadn’t spoken a word to each other since. But then he’d gotten that letter.

So why was he hesitating, then? Just do it, he thought to himself. Ring the damn door. After all, it was her idea that he come over. Not that he was complaining. He’d seen the little white envelope on his desk the day before, with “Brian” handwritten in cursive on the front, and his heart had nearly leapt out of his throat. He’d greedily ripped it open, praying it was from Alice. And it had been. He remembered exactly what it had said:


I’m sorry I never said thank you for what happened last week… In case you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed it. But even though I’m not the shy type, I felt a little nervous about bringing it up since we don’t know each other very well… But I’d love to get to know you better.

If you feel the same, I’d love to have you over for dinner tomorrow night. My address is below. If you’re interested, I’ll see you there at 7pm.

If not, thanks for an amazing time.



Of course, that wasn’t an offer he could possibly refuse. So there he was, standing in front of her house, not knowing what to expect. He had to do it eventually; he watched himself press his finger against the small button as he heard the bell ring out into the night. There seemed to be the sound of shuffling coming from behind the door, before someone finally answered.

“Hello, Brian.” A sweet and at the same time, sultry voice rang out to greet him.

Alice peeked out from the open doorway in a lacy red dress that stopped just above her knees. It was both sexy and not too over the top, and suited her perfectly. Her juicy cleavage seemed like it might spill out of her top at any moment, and it made Brian’s mouth water as he remembered their passionate lovemaking from the week before.

“Hey, Alice.” Brian grinned up at her blushing. “Can I come in?”

“Of course,” she giggled, “I’m so glad you decided to come.”

~ + ~

They’d been talking for a while, he’d had lost track of the time, but Brian still felt on edge as Alice leaned forward to pour him another glass of wine. Neither had mentioned what had happened last week. He needed to know how she felt about it.

He took a deep breath, before he started to speak.

“Alice,” he murmured with blushing cheeks, “I wanted to ask you something”. His heart was pounding in his chest, and he felt hot all over. He didn’t realize until that moment how much of a hold Alice had managed to get over him. He really, really liked her.

“Yes?” She replied, straightening up as though she were about to receive some wonderfully simple news, like a weather update or a dinner menu. Brian let his breath out, realizing he’d been holding it for quite a while now.

“How do you feel about me?” He finally said, in one big breath.

Alice’s eyes widened as she stared over at him. Crimson covered her cheeks as her mouth popped open into a wide “O”. Brian quickly began to fill the silence that proceeded to fill the room.

“N-Not that you have to tell me! I get it if you don’t know how you feel… Honestly, I don’t get it myself. I’ve never felt like this before, but I can’t get you off my mind… Not that I’m obsessed or anything. Fuck… I mean, it just that you’re fucking amazing and beautif—”

Brian’s words were cut short as Alice’s mouth covered his own, her cherry red lips sliding over his as their tongues heatedly danced together. They had been sitting across from one another across the couch, and now Alice was on her knees in front of a seated Brian. She raised one of her knees to fall on his crotch, pressing it down pleasantly into his hard dick. It painfully pressed into his balls, but Brian liked it. He let out a low groan as he stared with wide eyes up at Alice, who stared softly down upon him as she pulled her lips away.

With a small gasp, she murmured, “That’s how I feel about you.”

Brian’s hands snaked their way up her thighs, squeezing and rubbing them softly in the process. He wanted her to keep talking.

“It’s strange,” she murmured, her fingers running across his jaw, his throat, his chest, all in turn. “We’re basically strangers, and yet….” She leaned in close, her breasts inches from his face. “And yet I want you. I want to talk to you, learn more about you…”

He felt one her hands run roughly over his stiff dick as she moaned out, “I want to feel you inside of me again”.

Brian felt a switch snap inside of him as he gripped her waist and shoved her forward into him. “Fuck!” She gasped, as he began to lick and suckle at her cleavage. He thrust her top down, revealing her aching breasts, as he took one whole nipple in his mouth to almost violently suck on it.

“Oh, Brian,” she moaned, arching her back to lean into him. “I’ve wanted this since I first saw you.” Before she could say any more, Alice felt her lower half being gripped tighter into that of Brian’s body. Alice’s head fell back with a gasp as she felt the hard strain resting between Brian’s legs, pressing firmly into her own center. Brian lifted the red dress Alice wore to reveal a bright red thong. He fiddled with the thin string, pulling down the soaked material, making Alice gasp out loud.

Suddenly Brian felt two firm hands push him back down on the couch. Somewhat surprised and disappointed, he watched as the beautiful woman on top of him climbed off of him. Alice took a seat on her knees at the opposite end of the couch.

“Alice…?” Brian began. Did she change her mind?

Alice looked over at him from across the couch, her chest heaving slightly. Brian watched as she stood up, her pale and thin arms reaching behind her to unzip the red dress. She climbed out of it, in her red bra and thong, staring at Brian the entire time. Her eyes were bold, yet Brian saw a nervous blush on her cheeks.

“I… never thought this would happen between us, Brian.” She took a step towards him, falling down on her knees before his wide-eyed stare as she did.

“I tried to pretend you were nothing, a stranger. Not so funny, so smart, so fucking handsome…”

Brian suddenly realized he loved it when she swore. He felt paralyzed as he watched her pull down his zipper, shuffling his pants and boxers off of his lower half to reveal his aching member standing stiff at attention.

“I know it’s strange, we just met…” She murmured, staring down at his cock like she was transfixed. “But I want to make you mine. Is that okay?”

Brian wondered if he nodded, he tried to. But he felt like he was silent, watching her with dark eyes as she gripped the base of his cock in her pale white hands. She suddenly licked a firm stripe up, up, up, until she was at his head. She looked up at him as she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked, drawing a long moan from his lips.

And that was just the start.

She placed a tender kiss right on his head, and she smiled at his cock a little bit, just for a moment – as if it’s the nicest thing she’s even seen, as if she’s admiring it – and then she wrapped her lips back around it nice and slowly, so painfully slowly. Bringing his cock into her mouth, inch by inch, until he was engulfed in heat and crying out, head tipped back. He was at her mercy right now. He’d do anything for this woman, he realized.

He watched her pull herself off of him for a second as she gasps for air. “Fuck my mouth, baby,” she moaned. It is not a whimpering request, but a command. He shivered as he reaches forward to grip her beautiful, long hair. He pulled her in towards him, and her mouth opened as he pushed inside, groaning at the fucking depth of it.

He can’t resist, he goes in until her nose is at the base of his cock and he holds her there, choking out encouragements like, “Yes”, and “Fuck, so beautiful, Alice!”

He watched as she took him in and out, only jerking back at times to gasp for air. At one point, she gripped his stiff length and licked all the way down, down, down to the flat space beneath his balls, to the puckered pink of his asshole.

Brian gasped with embarrassment and shock as she licked his pink hole, feeling incredibly naked suddenly. No one had ever done that to him. He felt her tongue invasively lick around and around the tight skin as she put both of his legs over her shoulders. He’d never realized how commanding she really was until he felt her firmly begin to suck at his asshole, her mouth sure to put a little hickey there by morning.

“Ah, Alice!” He cried out. It was a mix between a protest and a cry for more.

She looked up at him with her eyes full of mystery as she popped her lips away from his pink hole, and whispered, “Can we try something different, Brian?”


She’d been gone for 5 minutes, and Brian was still hard, wondering where she’d gone. When she enters, he feels himself gasp at what she’s wearing. The red straps dance over her ass and hips, and the big, red, silicone cock that shoots out from in front of her pussy stares at him with intimidation. If it was anyone else, Brian might have been standing up, pulling his pants back on and running for the hills. But he could only stare at her, his Alice, and shiver with anticipation.

She swayed her hips as she walked up to him. Wordlessly, and smiling, in one swift movement she swept her hands under his knees so his ass was open and ready, his legs over her shoulders as she stood in front of him. She stuck one her pinky into her mouth, before bringing it down to fiddle with his hole. She slowly stuck it in, causing Brian to breathlessly groan and whimper at her mercy.

“Do you want this, Brian?” Alice’s voice was heavy as she thrust her pinky in and out of him. Brian stared up at her, blushing and wordless, silently mouthing, “Yes!”

Starting slow, Alice pressed the already-lubed strap on to the center of Brian’s hole as she removed her pinky. Gripping his legs, she thrust her lower half gently forward without any more hesitation. Brian made a small noise of surprise, but he didn’t seem to be in any pain.

Starting slow and speeding up, Alice began thrusting harder. In minutes, Brian was whimpering. “Good?” Alice asked, a little breathless. Brian answered with a particularly loud moan. Grinning, Alice shifted a little and thrust harder.

Moaning again, Brian tried to push back slightly. “More” he begged weakly. Alice’s smile grew larger as she complied, thrusting hard and fast. Soon, Brian’s hand had moved to stroke his painful erection.

“So close,” he muttered. Hearing that, Alice began to speed up, giving it her all. The sight of the man before her, about to crumble at any moment from pleasure, had brought her to the edge. Thrusting one more time, Brian came for her. Hot shoots of cum spurt out onto his belly as he cried Alice’s name, bringing her with him. He gripped the couch beneath him as she stood over his weak and panting body, loving the writhing sight before her.

Alice pulled out and unstrapped herself, throwing it to the ground as she stepped forward. She wrapped her legs around a blushing Brian, still gasping for air, and brought his face towards hers.

“Did you enjoy that, love?” She whispered. Concern was etched in her face, and admiration. “You were amazing.”

Brian gripped his arms around her, pulling them both down to lie entwined on the couch. “Yes,” he panted, “Thank you, so much.” Exhausted, he felt his eyes begin to shut of their own accord as Alice looked fondly down on the man she so desired.

She sighed softly as she stroked his hair, whispering, “Sleep, now,” softly in his ear. She pulled a sheet around them as she joined him in a deep and wonderful sleep.

Elevator Trouble

He stared at her from across the office in misery, unable to tear his eyes away. Her long hair, as dark as jet-black ink, fell over her cleavage as she leaned over to write something down on a sticky note. The luscious flesh of her breasts pushed against the thin white fabric of her blouse, taunting him. He’d been staring at her every day for the past few months, this mysterious girl with big brown eyes, full pink lips, a slender waist and a tight ass. She’d walked into the room and he’d wanted her almost instantly. Their eyes had met a few times here and there. But no matter how hard he had tried, they hadn’t had a moment alone together since she’d started working there three months ago.

“You are so transparent,” a mocking voice spoke from beside him. Brian turned to towards his best friend, Liam, a 6’’ foot lanky blonde with cool green eyes and a goofy grin. “Just talk to her already and stop drooling.”

Brian sighed, running his hands through his hair as he leaned back in his office chair.

“You make it sound so easy…” He replied, sarcasm dripping in his tone.

If only he could talk to her, he thought. He’d heard her name was Alice, and that she’d just moved to town from the West Coast. He had plenty of things he could ask her, like if she liked the new job or if she was finding the city life exciting, but… He stared at her, a red wash of shameful longing spreading over his cheeks like wildfire as she bent down to pick up a pen she’d dropped on the floor. Her short skirt was riding up her ass as she bent down, and for a brief second he was sure he’d caught a glimpse of red lace. His dick twitched in his pants and he almost groaned out loud. Fuck, was she ever hot! All week he’d felt like she’d been teasing him. When he first saw her, she’d been wearing a professional little skirt-suit, white and grey, nothing too risqué. He remembered the way she’d looked at him then, her eyes widening a little before quickly glancing away. What was she thinking, he’d wondered. And ever since that day, she’d been coming in with these cute little outfits. And by little, he meant little. Short skirts, busty tops, red fuck-me-heels, every goddamn day. It was almost like she was flirting with him, he thought. The way she found any reason to bend over and flash him a little, to show her cleavage or put her ass in his face. One day, he’d passed her desk and somehow her shirt had managed to pop a button and show the purple lacy bra beneath. She’d blushed at tried to cover up quickly, but the sly look she had shot him suggested she felt otherwise.

Brian suddenly blushed ever deeper than before as he realized how full of himself he was. Of course she wasn’t flirting. There was no way, right?

He shot her a sideways glance out of the corner of his eye and could swear he saw her staring. She turned away just as fast as before, of course. Brian huffed with an annoyance he couldn’t understand as he suddenly stood up and walked towards the elevator.

“Where are you going, now?” Liam called out to him.

“I’m taking a break, getting a coffee.” He replied.

Yeah, he really needed to take a break.


Brian sighed as he walked back into the elevator, taking his last sip of coffee before tossing it into a nearby trash bin as he stepped inside. He felt a little better now that he’d gotten some air. He didn’t get why he was letting himself get so worked up by some random girl he didn’t even know. He stared into the mirror of the elevator walls, looking at his weary reflection. He was just being silly.

The doors of the elevator were nearly closed when a small, feminine voice shouted out, “Wait!”. A hand shot through the narrowing crack, and the doors automatically began to open. Brian’s body temperature shot up, his heart suddenly pounding in his chest, as he stared at a wide-eyed Alice looking back at him. Her cheeks were flushed like she’d been running.

The two of them were silent for a moment. The doors began to close again. Alice coughed awkwardly as she quickly stepped inside the elevator, standing awkwardly beside Brian. The machine picked up a fast speed as it began its incline. They both worked on the 23rd floor, so it would be a long ride.

He hadn’t seen her leave the office too. Had she left on purpose when he had? Of course not.

Brian tried to sneak a sly glance at her. She was staring straight ahead, but she was fidgeting with her hands. Was she nervous?

Fuck! Seeing her up close was no good for him. She was even sexier up close. Those full lips were pursed, so lovely and sweet looking. Brian felt his dick twitch again. He couldn’t stop himself from imagining those sexy lips wrapped around his hard cock… Brian quickly looked away, feeling more guilty than ever.

So distracted had he been by Alice’s presence, he hadn’t even noticed the slowing of the elevator. It was still moving, but they weren’t anywhere near the 24th floor. They were only on the 7th.

As if on cue, the elevator came to a rapid and grinding halt. Brian felt himself get pushed to the ground by something small and soft. Alice had tumbled down on top of him. His head fell against the cold floor of the elevator as the lights went black and the small room was filled with silence.

“O-Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” A small voice whimpered out in the darkness. It sounded close to his ear. Brian felt Alice’s breasts pushed against his chest, her thighs placed on either side of his waist. He felt her struggle to get up, his cheeks burning with embarrassment as he felt his dick growing harder at the feeling of her against him. He put his hands on her arms to try and help her up. The feeling of her soft skin and the smell of her sweet, faint perfume were making him dizzy. Her nipples felt stiff beneath her shirt and it took all he had to not fuck her then and there without another word.

“It’s fine,” Brian finally managed to say. “Are you okay?”

She hadn’t moved off of him yet. She seemed to be struggling to get up still.

“Yes, I’m fine, I just can’t see anything and— oh crap.” She sounded apologetic. “I think my skirt is caught on something so I’m stuck.”

She wiggled around a bit more above him, her hard nipples going back and forth across his chest. Brian wanted to scream at how hard he was. Could this situation be any more frustrating?

He felt Alice pause above him, completely still for a brief moment.

“Y-You’re Brian, right?” She finally said.

Brian paused. She knew his name?

“Yeah. You’re Alice, right?”

He could almost hear her smile. “Yeah.” There was a brief pause before she spoke again.

“I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you since I started working here,” she giggled, letting the words rush out. “But I was a little too nervous since I don’t know anyone.”

Brian’s heart was racing in his chest.

“Me too.” He murmured. Was this really happening?


They’d been sitting there for 25 minutes, making idle talk. The tension between them was thick though. Brian was finding it extremely hard to speak when he was so hard, when her breasts and stomach were all plastered against him.

“Umm, Brian…” Alice murmured, a mischievous tone in her voice. “Do you mind if I take my skirt off?”

Brian nearly choked on thin air. “What?!” He gasped.

Alice let out another little giggle. “Well, since I don’t know how long we’ll be here… it might be more comfortable if I can get us out of this awkward position, until the servicemen fix the elevator.”

Brian didn’t really want her to move off of him, but he felt himself nodding in the dark. “Oh, yeah. Of course.”

He felt her shuffling on top of him as she unzipped her tight black skirt, pulling it up over her head. She was still straddling him, her pussy hovering inches above his cock with only a thin piece of fabric between them. He heard her toss her skirt aside when suddenly the lights to the elevators flickered back on as it started to move again.

Brian’s eyes grew wide as he stared up at Alice with hunger and lust. There she was, straddling him with nothing but her tight white blouse on and a thin red thong on. He couldn’t feel his nerves anymore; he was too turned on as he stared at her smirking expression, which soon turned lusty as well. He started to move up, closer to her, to do what he wasn’t sure, when suddenly the elevator came to another sudden halt.

The lights dimmed but stayed on. Alice tumbled forward again, shouting out as she fell with both hands outstretched on either side of Brian’s head. Brian gasped as one of her hard nipples pressed against his lips, and as her pussy slammed down against his dick when she fell. He moaned out loud, his hands going immediately up to her ass as he felt her warmth against him through his pants.

“Oh, fuck,” he heard her moan in his ear. He didn’t even question what was happening when she started to suddenly grind against his hardness, slowly at first and then hard and fast. “Mmm, baby,” she moaned, riding his cock over and over again, rubbing herself against him.

“D-Did you plan this?” Brian growled as he gripped the tight cheeks of her ass in his strong hands.

Alice leaned over towards his ear. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day I first saw you, baby. Oh, fuck!” She leaned back as she grinded against him one last time, before spinning herself around so her ass was on his chest.

Brian gasped at her words, as he stared at her tight ass in front of his face. What was she doing?

He heard her unzip his pants as she got on both knees, her pussy hovering above his face.

Brian gasped as he felt her push his pants down, grabbing his thick cock on her hands as she moved them up and down before sucking the head of his dick inside her warm mouth. The warm, wet feeling of her mouth around his pulsing cock felt so fucking good. Brian moaned out loud as she fucked him with her mouth, her head bobbing up and down, over and over again.

“Fuck, you little slut,” Brian growled. He reached up in front of his face, pulling her pussy down towards his mouth as he pushed aside her thong. As she began to lick and suck his shaft, moaning the entire time, he stuck his tongue out along her slit as he began to lick her sweet pussy. She was so wet for him.

“Oh, fuck! Brian, oh yeah, baby!” She moaned. She started to lick his shaft more, taking his whole dick in her mouth and deep throating him.

She loved what he was doing to her, but she wanted more of his dick in her mouth. She spun away from his mouth so she was straddling his legs. He could see her tits bobbing up and down in her shirt, but he wanted to see more.

Brian leaned himself up for a minute. He pulled her up for a minute, and before she knew what was happening, he had ripped off her shirt, buttons flying everywhere. She wasn’t even wearing a bra.

“Ah!” She cried, her nipples hard and stiff and completely in his line of sight. She grinned up at him, loving his forceful behavior. She wanted to fuck him so badly at that moment. She took him in her mouth once again, licking and sucking at his long shaft. She moved her mouth down to his balls, suckling and fondling his sack.

Brian groaned. He felt his balls grow tighter as she milked him with her mouth. She let her tongue send a long lick up the space between his balls and his ass, long teasing strokes before going back up to lick at his balls and dick again.

Brian couldn’t take it anymore.

“Get up,” he moaned.

Alice didn’t hesitate. She was so ready; she would do whatever he said to get his big dick inside of her.

“Lean against the wall,” he said. She did, putting both her hands against the glass mirror of the elevator walls. She was about to ask him what he was going to do, but she had no chance.

Suddenly, he thrust inside of her with no warning. His dick was harder than it had ever been, and the feeling of her deep, warm wetness covering him completely was fucking amazing. Brian groaned, as he pulled his hips in and out and started to fuck her. Senselessly, he began to move in and out, pounding his dick into her without mercy. The sound of his balls slapping against her filled the elevator, as he drilled into her like a hammer.

“Oh god, Brian, it feels so fucking good!” She moaned as he pressed into her harder, her breasts pressing against the glass mirror. Brian grabbed her hair in one of his hands as he lifted one up in the air so he could fuck her tight, pink pussy even deeper than before.

“That’s right, your body is mine, baby,” he moaned into her ear. “Beg for it,” he murmured.

Alice didn’t hesitate. Arching her back for him, she screamed out, “Yes, baby! My pussy is yours! Fuck me, please fuck me, harder, please! YES! Don’t fucking stop!” She was an animal, he thought. He bit her shoulder as he felt himself about to cum.

“Ah!” He cried out, “Fuck, Alice!” He felt his orgasm overtake him as his cum began to fill her up.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as she came as well, tightening around him in the best way. “Cum inside me, baby!”

The two of them stood, panting against one another, as they felt their orgasms consume them.

Finally, when they were able to talk, they kissed and held each other for a few moments as they soaked in the good feelings from their sex. Brian was about to suggest they go out together after this, when suddenly the speaker in the elevator turned on.

“Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. We should have you out in about 5 minutes.”

Brian and Alice looked at each other in surprise. How long had they been in there?

Hurriedly they put on their clothes, and by the time the doors opened, everything seemed normal. But as Brian went to his desk, and Alice to hers, both knew nothing would ever be the same again.


“Wow… I can’t believe I’m going to get some tight pussy tonight,” Kyle wailed, grabbing his crotch with the tips of his fingers as if holding himself from cumming in his pants. Only to turn toward me, allowing me to see the mystical array of his two diverse tinted eyes, one green the other hazel, both gazing deeply into my dark blue orbs as he licked his lips with the tip of his tongue.

“Maybe,” I hissed, the heat from his stare reaching deep inside me as I began to feel all wet and hot between my thighs, the idea of fucking him right there running through my head as I brushed away my long sandy tan hair.

“Maybe?” Tom asked as he gazed back at me, licking his lips as he reached out towards me, his hands trailing down my thighs as he took a deep breath. “Weren’t you the one that tracked us down, wanting us to help you with your ‘itch’? Weren’t you the one that purposely got both Kyle and I so fucking sexual aroused, while all the while knowing, teasing us as we tried to remain ever so the professional?”

“What do you think about the two of us… think we can have some of that tight pussy of yours to help cure that itch?” Kyle asked ever so loudly, my mouth nearly dropped open from the vast bravery it took to ask, loving the sound of a mature man asking, almost demanding to fuck my pussy.

“What… what happened to the two nice professional guys I’ve known all my life?” I asked, playing slightly innocent once more.

“We’re still here, but now that we know what you really need and want, well it’s all part of the act, Carol.” Tom said as he quickly stood up on his knees, reaching out towards me from the other side of the bed with one hand as the other quickly unzipped his pants.

“We plan to make you remember us over those other bastards in the past.” Kyle gasped.

“At least let me know how it feels to slip my cock into your lush wet mouth.” Tom panted, pulling the tip of his cock out from his pants, the thick four inch girth of his cock forcing me to widen my eyes in excitement, as it reached out to me. Throbbing fiercely, in the palm of his hands, the mushroomed head spraying out large beads of pre-cum as it dripped over the tips of his fingers.

“Fuck that’s so thick and hot,” I gasped; I couldn’t believe the urge of sexual desire that ran through me as my eyes fixated on his cock. My mouth salivating as the thoughts–the visions of taking Tom into my mouth began to drive through me.

“Maybe,” I gasped playfully, almost teasingly, widening my eyes, as one of my hands instinctively slid between my thighs, the tip of my index finger gliding over the smooth wet slit of my pussy as my own erotic juices began to dampen my panties.

“Maybe?” Kyle hissed as he rushed me, his eyes looking into mine as he reached for me, grabbing hold of my waist pulling it toward his with one hand as he unbuttoned his pants with the other.

“I think you meant to say ‘Hell yeah, Kyle fuck my cunt… Tom let me suck that hot cock of yours.” He grunted as my knees fell against the edge of the bed, feet pressing against the hard wooden flooring as my ass hung pressed up towards him. I could feel his hands roaming around my inner thighs as he pressed his crotch against my covered ass, the only thing keeping him from taking me, from drilling his hard cock inside me were my black laced panties, which he had already begun to remove with his fingers.

It was then that Tom rolled around me, standing on the bed in front of me as his rock hard cock throbbed just inches from my lush wet lips.

“As much as I want to fuck that pussy of yours,” he hissed, “I want to feel you choking on my cock,” Tom hissed, the saliva in my mouth flowing like a running faucet. His fingers tangling into my long brown locks, pressing my face closer and closer towards his crotch, towards his penis. As I prepared to feel the warm, hard fleshy beast against the inner sides of my cheek, the taste of his masculine flavor running rampant against my tongue, driving into me, face fucking me.

“Mmm… fuuuuuuck Kyle” I panted, almost out of breath as the two men I chose to fuck me just hours ago, continued to seduce me, seduce their prize, their sexual treasure, claim their sex crazed best friend, their horny assed trophy.

“Mmm, Kyle,” I moaned again as I felt a set of hands roaming between my silky smooth thighs, I could feel Kyle’s cock slither roughly against the wetness of my wonderfully soaked panties. “I… I can’t wait to see and feel what the two of you asses can do with a hot woman like me,” I gasped, feeling the tip of Tom’s cock pressing against my lips, the warm, hardened tip, slowly pressing further into my mouth as he continued to slowly yet firmly apply more and more pressure.

“Take me please,” Tom hissed, widening his stance, pressing me into him with his hands.

“Mm…,” I sighed, the feeling of Kyle pressing against my ass, pulling away my damp panties so that he had a clear path of my moist, neglected opening.

“Yes… you feel so good,” he growled almost uncontrollably before placing light kisses around my neck, dragging the tip of his tongue over my flesh, taking in the sweet tender taste of my body.

“Your body is just… just as I imagined,” he whispered, “Can’t believe any man married to such a hot piece of ass wouldn’t just be fucking you hourly,” Kyle added. His words warming me from deep inside forcing me to moan deeply, allowing my deep vibrations to whip across the head of Tom cock, before opening my mouth a little more, only to reach up and encase his hardened pole in my hand.

Holding Tom firmly in my grasp, I blew a long, warm, and drawn out breath over the ridge of his cock, forcing Tom to grunt to the sudden heat, the intense action driving through him as I arched his cock up towards his stomach, slamming the edge of my tongue across the underside of his sack. My fingers encased around the girth of his shaft, I could feel the throbbing heat of his penis, his large cock almost vibrating in the tight firm grasp.

“Mmm, fuck yes… horny, neglected, hot women are always good at sucking cock,” Tom panted, “Every time… every time you talked to us in the bar, I got hard just thinking of this moment.” He added, “Wanting to know just how great it would feel to blow my load deep down your throat, watch your eyes roll back into your head.”

“Really,” I asked, a bit surprised that the two were able to hide their lust filled thoughts from me for so long as I remoistened my lips by gliding my tongue over them. I could feel Kyle sliding the tips of his fingers down the slit of my pussy as he pulled my wet panties down my thighs, gliding them around my knees before draping the tip of one of his fingers over the tight rim of my asshole.

“Fuck… Yes… Yes…,” I panted, feelings of excitement mixed with a sexual high rushed through me as the anticipation of what was to come overtook my thoughts, the idea of being fucked hard and rough once more filling me with elation. The very tip of Kyle’s hard cock scraping across the wet opening of my slit as he slithered it slowly, erotically up and down my opening; my savory fluids, my heated juices lubricating his cock before attempting to enter my boiling, hot tightness.

“Mmm, Fuck, Kyle… yes,” I grunted, stroking Tom’s hard beast in my hand as I flicked my tongue slowly over the head, bathing it with my saliva, before pressing it back up against his tight, muscular abs. Rolling the full base of my tongue over the underside as the tips of my other hand rolled down between his thighs, taking his sack into my hands, holding him in my grasps, gently yet firmly squeezing his large balls.

“Fu-uuuck,” Tom panted, driving his fingers harder through the strands of my hair, pushing my face closer to his crotch as if wanting; demanding me to take the full length of his manhood into my sweltering warm mouth.

“Fuck… baby yes,” he cried as I gazed ever so playfully up into his eyes, I could see the glisten in them, the passion, the extreme sexy pleasure rolling through them before sucking the tip of his beast back into my mouth, pumping my hand firmly around his full girth.

“Ugh..,” I almost gagged, my head slamming frontward as I felt the sharp biting crack, the burning heated sting of my ass being slapped from behind, forcing my body to react instinctively by jerking forward, jerking away from the sensually erotic pain.

“Kyle…,” I grunted, pulling away from Tom’s cock only to angle my head to the side, gazing back at him as I felt the horny beast reaching up from behind. The firmness of his chest, the hard abrasive feeling of his sweat-laced abs and firm, trimmed stomach gliding across my back as his hands cupped my breasts, crushing them back against my chest as he squeezed them roughly with his hands.

“Fuck… Kyle,” I cried deeply, airlessly, as I felt the long hard shaft of his cock pulsating against my opening, the large spongy tip scraping across my slit, in wild, long, drawn out flicks, teasing me, preparing me for the coming storm of pleasure.

“Mmm… yes Kyle you’re so fucking… so fucking big,” I hissed, ridding out the sharp, stabbing quakes of desire, his cock grinding roughly across my already aroused and swollen clit. Only to feel Tom slam the full length of his cock deep into my mouth, the tip scrapping across the back of my throat as his balls pushed firmly against my lower lips.

“Thought maybe you forgot about me,” Tom grunted, thrusting his hips into me, forcing the tip to press against my tonsils. I could feel the firmness, the utter hardness of his beast pushing its way down my throat, causing the sensation to gag to the masculine taste. The spurned linger of his flavor overpowering my senses as I stroked my tongue in an almost zigzag motion across the underside, while roping one of my hands around his ass, pressing my nails deeply into his sharp ripe flesh. “FUCK!” he gasped, his body tensing, to the twist of sure pain stabbing through his flesh.

“Fuck me Kyle,” I begged in a thought, loving the taste of Tom’s cock in my mouth, the pulsating warmth of his hardness thrashing in and out of me, as I rolled my tongue into a canoe, zigzagging it across his cock every time he thrashed back into me.

All the while, I could feel Kyle teasing me from behind, draping the tip of his cock against the opening of my pussy, pushing the tip of his cock into me, his girth widening me as he continued to rake his hands over my breasts only to teasingly pull out before doing the whole thing again.

“FUCK ME HARD, BASTARD!” I screamed; my cries echoing through the bedroom, my dogs barking and howling to my cries of passion, their sounds breaking way into our rhythm becoming the beat in which Tom slammed his beast into my mouth.

“Fu-Fu-fuck me!” I demanded, breathing deeply as the sharp slam, the powerful thrust took me by surprise, driving Tom’s cock even deeper into my mouth as Kyle crashed the full, wonderful length of his cock into my aching pussy, I could feel the light tapping of his balls as they bounced against the cheeks of my ass.

“Shit,” I gasped, the pleasures of both men consuming my every sense, my every thought as I began to feel lightheaded.

“Pound me,” I hissed as I pulled away from Tom’s cock, begging Kyle to pound my pussy for all it was worth. “Fuck me like the bitch I am,” I grunted, flicking the tip of my tongue over Tom’s cockhead, forcing him to wince to the pleasures penetrating his body.

“Mmm fucking bitch,” Tom hissed, jerking his head up as he rolled his hands over my shoulders, caressing them as I continued my attack on his cock, all the while I was being taking from behind. I could feel Kyle pounding into me, entombing his long fat cock all the way to the hilt inside me with each thrust, the head of his cock reaching deep into my abdomen; pushing through my cervix.

“Fuck… fuck you’re so good to me… to us,” Tom moaned deeply; breathless as I pushed my hands away from his cock, brushing them back against the underside of his balls, before opening my mouth wide enough so that the head could only slide in to it. Feeling his tip pressing into my tightened lips, I sucked him fiercely into me, flicking his shaft with my tongue repeatedly as I took more and more of him inside.

“OH… Oh God yes,” Tom panted; I could feel him squirming around me. “OH GOD YES, YES,” he cried, pressing his hands up towards the ceiling, going freestyle as he allowed me to take him unassisted.

“Fuck… you’re both so big… I can’t believe how lucky I was to find you two tonight, without your significant others” I hissed, pulling my mouth away from Tom’s cock as I took him in my hands pumping him to the rhythm of Kyle’s thrust into my pussy. The beat of his lust, the pounding of his cock inside me building with each new thrust, taking me deeper, harder, higher than I thought possible.

“Yes… fuck that pussy hard and rough,” I demanded, flicking the tip of my tongue over Tom’s cockhead, as I pumped him roughly with my hand. Grasping his ball sack firmly with my other, tightening my grasp around his balls each time Kyle slammed into me, each time Kyle tore his nails into my breasts, forcing Tom to feel the heightened sense, the sharpening high that drove me to my sexual peak.

“Fuck… Fuck yes, yes,” I panted, gritting my teeth as I arched my head towards the ceiling, tightening my grasps around Tom’s cock as bolts of lust, waves of sheer pleasure rushed across my body, showering me in stream of pure bliss as Kyle drove me into my first orgasm.

“YES… KYLE, YES,” I screamed, only to feel Tom’s cock tighten around my hand, the vein on the underside of his cock stiffening even harder as he shot his load of cum across my face. His hot, sticky seed spraying out like a gusher as more and more of his manly juice shot against my face, landing over my chin, my cheeks, lips and nose, until finally I took him back into my mouth. Taking in the salty goodness of his man juice as Tom shot another load deeply into the back of my throat forcing me to swallow his seed.

“Fuck… YES… suck it… swallow it all,” Tom cried as I felt Kyle grip my shoulders with one of his hands, arching me back into the seat, as he prepped my ass up closer to his crotch.

“I… I’m going to cum too,” Kyle hissed, “I’m going to fill your tight pussy so full, your deadbeat lover’s going to feel it,” he grunted, slamming into me at an almost ungodly pace as his hands quickly dug into the flesh around my waist, holding me firmly against him with each thrust of his cock. I could feel the friction between our bodies growing, forcing me to tight myself around his cock each time he slammed back into me.

“Yes… Fuck me hard, fuck me harder,” I grunted, pushing my face into the bed as I continued to stroke Tom’s still hard cock with my hand, flicking my thumb along the small layer of flesh that attached his head to his shaft.

“Fuck my Pussy… fuck my pussy harder,” I begged.

“Ugh… Fuck… Fuck… I… I… Can’t take anymore,” Kyle hissed as his entire body stiffened like a board, I could feel the sudden rush of his cum. The pounding of his sweet hot semen seeping deeply into my pussy, filling me up so quickly that it rained down the insides of my thighs as he continued to slam more and more of his creamy seed into me, filling me to the brim over and over again.

“Fuck… fuck that was tight… your pussy so fucking tight, Carol,” Kyle hissed, quickly pulling out of me only to press his face between my ass cheeks, his mouth roaming passionately over my pussy as he licked up the sweet tangy mixture of our sex induced juices.

“Pervert,” I breathed deeply, loving all of it as his tongue barreling into my pussy like a snake, I could feel every flick, every roll, as Kyle slowly slid the tip of his fingers over the rim of my ass.

“There is… there is so much more to do,” Kyle hissed as he broke away from my pussy, his lips glazed over with the mixture of our juices. “There’s still your hot moist mouth I’d like to fill with my cock,” he hissed, his breathtaking eyes sparking in the dim shadows in the room as he stepped away from the bed.

“Yeah and I’d like to get into that pussy too,” Tom gasped.

“You two are highly perverted… but so am I,” I said playfully, turning my cum filled pussy toward Tom, before licking my own erotic flavors off Kyle’s semi-hard cock, the three of us completely naked and ready to fuck even more.


Nina could not believe she let herself get into this situation yet there she was, hidden in the shadows in the tenant laundry room, stuck between the shadows and the young new tenant, the hot young man that had been dancing naked, seducing her deep in the chasms of her imagination.

“Shit,” she scuffed quietly, eyes locked to him, watching his every move as he pulled away his t-shirt, placing it in one of the washers before turning it on and sitting back in one of the la-z-boy chairs she had provided for her tenants.

“Fuck, he’s so damn hot,” she whispered to herself, finger sinking under her pants and panties; she could feel a slight wetness growing between her thighs. The heat inside her building as her mind filled with ideas of riding him like a bitch in heat until sunrise, “hmmm sunrise,” she hissed.

“Oh shit…,” she quickly jumped back into the darkness, the sudden, unexpected sound of his voice deeply moaning catching her completely by surprise. Her heart raced as she forced herself to look back at him, watching as he continued to moan, taking great notice as one of his hands sank down his sweatpants.

“What is he…?,” she paused as her eyes widened to his sudden actions, watching amongst the faint darkness as his other hand reached up into the air, grasping at it as if it were a pair breasts as he motioned his lips and tongue seductively.

It was then that Nina saw it.

Then that she watched the rising tent in his pants growing.

“Mmmm… please,” he moaned huskily, his voice vibrant and deep as she continued to gaze upon the sexual show unfolding before her very eyes. Nina was growing excited as she stared at him, holding her breath as she saw his hand slowly roaming under his pants, touching parts of him she hungered to see for herself, parts she would love to taste, to touch and feel from deep inside.

“Fuck,” she sighed quickly, wanting, needing more as she brushed her hand down between her thighs, grinding the tips of her fingers against her warmth, as she grew wet with each passing second.

“Nina… please… I know I you’re my landlady but… I… I want,” came his breathy voice before he clenched his teeth, tightening the grip on his tool as his sweatpants slowly sank down his hips, revealing the full thickness and length of his hardened cock to her prying eyes.

“Shit…,” Nina gaped under her breath, amazed at the sight of pure untainted man that throbbed before her hungered eyes. Starting at it, Nina quickly became intoxicated, her mind feathering with thoughts of devouring her prey, her body boiling over with lust and desire as she found herself quickly removing her bra and panties before crawling on all fours out of the darkness toward her quarry. Her breath coming out in hard shallow pants as she approached, wanting him unlike anything she had ever wanted before.

Crawling up towards his feet, she slowly pressed her hands up against his thighs, gliding both his sweatpants and boxers down his legs, removing them completely from his body. Her eyes locked on to the expressions that masked across his face the entire time, before slowly crawling over him once more, pressing her hardened breasts between his thighs as she placed her hands gently against his bare chest, her mouth only inches from his cock.

“Mmm,” he groaned again, “Please let me… Nina,” he hissed deeply like an enraged animal, as he moved both his hands up into the air, squeezing it like a pair of soft warm breasts. “Please…let me fuck you,” he breathed deeply forcing her to smile with delight as he moaned out her name once more. The few years that separated them in age vanishing as their desires for each other grew. “Yes… please,” he let out a long throaty hiss as she raked her lips against his inner thigh, sucking his flesh gently into her mouth as she rolled her tongue teasingly across the full length that lead to the crease between his thighs and his balls.

“Mmm,” she moaned almost to herself, engulfed by the heavenly sweet taste upon her lips.

“I think it’s time for some more,” she thought as she gazed up at his long slender cock. Slowly Nina placed her hands around it, her fingers encasing his tool as she gently gave it a quick squeeze, watching as the head blossomed like a large mushroom before she released it. Quickly glancing at him only to see a slight grin on his face as he continued to reach into the air with both his hands, Nina slowly flicked her tongue across the head, gliding her tongue slowly around it a few times as she took in the sweet overwhelm savor before leaning in and taking him in her mouth. She could feel his body tensing as she moved into him, working both her hands over his length as she stuffed him down her throat, before lowering her bottom jaw and slowly pulling back. Each time she would go down just a bit further, trying her best to get as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, wanting, and needing to feel him inside her mouth without gagging.

“Mmm…, fuck Nina… so warm,” she heard him moan deeply, almost throatily as she gazed back upon his face. She could see him wetting his lips with his tongue his stomach rising and falling quickly as he panted to the onslaught being placed upon him.

Slowly she pulled him from her mouth, as she ran the tip of her tongue around the head of his cock once more, this time starting at the tip and working her way down the underside of his shaft before draping her tongue over his balls.

“Mmm… Nina,” she heard him moan deeply once more, causing her to smile as she slowly worked her way back up, starting from the underside of his balls, up his shaft and across the small line of flesh that connected the shaft with the head.

“FUCK!” he moaned as he suddenly slammed his hips towards her, grinding into her hands as flashes of lightning lit up the sky; he arched his head up against the headrest.

“Mmm… its time,” Nina whispered as she stood on her knees, positioning herself over his hips as the edge of his lubed cock pulsed against her opening, her body clenching with want and desire, a passion, a craving to be filled. Nina wanted, she needed to stuff her pussy with every inch of his cock she could, to feel as much of his long length pushing up inside her, to feel the heat of his body connecting to her own. She needed to feel all of it.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she sank onto him, feeling the head of his cock sliding past her moist lips and into her hot pussy as she closed her eyes. Not allow herself to open them, instead all she could focus on, all she could feel was the hot tightness of his cock surrounding her, tearing into her, devouring her with every new inch that sank into her.

“SHIT…. FUUUUUCK!” Nina whimpered.

“Fuck me Nina,” a low hiss gasped out from his lips as he clenched his teeth, grasping one of his hands against the back of her ass, his nails digging into her sweat covered flesh.

Leaning forward she felt his other hand grasping her hardened breasts, the tips of his fingers caressing her pink nipples as he crushed her breast into her chest, before slamming his hips upward into her, forcing her to take even more of him into her hot pussy.

“SHITTT!” she cried, cringing as her entire body shook to the pleasured pain, forcing herself to clench her pussy even tighter around him, forcing them both to cry out in passionate lust. “FUUUCK!” Nina screamed, only to open her eyes and gaze down into his charming blue eyes.

“Caught you masturbating,” she whispered as a slight red hue masked over her face.

“Yes, yes you did,” he said as he slammed himself into her, feeling the tip of his cock pushing into her cervix, causing her to yelp to the intense pressure. Resting her hands on his chest to brace herself, Nina began to roll her hips in small circles, allowing his cock to push against every inch of her pussy as they continued to kiss ever passionately.

“Yes… Nina… fuck me my young beauty,” he hissed as he broke away from the kiss. Placing his head back on the headrest as he rolled his hand back over her breasts, massaging them with his fingers and his other hand gripped her ass cheek, holding her onto him as he pushed his cock in and out of her pussy.   Falling back into the moment, Nina cast away her shyness, finding herself a bit surprised at how full she felt with her masculine lover so deep inside her. Lifting her hips upward, she glided her body back up his length till all but the head of his cock was still nested inside before slamming herself down onto his hip, drilling his dick into her body, impaling herself on his prick as they both gasped to the sudden action, before she continued to ride on.

Feeling himself building to the pressure, the dream come reality, he quickly rolled both his hands down across her ass, gripping her soft taut ass before spreading her cheeks apart and pressing his cock even deeper into her body.

“Fuuck!” Nina whimpered as pleasures beyond anything she had yet to experience in her young adult life shot through her body, forcing her over the edge as her thick sweet juice slide down his shaft, collecting at the base, as he continued to slam himself in and out of her, forcing her into the next wave of pleasure.

The sheer thought of what he was doing to her over took her senses as she thought of his long hard cock sliding in and out of her. Tearing her tight little pussy apart from the inside as he continued to pound his large manly dick in and out of her pussy, the rhythm of his movements growling harder and faster with each budding thrust that she knew he was coming close to his own sexual peak.

“Fuck yeah…,” she hissed as she dragged her nails down his chest, causing him to bleed, as she felt another wave of pure lust, pure ecstasy teary through her tight, little pussy. “FUCK THIS PUSSY,” Nina cried out, arching her body back, as she lunged her breasts forward, his pace growing, as he slammed harder into her.

“FUCK YEAH!” he cried as he grasped one of his hands up her sweet bosom, his nails digging into her nipples, causing him to quick sit up as his lips glided swiftly over them, devouring them with his mouth.

His movements becoming more inconsistent and frantic as he pulled her down resting his head back on the pillow, her body pressing tightly against his as he roped his arms around her. Bending his knees, he braced his feet flat against the floor before thrusting with all he had back into her tight pussy, pounding her repeatedly as the full length of his cock sank deeply in and out of her.

It was then that she could feel it, the sudden quickening of his body as he tensed up, the thunderous sounds of crashing lightning slamming down upon the earth as he lunged as hard as he could into her. Nina could feel him exploding inside her as a wave of pleasure drove through her body, bursting through every nerve as he came into her again and again, shooting every load of his thick hot cum into her tightness. Though she was senseless with the lustful pleasures that tore through her, she rode him out as he continued to peak more and more of his cum inside her, until finally with one last thrust and a light sigh he took a deep breath, allowing her to blanket him with her warmth.

Unable to move, Nina rested her head on his chest, licking the beads of sweat, the beads of lust that had gathered across his chest as she giggled slightly to the feelings still echoing inside her.

“When… when did you know I was here?” she asked, finding the entire situation a bit overwhelming.

“Hmmmm,” he paused, roping his arms around her as he pressed his hands down across her tight ass.

“Before I answer that, let me ask you something,” he sighed as he rolled her over, pressing his body against hers, she could feel the firm underside of his cock pressing up against her bellybutton. “Doesn’t everyone else know that you do your night laundry at the same time every night?” he asked with a smile on his face, just before slamming himself back into her body.

“Only those that care to fuck,” she smiled.

Chinese For Lunch

“’I just don’t like fat chicks,’ was the last thing the monster dickhead I called my boyfriend said before taking the last of his crap and fleeing from our apartment several months ago, since then I’ve been re-thinking my life over.” Sarah hissed before apologizing to Erin, the Chinese business associate that came to her office to discuss the next term’s financials.

“I… I’m so sorry, I don’t know why but when we started talking about relationships, I just lost it and felt I could tell you everything,” Sarah sighed, a bit embarrassed with herself.

“Fat chicks huh?” Erin hissed, standing up as she walked in front of the mirror in Sarah’s office. “I’ve never thought myself or you for that matter as anything to do with fat,” Erin sighed rolling one of her hands over her sharply curved breasts, the tips of her fingers beating against her already roused covered nipple as her other hand snaked slightly the cloth dress protection her inner thighs. “I guess I could use a little toning.” She sighed, not really needing it, but wanting to see Sarah’s response.

“You?” Sarah paused mid thought, oddly finding herself physically comparing Erin to the typical man that she would get all wet over. The type of guy she would drop her panties for before even knowing his name. “I think your body is perfect as is,” Sarah confessed. It was the first time she found herself looking at another woman in that kind of way, admiring the sharply curved rounds of her breasts and thighs through her skimpy layer of fine cotton. Sarah found herself thinking like a typical male in heat; the kind of guy that smacks his lips and touches his cock through his shorts, as he becomes intensely turned on and horny.

“Well… I’m not so sure about that, there may be one area that needs some added attention,” Erin whispered hungrily, gazing deeply into Sarah’s eyes once more, this time more serious than ever before as she bent down over the desk, breasts inches from Sarah’s face as Erin’s ass perched upwards off the desktop.

“I…I,” Sarah stuttered, her heart fluttering as she continued to gaze into Erin’s soft brown eyes.

“You what?” Erin asked teasingly, her voice quiet and muggy, as one of her hands slowly trailing over stiff nipple of her breast through her dress, before slowly cupping her hand over her breast as her fingers stroked over her hardened nipples.

“I…,” Sarah whimpered, unable to speak clearly, she could feel her pussy heating up, aching for her touch, for her sweet savoury lips and tongue upon her insides. She felt like a virgin in high school all over again, gazing shyly into Erin’s lust-filled eyes, the warmth of her own body tearing through me. Experiencing a completely new sensation, a desire for flesh like she never felt before.

“It’s…” she heard Erin’s soft voice echo towards her, “It’s okay Sarah,” Erin whispered as the tips of her fingers pressed softly against the bottom of Sarah’s chin, only to pull the innocent woman’s face upwards, so she could look into her dark emerald green eyes. “It’s okay, my cherry blossom,” Erin whispered, her lush moist lips mere inches from Sarah’s soft warm flesh. “There’s nothing to worry about, I won’t force you to do anything…and I promise you will enjoy everything I have to offer,” Erin said as she lashed the tip of her slender tongue against the outline of her own lips before pressing her lips against Sarah’s face, kissing her gently with open lips.

“Erin… I… I don’t,” Sarah tried to speak, her fear of the unknown washing over her like a cool chill as she felt a fire, an unknown passion to please the woman in front of her building deeply inside. “I… I… that is I’ve never…,” Sarah stuttered, “I’ve never been with another woman… you know it’s… frowned upon here in the States.” She gasped, feeling the warmth of Erin body pressing against her own as she draped the tips of her fingers over Sarah’s large, firm breasts, crushing them deeply, passionately against her chest, continuing to drape her velvet lips over Sarah’s.

“That’s alright,” Erin whispered, the warmth of her breath massing across Sarah’s damp lips, as she gazed seductively into her eyes. “That’s okay my love, I’ll teach you the touch of another woman regardless of whether others think it’s taboo,” she hissed only to drape her lush moist lips over Sarah’s once more before slowly sliding one of her hands down her back, grasping the round of her ass into the palm of her hand.

“Oh…oh my… my God,” Sarah gasped as Erin continued her assault upon her neck, running the fingers of her other hand through her lover’s long raven hair. Her lips continuing their barrage on her neckline, before gently sinking the tips of her teeth into Sarah’s neck. “Uh yes,” Sarah gasped, her moans of passion, of untamed desires grew louder, forcing her to bite her bottom lip as her lover’s hands roamed all over her tight body, gliding the tip of her tongue across her throat, taking in the lovely savour of her lover’s flesh.

“Don’t… Don’t stop,” Sarah begged, thrashing her hands into Erin’s long black hair. Erin’s lips massing down the rounds of Sarah’s shoulders, before merging farther down her lush chest. Quickly removing Sarah’s bra and top, causing her to moan slightly to the cool chilled air of the air-conditioned room. The air washed over her aroused nipples, forcing her to reach up for Erin’s face only to barrel her tongue deeply into her warm mouth, savouring the tangy flavour of her tongue.

Breaking away from the embrace, Erin pushed Sarah against the pillow top chair, forcing her to recline as far back as it would allow, as she hovered over her like a darkened shadow, covering her with her lust and passion, her yearning and hunger. Slowly she sank down towards her prize, rolling, gliding the tip of her moist tongue down towards her panties. She pulled away her knickers before placing small kisses against her shaved mound, tasting the slight sugary dampness of Sarah nectar, which began to saturate through her green-laced panties.

“Take… take them off… please,” Sarah gasped, tangling her fingers into the soft auburn strands of her lover’s head, feeling her lips sliding over her hips, the tip of her tongue racing gently over her opening. “Please… Please take off my panties,” Sarah pleaded as she sighed, a slight crimson hue masking over her face as her own words echoed through her head embarrassing her.

“Mmm,” Erin moaned, standing on her knees as her eyes slowly took in the awe-inspiring scene of her lover’s tight firm body only to fixate on Sarah’s bare breasts, licking her lips as she noticed her hardened, pink nipples standing erect and at attention, before gazing back into her lover’s shimmering eyes.

“Who’s the newbie again?” Erin giggled as she rolled her hands over the sides of Sarah’s waist, pulling the elastic band of her panties as they cascaded slowly down her lightly tanned thighs, revealing the bare, shaved mound of heaven to her prying eyes. “Mmm… Perfect,” Erin purred before flinging Sarah’s panties across the office.

Quickly she continued the assault with her lips, trailing down Sarah’s inner thighs; the scent of her natural perfume ever so enticing; the fragrance driving her crazy with desire and lust. Yet Erin held firm, not wanting to ruin her lover’s first time with someone of the same sex, she continued by slowly placing soft, gentle kisses across Sarah’s body, teasing her with her lips even more.

“No… Stop… Stop,” Sarah gasped, the blood inside her boiling; craving to feel Erin’s tongue lashing over her pussy, to feel the tip of her lover’s tongue, her lips over her clitoris, taking her like a beast in the night. “Stop… Stop teasing…,” Sarah paused, only to thrash her head back against her chair as a wave of passionate bliss tore through her like a razor sharp knife.

“Fu… FUUUCK,” Sarah gasped abruptly feeling Erin’s lush lips sliding over her clitoris, sucking it into her mouth before lashing her clit with the tip of her tongue, forcing Sarah to lock her legs around Erin’s head. “Fu… FUCK YES!” Sarah howled like a dog, slamming her hips upward, again thrashing her head back against the chair as a wave of fire burst through her, a wave of intense pleasure tearing through her once more. Freeing her clit, Erin quickly shoved her whole tongue deeply into Sarah’s opening, licking her inner-walls, forcing her lover to bite down on her lip once more as she dug her nails into Erin’s shoulders.

“Mmm,” Erin moaned to the slight pain coursing through her back, only to continue the assault on her virgin lover by thrusting both her index and ring fingers into Sarah’s pussy. All the while, she continued to glide the tip of her tongue over her lover’s clit, sucking her into her warm, wet mouth before lashing her clit with the tip of her tongue repeatedly.

“Fu… FUCCCK… I’m… I’m so close… I think I’m going to…,” Sarah panted for breath feeling the intense fire inside her building like a raging inferno, the heat surging through her, almost devouring her as the pleasure continued to build more and more. Unlocking her thighs around Erin’s neck, Sarah pushed her lover’s head into her hips only to slam her pussy up to her wet hot mouth, loving the feeling of her lips and tongue devouring her. “Yes… almost… almost,” Sarah gasped, as she closed her eyes, readying herself for the coming release, the coming pressure to blow through her body.

It was then that she felt it, the pleasure fading and the heat that was building inside her slowly slipping away. Opening her eyes, Sarah gazed down at her lover only to see Erin continuing to glide her fingers in and out of Sarah’s pussy, keeping her slightly aroused.

“Wha… what… why… why did you stop?” Sarah barked, a bit disturbed to her lover’s sudden act, as if teasing her.

“It’s not that time for you yet,” Erin smiled as she rolled her tongue over her lips, her fingers still slowly gliding in and out of her lover’s tight, hot opening, keeping her slightly stimulated as she slowly sank back down between Sarah’s open thighs.

“You were going to cum too fast… too soon, you need to enjoy every emotion, every flick,” Erin purred. Rolling her tongue over the entire centre of her body, starting at the peak of Sarah’s open thighs, Erin slowly raked her tongue over the full opening of Sarah’s wet, savoury slit allowing her nectar to glide over the full length of her tongue before continuing past her lightly covered mound. Sucking her tongue back into her mouth to re-moisten it, she hovered over Sarah once more before twisting down over her stomach, again placing her tongue against her lightly tanned flesh before raking the tip over the contours of her stomach and chest.

“Mmm… fuck yeah,” Sarah moaned to the onslaught of pleasure, she could feel the slight friction of Erin’s tongue gliding across her flesh. “Fuck,” she gasped again only to gaze into her lover’s breathtaking eyes, as Erin rolled one of her hands over Sarah’s large taut breasts, cupping it into her palm before lifting it up by squeezing the tip of her stimulated nipple. Slowly, ever so teasingly, Erin glided the tip of her tongue over the rounds of Sarah’s breasts, making sure that no flesh was untouched by her tongue. While simultaneously, she continued to press the tips of her fingers deep into Sarah’s pussy, hooking the tip of her fingers upward, pressing roughly against the ceiling wall, before slowly slipping them out of her.

“Fu……FUUUUUCK!” Sarah panted, to the assault of pleasure that continued to warp all over her body. “I… I can feel it all…, I can feel all of you,” she buckled, thrashing her hips upward every time Erin drove her two fingers back into her tightness, only to heave her breast upwards whenever Erin made another attack on her large breasts.

“Mmm,” Erin moaned deeply, gliding her mouth up over Sarah’s neck, before brushing the tip of her tongue against the lobe of her ear. “Now…,” she paused as she pressed her fingers deeply into her, widening her fingers as she slowly pulled them out, casing an extreme amount of resistance between Sarah’s pussy and her own fingers.

“NOW… its time,” Erin gasped, before quickly falling back down between Sarah’s inner thighs once more. Sarah barely had a chance to take a breath before she felt the pleasure of it all rolling through her once more. Pressing her face between Sarah’s thighs Erin deeply inhaled the savoury intoxicating aroma of her lover, the scent of her stimulation sent chills of desire, of lust throughout her as she pressed her tongue flat against Sarah’s swollen opening, flicking her lover’s clitoris with the tip of her tongue.

“OH… OH MY GOD… YES… YES… RIGHT THERE.” Sarah screamed as she arched her back against the back of the chair, bursts of coloured lights flashing through her eyes as the pleasure inside her continued to build like a torrent fire. All the while Erin continued to rake her tongue against her clit; one of her hands grasping Sarah’s tight round ass, the tip of one of her fingers barrelling into her asshole as the other crushed one of Sarah’s large, firm breasts against her chest, the tips of her fingers piercing deeply into her ripen nipple.

“Yes… Yes… lick me… lick me,” Sarah begged. Locking her thighs once more, encasing Erin’s head between them as she pressed her heals against her back.

“Of course,” Erin moaned slightly, her words muffled by Sarah’s pussy as she stated swirling her tongue around the insides, her lips pressing roughly against her outer lips, as she continued to suck Sarah’s warm nectar into her mouth.

“Oh… I’m…I’m Going to,” Sarah gasped, feeling an intense wave of pleasure wash over her. It was in that moment she felt it, in that moment, that second that she felt her first lesbian induced orgasm, a pleasure so intense, so powerful and extreme she came all over Erin’s face. “OH FUCK!” Sarah cried repeatedly as she came over and over again, feeling Erin’s non-stopping tongue drilling though her like a serpent’s tongue as she sucked her lover’s sweetened nectar into her mouth swallowing her sweet enthralling nectar again and again. “Yes…, fuck yes,” Sarah panted for breath only to free Erin from her lock as the height of passion, the rage of all the pleasure took its toll on her young virgin body.

“Fuck, fuck, that was good,” Sarah, gasped, only to hear a beeping sound coming from her desk phone. “Crap… not now!” she panted, pushing Erin away from her as she quickly answered the phone.

“Hey Sarah, how’s the meeting going?” Brad, one of her associates, asked with a hipster almost gay like voice.

“How’s… how’s it going?” Sarah gasped again, pausing for a moment as she watched Erin practically tearing away all her clothing before sitting down, wide legged in front of her on her Sarah’s office table, Erin’s pussy hot and wet, ready to be devoured.

“It’s going as well as can be expected I guess,” Sarah shot back.

“Great, so anyway a bunch of us are ordering some food for lunch did you want anything?” Brad asked.

“No… I’m good… I’m about to have some Chinese for lunch,” Sarah said, giggling slightly before hanging up the phone.

“Funny,” Erin smiled, “you can dig in whenever you’re ready.”

Amy’s Show

Amy couldn’t stop checking her iPhone anxiously every five minutes. She was running out of time to get things done and she was starting to fret. It was imperative that everything was perfect tonight. It wasn’t every day that her sexy, hardworking boyfriend Josh turned thirty!

She had spent the entire day cleaning the apartment, in-between waxing her legs and waiting for her tan to dry. She’d also found time to make lasagne and buy a six pack of Josh’s favourite beer. The dinner table had been moved to right in front of the TV where she had hooked up the hard drive full of all of Josh’s favourite shows. It had taken a long time too! Amy hated dealing with technology; she preferred to leave it all up to Josh.

While being a domestic goddess she had somehow managed to apply makeup, style her hair and wriggle into her expensive French lingerie; the black and purple number he had bought her last Christmas. Over the top she was wearing a blue dress that showed off her teeny tiny waist and generous curves. Her legs were as smooth and soft as they had ever been and she’d even managed to get them to have that subtly shiny look the women always had in razor advertisements.

Tonight was all about Josh and whatever Josh wanted, but she had a little surprise in mind too.

Josh sat in his office, waiting for the clock to tell him to go home, feeling pretty glum about turning thirty. He was starting to think that maybe his best years were already behind him and from here on out his life would feel like one milestone after the other on the ultimate path to death. It was a cheery sort of thing to think about.

A part of Josh hoped that going home to Amy would make him feel better about the occasion but another part wanted to avoid going home at all. Amy was sure to be making a big deal out of this. She had probably invited his entire family over for dinner, as well as all of their closest friends. He would be expected to smile and laugh and nod graciously at all their well wishes while secretly hating himself on the inside.

Josh couldn’t be blamed for being concerned either. Amy had a habit of going all out on special occasions. The parties were always too big and too loud with too many people, not to mention the expense. Josh was a homebody while Amy liked to get out and be part of the scene. Usually it worked out fine, except on birthdays, when one was bound to over or under whelm the other.

Finally the office started packing up for the evening and Josh grabbed his briefcase and headed to the train. But on the way to the platform Josh paused, standing outside his favourite bar for after work drinks. After a moment of hesitation he decided to head inside and buy himself a couple of birthday rounds.

A couple of birthday rounds are a terrible idea when you’re already feeling shit about your birthday. Two rounds quickly became five and within the hour Josh was well and truly intoxicated. Not ordinarily much of a talker, he could be found deeply engaged in conversation with the bar tender, discussing the meaning of his life.

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