It was the first night of their long awaited vacation, the first night to fulfill those long awaited fantasies, second chances as all their friends got together at an isolated, and semi-private spot along the Atlantic shore, drinking, laughing and relaxing, prepare each other for the erotic night of sexual bliss. The night was hot and a little humid; the weather so far that year had been abnormal, warming up to summer like conditions in late May, well before the beginning of summer, and blistering well into the month of August.

Sitting there across from the fire, Elizabeth, a blond, green eyes, thirty something beauty, noticed a certain someone watching her, his shimmering blue eyes piercing through the fiery flames of the campfire as he continued to gaze at her just as always. From the short distance, she could already feel his hunger, the sexually charged, perverted desire within his eyes, pretending as best she could not to notice as she took several sips from the can of beer she was holding, wanting, and needing the alcohol to take away some of the anxiety, the nervousness of what they both wanted to happen.

“I… I think I might go for a walk ALONE, ALONG THE BEACH,” she said loudly to Amy, her best friend, handing her the can while bending down towards the open fire so that her tight, rounded ass was facing him, her bikini bottoms tightening over the rounds of her sharp, firm ass as she slightly giggled.

“Are… are you sure you’re ready with this?” Amy asked her, “I mean we’re not teenagers anymore; were not jail bait, getting caught doing something like that can have serious consequences on our careers,” she said.

“I don’t think I was ever jail bait,” Elizabeth hissed. “Though this is my last chance to feel like it, to know how it feels to be irresponsible, and just do what feels good without having to worry about it,” Elizabeth whispered.

“Ha, I can understand that,” Amy sighed, “Paul’s obviously taken the hook,” Amy smiled as she looked across the flames, “He’s more than ready to follow you, and show you that sex on the beach is not just a drink,” she giggled.

“I know, I think we’ve both been wanting this since we were all in college,” Elizabeth giggled, taking a deep breath before walking away from the fire and into the darkness.

Walking quickly along the water’s edge, Elizabeth could hear him following closely behind her, his bare feet smacking against the incoming tide and the wet sand as her heart began to beat wildly.

“Wait… wait, Elizabeth,” Paul, called out, quickly grabbing her hand and holding it in his as they both walked out of sight from the others, never saying a word, until it was only the two of them standing alone in the dark, on the shoreline, amongst a small enclave of rocks.

“Let’s… let’s get naked and skinny dip.” Paul said, breaking the silence before pulling off his t-shirt and shorts, until all that was left on him was a tight pair light blue bikini underwear, the large bulge of his manhood, pressing out across the tight fabric, forcing Elizabeth to bite her bottom lip with fervor of its glimmering sight.

“I…I,” she paused only to watch him run out into the water, his slim, hardened body sinking between the waves until he resurfaced a few yards away from the beach.

“Come on baby,” Paul howled, going under once more before coming back up, this time flinging his underwear at her.

“This is our last chance before everyone has to become responsible middle-aged adults again. It’s our last chance, to get things right, to do the exciting, out of this world things we’ve always wanted to try” he sighed, walking back towards the shoreline before stopping in front of her. The dark blue waves washing over his hips, presenting vivid flashes of his hardened cock; the waves keeping the size from her wandering lust filled eyes.

“I was always afraid to try the unusual things because I didn’t think you’d be into it, and it would hurt to hear you reject me.” Paul said, gazing up at her, their eyes locked to one another as he rolled his fingers down his sculpted chest. “I… I am not afraid anymore Elizabeth, I want to make things right, I want to be the one, the man that claims you once more.” He said fully as a chill rolled through her, the idea of Paul calming her there on the beach, in public for any wondering stranger to see excited her down to her very core.

“Damn it,” Elizabeth gasped walking into the lake, a sudden bought of courage slamming through her as she undid the ties to her bikini. “You’re so fucking right,” she sighed, walking up to him as he stood waist deep in the water, their hips mere inches from each other, before pulling her bottoms out of the water with one of her hands, only to cover his face with it.

“Mmm, yes,” Paul growled softly, his eyes locked onto her emerald orbs as he placed his hand over her bikini, deeply inhaling the feminine erotic aroma. “Your scent is so… so hot and erotic,” he whispered. Pulling her bottoms slowly away from his face he held them in front of her for a moment longer, before rolling the tip of his long narrow tongue over the insides, licking the silky fabric slowly up and down as if he was licking, devouring her pussy with his tongue. “And taste so sweet,” he whispered.

It was then, in a mere fraction of a second he rushed her. His strong, sweet lips sucking on hers, as both his hands began kneading her soft rounded breasts, forcing Elizabeth to sigh, to gasp to the sudden rush of pleasure overtaking her. No man before him had ever started things in such an aggressively hot, erotic way and the rush, the sheer pleasure of it all was consuming her.

“Yes… yes Paul… do it… do it,” she whimpered, enticing him to follow his hunger, his instinctual passion and desires to feast upon her body, to savagely and brutality take her, devour her like a sex crazed beast.

“Please… Paul,” Elizabeth begged, scrolling one of her hands through his long locks of crimson-brown hair, all the while continuing to gaze deeply into his azure lustrous eyes. “Do it… do it,” she gasped, feeling the tips of his fingers flick across her hardened nipples before sliding down her side and into the water below.

“Yes… Paul, Please,” Elizabeth moaned, feeling his tips gliding across her bare inner thigh before touching her hot spot. “Fuck… fuck yes,” she gasped, jerking her head up to the moonlit skies, mouth dropping open to the mind blowing pleasure as an uncontrollable urge rushed through her.

“Paul… Please,” she gasped, gazing back into his eyes, his fingers ravishing her pussy for what felt like the first time in her life. For the first time ever, she could feel every flick, every long, drawn out rub from his fingers as they continued to penetrate her repeatedly.

“Paul,” she sighed, trying to find the breath she needed to continue. “Paul please, inside me, stick that beast inside me,” Elizabeth gasped, wanting to feel the strength of her man, the powerful thrust of her lover ravishing, devouring, claiming her insides. “Please… please baby please, Paul fuck my pussy, ram that cock inside me,” She gasped once more, this time roping one of her long, slender thighs over the back of his leg, feeling the full length of his hard, thick cock pushing across her hot, drenching opening.

Suddenly, before Elizabeth knew what was happening, she found herself back near the shoreline. The cool chill of the ocean skimming against her boiling hot thighs as the weight of her lover draped over her sweat glazed body.

“Yes… yes Paul,” she sighed, feeling him widening her, prepping her for the fucking she so deserved, the fucking she so wanted and needed. Draping one of her limbs over the top of his shoulder, he slowly eased his cock closer and closer to her hot, tight opening.

Slowly, ever slowly, she could feel him pushing into her, the head of his cock pressing up against her wet slit, slithering into her tightness before suddenly stopping halfway inside, the very tip of his cock the only part of him penetrating her.

“This… this is where the excitement really begins, this is where the desires of our past become real,” Paul whispered softly into her ear. Holding her closely as one of his hands continued to caress her plump breast, tips of his fingers clasping her perky rosy nipple as his other hand rallied support for what was to come as he reached across her ass, clutching her cheek firmly in his grasp.

Adorning his lips over Elizabeth’s, he kissed her deeply, passionately, before digging the tips of his nails into both her ass and breast at the same time while simultaneously slamming the full weight, the full, merciless thrust of his cock inside her, barreling into her, breaking her open with one penetrating deep thrust.

“Fuuuuuuuck… fuck yeah,” She wept, almost screaming, tears raining down her face as she felt like a virgin again, her cherry popping, as a pained pleasure unlike anything she had ever know, anything she had ever remember, or thought possible rushed through her small body. “Yeah… yes,” Elizabeth gasped, heaving heavily for breath, as Paul sank even deeper inside her tight pussy.

“Harder… Faster Paul, baby,” she panted, beads of sweat consuming, massing over her entire body, as she watched his head rise and lower across the backdrop of the moonlight, the distant stars shimmering above the both of them. All the while she could feel all of him upon her, inside her, taking her, consuming her like a real man should when taking his woman.

“OH… oh, right there, right fucking there,” Elizabeth, gasped, digging her nails into his bare chest as the head of his cock rubbed heavily across the ceiling of her pussy causing a unfathomable, sensual sensation.

“Right there… baby right there,” she gasped again and just like that Paul was pumping into her faster and harder with each renewed thrust, whispering her name against the side of her ear, telling her how much he loved her, desired her, and wanted to fuck her, every time he hit that exact spot.

“Fu…Fuck yeah baby,” She gasped over and over again, unsure how much more she could take before finally feeling the onslaught of pleasure, before the waves of passion, the inclination of longing over took her mind and body.

Elizabeth, you are so damn tight, tighter than ever… I’m sorry,” Paul, inhaled as he gazed deeply into her eyes, as he continued his pace inside her, slamming into her rougher and faster, amazed as to how he suddenly grew even larger inside her than ever before.

“I…I’m going to fucking blow,” Paul grunted, his head thrashing all around as his nails dug deeply into her breasts, forcing a pained, yet highly intense orgasm to flash across her body. “Fuck… yes, oh God… yes Elizabeth, I love you,” Paul cringed, holding his breath, slamming into his woman with all his weight as she felt a sudden gush of scotching hot semen spraying deeply inside her womb.

The sensation, the feeling of his seed plunging deeply inside, forced another wave of pleasure to bathe over her, forcing a muffled scream of passion into his strong, muscular chest.

“Shit… so…sorry,” Paul breathed deeply, the pleasured feeling of his release quickening through his entire body as he tightened his cock before pulling it out of her only to squirt another couple loads of his hot, creamy cum all over her breasts and face.

Unable to stop herself, Elizabeth rolled the tip of her fingers down across her breasts, scooping up a large puddle of his heated nectar before sucking it deeply into her mouth, tasting the man that had just taken her to a new state of nirvana.

“Salty… but oh so fucking damn good,” Elizabeth moaned, Paul’s sensual, manly flavor causing shivers of lust to cringe through her as he watched.

“Tasty?” Paul asked playfully enjoying the site of his woman swallowing his sperm; sliding across her body before resting back against the damp wet sand, the cool ocean water still washing over their lower limbs as she came up on his side, resting on top of him, feeling the length of his half erected cock rubbing across her inner thigh.

“Think… think you can go again?” Elizabeth asked as she licked her tongue slowly over the contour of her lips, again tasting the remains of his manly taste, while simultaneously gliding the tips of her fingers over his length before pressing her middle finger across the underside of Paul’s cock head.

“Think?” Paul asked, “I know I can,” he growled, despite what some may think men in their thirties are at the prime of my sexual peak; I can go for days if you want me to.” He gasped, climbing on top of her, before making his way slowly down her body, his lips suckling her flesh with erotic kisses before finally sliding between her hot, wet inner thighs.

“Fuck… yes,” Elizabeth gasped, the tip of his tongue whipping across her clitoris as his fingers sank back inside her, her pussy growing wet with anticipation as he devoured her from the inside, feasting upon my body.

“Only… only days?” Elizabeth inhaled, feeling his tongue dipping into her hot, wetness once more, “We do have 11 more days of vacation,” she added before closing her eyes, allowing her body to fall victim to her lover’s touch once more.


Cynthia carelessly tossed Kyle’s single suitcase to the side, a mischievous smile spreading her pretty pink lips wide as she ushered him inside of her apartment before slamming the door eagerly behind her. “I’ve missed you so much Cyn…” Kyle tried to exclaim but Cynthia quickly cut off his flow of words with a forceful kiss. Kyle laughed against her lips and wrapped his arms eagerly around her waist, his hands clutching the curves of her generous hips as he pulled her closer into his body. Kyle moaned as Cynthia forced her tongue into his mouth and brought her hands upward to close securely around the back of his head, the fingers of her left hand grasping his shaggy dark brown hair tightly as she held him firmly against her lips.

Cynthia grasped a handful of his hair and pulled his head roughly backward, her lips suckling at the side of his neck as he cried out in surprise at the sudden pain. Kyle braced himself with one arm against the left arm of her sofa as she kissed her way up his neck, her breath warm against his skin as she took his right earlobe between her teeth and suckled it into her mouth as she had done to his neck scant seconds before. “God, I’ve missed you so much…” Cynthia moaned into his ear, her fingers tugging more forcefully than before as she bit down roughly around his ear. Kyle gasped at the sharp pain, all the thoughts of how much he had missed her in their absence from each other becoming pleasurably muddled as he felt his arousal beginning to stir. Cynthia arched her back and stroked herself against his groin, her moan turning into a predatory growl as she rubbed herself wantonly against him.

With one last suggestive nip to his ear Cynthia leaned back and tugged Kyle forcefully towards her. Kyle followed her lead more than willingly as she pressed his back into the soft cushions of her sofa and wrapped her legs around him. Cynthia studied him as she straddled him, lust and love overcoming her as her light blue eyes gazed down into his widened hazel hued ones. They had met by chance in the parking lot of the grocery store a few blocks from Cynthia’s apartment, his valiant efforts to help catch the items she had just bought who had chosen the moment he was getting ready to leave to rip through both of the bags she had been carrying them in. Their first encounter certainly did not rank highly on the romantic scale but they shared a laugh in spite of Cynthia’s mortified embarrassment and had found themselves growing intrigued by the other. Unfortunately for them both Kyle had just been passing through on his way back home, a four hour distance from Cynthia’s one bedroom apartment.

Although Kyle filled Cynthia’s inbox every day with detailed emails and shared conversations with her through the capabilities of Skype, there was an intimacy gap that could only be satisfyingly fulfilled through the rawness of physical touch. Each night that Cynthia slept alone left her feeling restless each night and without fail would awaken her each morning swollen and wet within the apex of her thighs. Every morning she would waken without fail with a desperate groan, her lips and tongue longing for the taste of him, wanting nothing more than to lick and suckle her way across every inch of his skin…an aching need she would finally be able to satiate within two more weeks of waiting. Cynthia had done just that as the days had trudged on by, her impatience and excitement growing at the close of each day and the start of each new morning. Now, as she gazed down at him and the felt the firmness of his body beneath her own she felt herself unable to hold herself back, longing as she was for just a little bite that surely would not hurt to taste…

Cynthia brought her feet back against her floorboards as she stood up beside the sofa, her hands reaching for Kyle’s legs as she repositioned him so that they lounged comfortably over the cushions. She sank down slowly to her knees from between her legs and gathered the strawberry blonde curls that cascaded down her back to the rise of her buttock into both of her hands. Kyle stilled as he watched her raise her hair high above her head, his breath stilling within his throat as Cynthia secured her curls into a high ponytail. Cynthia kept her stare firmly fixated on Kyle’s, her pulse quickening at the sight of his eyes dilating with dawning desire as she reached forward and undid the buttons of his jeans.

Cynthia kept her dark brown leggings and flower printed tunic top securely in place as she pulled Kyle’s jeans down his legs before placing them in a heap to her right. She ran her hands slowly up his legs, starting at his calves before running them over the sinewy strength of his upper thighs. Kyle’s hips instinctually pressed upward as Cynthia ran her palms lightly over his briefs, the hardness of his erection causing her cleft to clench with lust. She briefly squeezed her eyes tightly shut at the sudden shivers of desire licking up her spine as she felt how hard he was for her, how eager his body was to be touched. Cynthia could feel his legs begin to tremble as she flicked out her tongue to moisten her lips and with deliberate slowness pulled his briefs down his legs and tossed them carelessly atop his jeans.

She leaned forward into him, her intense gaze watching with satisfaction as his lips parted and he panted with anticipation, his body strumming with an electric energy as she slowly lowered her mouth so that it hovered so tantalizing close to the tip of his straining shaft. Cynthia blew her breath softly over him and Kyle jumped at the unexpected sensation, his lips opening wider in order to beg her for more…but the sudden warmth of her mouth closing around his hardened flesh abruptly derailed his train of thought and all that ended up leaving his mouth was a deep, throaty moan as she suckled him eagerly between her plump lips.

Cynthia moaned around her mouthful as she licked and suckled her way down his shaft, her tongue trailing down the silky hardness of his erection before traveling back up again. She licked around the flared edges of his sensitive head before stroking her tongue across the slit, savouring the taste of his arousal as she moved her tongue back and forth across him. Kyle’s hands clenched and unclenched, his chest heaving as Cynthia suckled almost savagely around the tip of his shaft, her panties soaked with arousal of her own as she relished the sounds of pleasure Kyle could not contain in reaction to the delicious pressure of her lips around him. Cynthia had ached for weeks to touch him, woken wet from dreams of his gasps and inarticulate cries of pleasure as she had suckled and pulled at his erection. Now that she finally had him back with her, sprawled out atop her sofa with his jeans and briefs discarded next to her on her floor, she fully intended to enjoy every inch of his engorged flesh.

Sitting up higher on her knees Cynthia wrapped one hand around the base of his shaft and positioned her neck in a much more comfortable angle for the activity she had in mind. Kyle’s breath caught in his throat once more as Cynthia looked up into his eyes briefly and smiled devilishly around his erection, her gaze burning into his as with almost agonizing slowness she slid her mouth determinedly down the length of his shaft. Kyle’s eyes widened impossibly further as Cynthia did not pull away when he expected her to and he let out a guttural groan as she slid her mouth all the way down to the base of his shaft. Cynthia held herself there for as long as she could, savouring the sensation of her mouth and throat being utterly taken over by Kyle’s erection before suckling her way back up his flesh.

Kyle groaned over and over again as Cynthia continuously ran her mouth back and forth up his shaft, taking him deeply down her throat. Cynthia relished the sensation of being consumed by him, her mouth and throat surrounding his aroused erection as she took him down as far as he could go. Kyle’s hips languorously thrust down and up into her mouth, his erection throbbing exquisitely with each delicious slid down her more than eager throat. Cynthia moaned around him as he thrust himself inside of her, her own cleft swollen wetly with pleasure as she pressed her fingers above his thighs. She let Kyle take over the command of her mouth, each thrust down and back up her throat causing her own body to pulse with desire.

Cynthia loved the sensation of Kyle possessing her and she eagerly let him take over control, his thrusts becoming ever more urgent with each wet slide down her hungry throat. Cynthia soon found her hands holding on tightly to his body as Kyle’s control began to slip, his left hand reaching down to hold on tightly to her bobbing ponytail as each pump of his body into her became more and more erratic. Kyle’s hand suddenly tightened painfully around Cynthia’s hair as with a shuddering cry he finally came deep down her throat. He held her head firmly in place as he lost control of himself, his body spasming with orgasmic pleasure as Cynthia moaned wantonly around him. She held tightly onto him as his wild thrusts finally began to subside, her own body grown heavy and heady with lust as with one final pump of his hips Kyle settled back into her sofa with an exhausted cry.

Kyle released Cynthia’s blonde curls and pulled her up and onto his chest. Cynthia rested her cheek against him and although she had kept his shirt on she could feel the heat of his skin emanating through the fabric. She smiled with satisfaction at the still rapid thumping of his heart and snuggled herself more closely into him as he brought his arm around her in order to holder her closer next to him. Kyle leaned his head down to breathe in the scent of her hair before leaning his head back once more with a contented sigh. Cynthia sat up then as much as she could and whispered playfully once more into Kyle’s ear, “Did I tell you yet just how much I missed you?” Kyle chuckled and as Cynthia tried to pull away he held her securely in place and leaned up to run his mouth down her lovely throat as he responded heatedly with each press of his lips, “Why yes, yes you did, although I have yet to show you just how much your absence as sincerely affected me…”


The sight of Bethany’s breasts swaying so temptingly close to Asher’s mouth beckoned him to lick her nipples with his tongue but he held himself back as she tested the durability of the handcuffs she had insisted on clamping around his wrists. Although Asher had been hesitant at first, he had eventually agreed to her request and as she sat back with a satisfied smile spreading her pretty pink lips apart, naked except for the tiniest slip of a lacy black thong, Asher felt his insecurities starting to slip away. He watched intently as Bethany leaned back and ran her hands down the muscled planes of his chest before sliding down and across the fabric of his black briefs she had insisted he keep on. Asher jumped as he felt her fingers brush lightly across his package, his shaft stirring within his briefs as she trailed her hands down the length of his right leg. Bethany had decided to keep his legs untethered as she had cuffed him to the front posts of their bed, but as her eyes suddenly took on a much more dominant gleam than before, extra restraints became unnecessary.

Bethany leaned forward and pressed her lips into the left side of his neck, her breath hot against his skin as she trailed them upwards. Asher jumped as she suddenly nipped at his earlobe, the sharp pain startling him as Bethany whispered into his ear, “I’ve always wanted to restrain you, had always fantasized about the thought of you held down for me to do to you whatever I wish…” Asher stilled at her suggestive words, his heartbeats beginning to thump much more urgently within his chest as Bethany then rubbed her cheek against the dark stubble on the side of his face before bringing her lips over to capture his in a kiss. Asher’s hands clenched and unclenched within the cuffs as the urge to sink them within her waist length hair, his fingers itching to wrap themselves around her black locks as she pressed her tongue into his mouth.

Asher moaned as Bethany explored the inside of his mouth with her tongue, tangling it around his own before pulling out to capture his lips again in a heated kiss. Bethany pulled at Asher’s bottom lip with her teeth before suckling it within her mouth, Asher’s hips involuntarily bucking upward as she moaned into his mouth. As Bethany suckled on his bottom lip she teasingly brushed herself against his hardened arousal, brushing the lower half of her body back and forth across his contained shaft as Asher groaned in protest at the limited contact. He eagerly wanted more but Bethany resisted his unspoken request, her sucking becoming more suggestive as she arched her body upward so that she was just out of reach of his already straining shaft.

“Please Bethany, I…”

Asher attempted to say before she bit down roughly onto his bottom lip, his question turning into a startled gasp at the sharp pain. Bethany then released his lip and shook her head no, declining a spoken response in favour of running her lips down his throat instead. Her hardened nipples brushed achingly against his skin as she ran her lips down to his pecs, her tongue flicking teasingly across both of his nipples before licking and kissing further downward. Asher trembled as he watched her, his eyes trained on her moist tongue as she licked his sensitive nipples and on the ample curve of her hips as she kissed her way down his stomach.

Asher tensed and held his breath as she stopped her kisses at the band of his briefs before glancing up to look at Asher, her dark eyes glinting with lust. Bethany then carefully gripped the band between her teeth and slowly pulled his briefs down to his knees before sitting up and whisking them off the rest of the way with her hands. Asher’s lips parted and his eyes widened with hopeful anticipation as she focused her attentions on his straining shaft, engorged and eager for the warmth of her mouth. Bethany eagerly complied with his unspoken wish, her breasts swaying as she bent down and ran her tongue down the length of his shaft.

Asher’s head fell backward and his eyes slid shut in delight as Bethany licked and nibbled at the hot skin of his erection, her lips soft against his feverish skin as he moaned beneath the touch of her mouth. Asher panted as she slid her tongue back up to the tip of his erection and ran it back and forth across the wet slit, her moans of delight causing Asher’s erection to harden impossibly further as she savoured his arousal. Bethany suckled at the tip with her soft lips, Asher’s breaths rasping roughly within his throat as she took more of him within the wet warmth of her mouth.

Asher couldn’t help but press himself further past Bethany’s lips as she took him eagerly down her throat, her fingers digging into the flesh of his legs as she suckled and pulled at his shaft. Asher’s back arched off of the bed as pleasure built within his erection, building and building with each wet suck of her lips and lick of her tongue as Bethany eagerly tasted his arousal. When Asher felt her mouth pull away his eyes flew open and he begged her to stay but once more she declined, instead opting to crawl wantonly up his tense body. Asher expected her to stop around his waist but as she continued to crawl her way up her torso comprehension dawned within his mind muddled by lust. He moaned deeply as Bethany straddled his face with her legs, her swollen pink flesh hovering so temptingly close to his eager mouth.

Bethany gasped with delight as she lowered herself onto his face, her back arching and her hair falling downward to touch the small of her back as Asher ran his tongue up the length of her cleft. He hungrily lapped at her folds, the taste of her arousal driving him mad for more as he feverishly licked her flesh. Bethany ground her pelvis into his mouth as he tasted her, her hands coming up to stroke and tease her nipples as Asher wrapped his lips around her clit. He suckled her in the same way that she had done to him only moments before, each groan that emerged from her throat encouraging him further. Asher bathed her cleft with his tongue, brushing the tip of it up and down her aching clit with abandon.

Bethany fell forward and held onto his cuffs as his licks became more vigorous, her hips following the strokes of his tongue as she ground herself against him once more. Asher felt her legs tense around his head and heard her intake of breath, the sudden sound of her shattering cry of release like music to his ears. He moaned in response to her spasms, his tongue lapping frantically at her flesh as she writhed around and above him. She cried out his name over and over again as her orgasm overtook her senses and Asher immersed himself within it.

With one last shudder Bethany leaned her forehead exhaustively against the wall, her spasms departing as she began to fight to regain her composure. She shakily disengaged herself from Asher’s mouth, his moan of protest fading away as she slid down his chest the same way she had done before. Bethany teasingly nipped lightly at his erection and slid her tongue up his hardened flesh, Asher’s heartbeats thumping wildly with expectant need as she stroked the tender tip of his shaft with her tongue…and then pulled herself away.

“No, no, no,” Asher moaned desperately as Bethany sat up and leaned back upon her heels, her fingers brushing down his left leg as she studied the distraught expression of his face. Her lips spread into a mischievous smile and as she brought her hand up to wrap her fingers around the base of his shaft she leaned forward so that her lips were invitingly close to his own. Bethany squeezed her fingers around him and Asher groaned at the touch, his breaths coming out in panting gasps as Bethany asked him with a seductive sweetness he was oh so familiar with, “What do you say Asher?”

“Please Bethany, oh god please…”


Sandy quivered helplessly in spite of her best efforts to control her anticipation as Laurel tied each of her wrists securely to the posts of their bed. Laurel leaned forward and tenderly kissed the clenched fingers of each of Sandy’s wrists before pulling away, a mischievous smile spreading her lips wide as she got to her feet and made her way to the end of their bed. Sandy cried out in surprise as Laurel gripped her feet tightly in both of her fists and roughly jerked her legs widely apart, Laurel’s fingers deftly tying her ankles as easily as she had done to her wrists. With one last suggestive tug to each ankle Laurel began to crawl her way through Sandy’s forcefully parted thighs until she came to a straddling stop around her trembling torso.

Laurel reached forward and ran her fingers through Sandy’s shoulder length dark blonde hair, her hands gentle as she stroked Sandy’s curls before spreading them out upon her pillow. “Laurel, I…” Sandy attempted to say but was quickly cut short as Laurel pressed two fingers against her lips and shook her head no. Laurel then leaned forward until their lips could have touched and breathed into her mouth, “I told you before Sandy, I do not want you to speak tonight, not a question or a comment to pass between these pretty lips of yours. If you cannot follow my command without aid then I will have no choice but to gag you to keep you quiet…” Sandy’s blue eyes widened at Laurel’s softly spoken threat, the pink flush spreading across her cheeks and the rapid rise and fall of her chest belying the undercurrent of desire buzzing beneath her skin as Laurel crouched above her bound body.

Laurel kissed the pretty flush of Sandy’s cheeks as she squirmed beneath her touch, Laurel’s lips traveling around the length of her jaw before detouring downward. Laurel licked and kissed Sandy’s collarbone, her hands coming up to cover Sandy’s hands as she teasingly circled her left nipple with the tip of her tongue. Laurel’s fingers tightened around Sandy’s as she flicked her tongue across the sensitive surface, her nipple beginning to peak as she stroked her tongue back and forth across it. Laurel’s licks suddenly changed from soft to rough as she switched her tongue for her teeth.

Sandy gasped and jerked within her bounds as Laurel pulled at her nipple with her teeth, her hands tightening as painfully around her wrists as her mouth did around her breast. Laurel surrounded Sandy’s nipple with the punishing pressure of her teeth that she increased until pain began to take the place of pleasure, her tongue then lightly brushing across her nipple in order to soothe away the pain she had caused. Laurel alternated between both breasts as she held on tightly to Sandy’s wrists, her breath searing into her skin as she suckled her nipples suggestively between her lips. Sandy arched her back and pressed her left breast wantonly into Laurel’s hot mouth, her lips parting as she moaned breathily, “Oh god Laurel…”

As intense as Laurel’s touch was, her departure was even more abrupt, Sandy’s breath expelling from her throat in a gasp as Laurel sat up and grabbed a handful of Sandy’s curls before roughly jerking her head upward. Sandy’s eyes wept at the sudden pain and they widened nervously as Laurel whispered into her left ear, “I told you to be quiet Sandy, and you just couldn’t listen, could you?”

Without any further words Laurel reached around Sandy’s pillow and pulled out a red satin sash, drowning out Sandy’s pleading cries as she pressed it in between her parted lips and tied it tightly around her head. Sandy thrashed her head from side to side and looked up beseechingly into Laurel’s eyes but she only smiled and leaned in to press a light kiss into Sandy’s lips before once again pulling away.

Laurel ever so slowly began to trail kisses down Sandy’s chest, ignoring her straining nipples as she pressed her lips into her skin. The light from the lamps Laurel had made sure to turn on before she had ushered Sandy into their bedroom caused her cream coloured skin to glow beautifully in the soft light, highlighting the length of her long legs as Laurel comfortably crouched between them. Laurel teasingly nipped the curve of Sandy’s left hip, a throaty chuckle emerging from her throat at the inarticulate sounds Sandy made around her satin gag, the slick fabric wettening within her mouth as she struggled to speak. Laurel bit into Sandy’s hip until the words she was still stubbornly trying to say turned instead into a sharp cry of surprise, the likes of which soon turned into a tense whimper as Laurel continued to press her lips ever downward.

Laurel licked and kissed the soft skin of her inner left thigh before crossing over to do the same to the right, the end of her dark brown braid teasing the heated flesh between her thighs as she pressed her lips into Sandy’s strawberry scented skin. Laurel inhaled deeply, pleased that Sandy had followed her directions and had thoroughly rubbed Laurel’s favourite lotion all over her body before she had arrived home from work. Laurel murmured her appreciation into the tender crease of her right thigh, the trembling she felt beneath her lips and the garbled whimpers she heard from above a welcomed response.

Laurel sat up and ran her hands down Sandy’s legs, enjoying the softness of her skin beneath her fingertips before trailing them back upward. With her hazel hued eyes gazing dominatingly into Sandy’s wide blue ones, Laurel brushed the tips of her fingers across her intimate flesh, the wetness of her arousal prompting another pleased smile to spread across her face. Laurel flicked out her tongue and slowly traced the outline of her lips, moistening her mouth to match the wetness below, the sight of which caused a strangled moan to emerge from Sandy’s restrained mouth. Leaning down ever so slowly, her eyes still trained possessively upon those of the woman bound so beautifully beneath her, Laurel ran the flat of her tongue up the length of Sandy’s slit.

Laurel’s concentration wavered as her eyes became hooded with delight at the taste of Sandy’s arousal, her garbled groans and tense thighs prompting a moan of Laurel’s own as she tasted her. She ran her tongue up and down Sandy’s cleft, lapping at her folds hungrily as she brought her hands up to grip tightly around both of her trembling thighs. Laurel’s gazed swept wantonly across Sandy’s face, taking in the sight of her blonde curls pressed against her sweat slicked skin, her eyes squeezed firmly shut as she arched her back off their bed. Sandy’s rasping breath flowed around the soaked gag within her mouth, its moistness matching the wetness of the flesh Laurel so hungrily devoured between her legs.

Laurel soon focused her attentions on the aching bud atop her cleft, flicking her tongue up and down its sensitive surface before running her tongue back down her slit. Sandy arched into the touch of Laurel’s tongue as she brought it back up to bathe her clit with firm strokes, a distraught mewl sounding from her throat as Laurel pushed her hips back into the bed and pulled her tongue away. Laurel moved her lips away and ran them once more down her left leg, Sandy’s wordless pleas for more pleasantly surrounding her as she continued to kiss her calf before finally moving her lips back up again.

With her fingers digging painfully into the softness of her thighs, Laurel wrapped her mouth around Sandy’s clit and began to suckle it almost savagely between her lips. Sandy moaned helplessly above her as Laurel licked and suckled her aching flesh, her tongue responding to Sandy’s garbled cries and the urgent pressing of her pelvis into her mouth by increasing the pressure of it against her clit. Laurel brushed her tongue back and forth across its aching surface relentlessly, her body entirely attuned to the frantic moans and thrashings above and around her. When Sandy suddenly tensed around her Laurel teasingly pulled her tongue away, her desperate cries of frustration enflaming her own arousal as Laurel licked everywhere but the place where Sandy so desperately wanted her tongue to be the most.

Laurel suckled and lapped at her moist folds before running her tongue back across her clit, the hopeful mewl Sandy made a welcome sound. To Sandy’s tortured relief, Laurel finally kept her focus entirely upon her aching clit, her tongue stroking determinedly up and down, up and down. She pressed her tongue in more firmly upon her wet flesh as she felt Sandy tense around her once more, her hands holding her hips forcefully in place as with a strangled cry Laurel finally allowed Sandy to have the orgasm she so desperately wanted. Sandy writhed and thrashed atop the bed, her body spasming within the force of her release as Laurel continued to suckle and lap at her clit.

Laurel growled into her heated flesh as Sandy spasmed around her, the gag between her lips controlling her cries as she panted around the satin cloth. With one last restricted push of her pelvis, Sandy lay limply atop their sheets, her chest rising and falling rapidly as Laurel slowly sat up with a teasing smile upon her face. Sandy’s eyes widened at the glint in Laurel’s eyes as she walked around the side of their bed and bent over to whisper once more into Sandy’s ear, “You look beautiful like this, I think I’ll leave you gagged and bound to our bed for as long as I please…” Sandy gasped and pulled futilely at her restraints as Laurel stepped back, her hands trailing down the length of her trembling body as she sauntered away and left Sandy unsure and aching for more…

Room Service Part Three

Sarah’s mouth parted into a satisfied smile as she felt Claire pressing her plump lips into the softness of her left inner thigh, the closeness of her kisses to where her tongue had stroked so vigorously only a few moments before a heated reminder of just how much pleasure her mouth could provide. Marcie stirred to Sarah’s right as she flicked the tip of her tongue teasingly across her nearest nipple, the sudden sensation causing Sarah to jump at the pleasure it brought. Marcie chuckled softly at Sarah’s reaction and sat up, her dark brown locks falling lushly around her full breasts while her nipples peaked out temptingly from between the strands. Sarah watched Marcie as she ran her fingers through her hair, transfixed by the motions or hand as Marcie smoothed her locks against her body.

Sarah lazily ran her gaze down the curves of Marcie’s beautiful body, her eyes tracing across her dusky nipples before dipping downward to gaze heatedly at the soft flesh nestled between her parted thighs. Marcie noticed Sarah’s stare and smiling mischievously, leaned forward to Sarah’s surprise and asked her softly, “Would you like to touch me Sarah?” Sarah’s eyes widened and she audibly swallowed before nodding her head and whispering in return, “Please…” Marcie’s smile widened and she leaned over Sarah’s face so that her breasts hovered closely above her lips. Sarah glanced briefly up into Marcie’s eager eyes and without another moment’s hesitation reached upward and wrapped her lips around the nipple on Marcie’s right breast.

Marcie moaned as Sarah suckled her nipple, her lips pulling eagerly around its peaked bud as her still swollen cleft clenched with delight at the sound of Marcie’s pleasure. Claire’s kisses moved further up her body as she rose up from between her legs to instead straddle Sarah’s waist. She leaned forward and ran her tongue across Marcie’s left nipple before suckling it into her mouth as Sarah had done. Sarah increased the pressure of her lips around her nipple before flicking the tip of her tongue across its surface, the sound of Marcie’s panting moans as both of her breasts became trapped within the mouth of both hers and Claire’s sent delicious shivers shooting down her spine. Sarah began to suckle and pull at Marcie’s nipple with her tongue, her eyes beginning to slide shut in response to the pleasure she gave when, to her surprise, she felt Marcie pulling away.

Sarah groaned her displeasure and reached for her, but Claire had moved with her, her buttocks swaying seductively as she pressed Marcie’s back into the bed and repositioned herself above her head. Claire then reached for Marcie’s arms and encircled her fingers around her wrists before clasping them tightly in one fist. She held them out in front of her and then turned her attentions to Sarah, the seductive heat in her eyes telling Sarah without words where she wanted her to be. Sarah slowly rose up from the bed and slid to the floor, her heart thumping wildly within her chest as she crawled to the edge of the bed where Marcie’s tanned legs dangled invitingly wide.

Ever so slowly, her heart rate racing with insecurity, Sarah placed herself between Marcie’s thighs. Claire had leaned forward and captured Marcie’s lips in a deep kiss, her short blonde curls glinting in the lamplight as her pink nipples swayed invitingly above. Bending forward Sarah trailed kisses across Marcie’s thigh in the same way Claire had done to her, hands pressing firmly into the softness of Marcie’s skin as she began to move her kisses upward. Sarah pressed them with suggestive slowness into the crease of her thigh, her mind racing with both excitement and a nervousness she could not seem to quell. Sarah had never before been intimate with a woman until that day, although fantasies she had dreamed about but had never thought would turn into a reality. Sarah glanced up briefly once more as she watched the two women kiss each other, and with her body humming with desire finally brought her lips down to the inviting warmth between Marcie’s parted thighs.

Sarah moaned deeply as she pressed her mouth against Marcie’s already moistened flesh, the taste of her arousal against her lips driving Sarah mad with the need for more. She lapped at the soft flesh of Marcie’s folds, her taste like honey against Sarah’s tongue. Sarah slid her tongue up and down her slick flesh before wrapping her lips around her clit, mimicking the way she had eagerly mouthed her breast before. She suckled her clit feverishly between her lips, her fingers digging into Marcie’s thighs as she hungrily devoured her flesh with her eager lips and tongue.

Marcie moaned helplessly into Claire’s mouth as Sarah ran the flat of her tongue across her aching clit, her back arching as she thrust her hips eagerly towards the pleasurable sensations Sarah pulled from her body with the pressure of her lips. Sarah slightly pulled her mouth back from Marcie’s body, her mewling moans of displeasure at her absence appealing to Sarah’s more predatory side. She smiled devilishly into Marcie’s flesh as she teased her with soft strokes of her tongue that were not quite strong enough to bring her body to where Marcie wanted it to be, and she played on that almost agonizing feeling of incompleteness with a dominance that surprised Sarah herself. She loved the way in which Marcie responded to her touch, relished the quickening of her breaths and the helpless thrusts of her hips as her body wordlessly begged for more.

Sarah slid her tongue down the length of her wet flesh before pressing it into her hot opening, Marcie’s sharp intake of breath encouraging her to explore further. Sarah pressed her tongue in and out, in and out, before running it back up again, her entire focus centred on the delicious taste of her flesh and the reactions she brought forth from Marcie’s beautiful body. Sarah then spread Marcie’s legs apart even wider before focusing her attentions entirely upon her clit, the tip of her tongue teasing its sensitive surface with light flicks before tracing circles on the intimate flesh surrounding it.

Sarah brought her tongue beneath Marcie’s clit and began to vigorously run it up and down, up and down. Sarah’s eyes grew heavy lidded with ever growing desire as she Marcie tense above her, her breaths becoming ever more erratic with each bathe of her tongue across her cleft. Sarah could feel the tension mounting, could sense it becoming too much for Marcie to bear. With one last sharp intake of breath Marcie finally came, her throaty cries in that moment the most satisfying sounds Sarah had ever heard. She moaned with Marcie and Claire quickly joined in with moans of her own, reacting pleasurably as Sarah did as Marcie writhed wantonly atop the rumpled bed sheets.

Sarah held on tightly to Marcie’s thighs as she trashed above her, her hips undulating erotically with a fervour that she could not control. Sarah revelled in the delicious sensations of Marcie’s release, the intensity of her orgasm arousing her in ways she had not felt before. She eagerly rode it with her, holding onto her legs as she spasmed helplessly within the force of her pleasure. As Marcie’s back fell back into the bed and the tension in her limbs became limp with exhaustion, Sarah kissed her lips softly into her quivering flesh before laying her left cheek gently against her thigh.

As Sarah rested against Marcie’s leg Claire stroked her long hair, her touch gentle as Marcie lay limply below her. “I think management deserves a thank you card expressing just how impressed I am by the diligence and care of their hotel staff,” Marcie said with a satisfied groan. Sarah grinned and playfully nipped her at her inner thigh, Marcie and Claire’s breathless laughter lulling her into laughter of her own as she crouched between Marcie’s oh so soft thighs, contentment settling into her limbs as Sarah pressed her cheek back against her leg with a satiated smile spreading prettily across her flushed face.

Room Service Part Two

The blonde held out her hand and beckoned Sarah to her side, her chest rising and falling as she fought to regain control of her senses. The brunette lightly continued to stroke her flesh with her tongue as Sarah hesitantly approached the bed, her lips pressing into her pink folds with a final kiss before pulling herself away. As Sarah nervously sat down on the edge of the bed the blonde sidled up next her and whispered into her ear, “My name is Claire and my companion’s name is Marcie.” Sarah cleared her throat and began to whisper her name in return but before the words could leave her mouth Claire gently laid her fingers against her lips and shook her head with a smile before whispering once more into Sarah’s ear, “It is not necessary for us to know your name…”

With a gentle kiss against her earlobe Claire pulled away with a smile, her hand then reaching forward to cup Sarah’s chin in her palm. Sarah jumped at the soft touch, her eyes widening as Claire gently but firmly moved her face over to look her in the eyes. Their green depths shining with promise she asked Sarah softly, “Would you like to stay with Marcie and I?” Sarah stilled as she stared into Claire’s eyes, her intent written full across her face, a promising look that was mirrored perfectly by Marcie as she sat up and repositioned herself next to Claire. Sarah furtively looked back and forth between the beautiful pair, her cheeks flushing a dark pink as she finally responded with the most hesitant of answers, “…Yes…”

Neither Claire nor Marcie verbally responded to Sarah, the simultaneous spreading of heated smiles between the two of them all the answer that Sarah needed. Claire continued to hold her chin gently but firmly in her hand as to Sarah’s surprise, she swung one long leg across her waist and came to rest atop her lap. Claire then cupped both of her hands around Sarah’s cheeks and pulled her face closer to hers until their lips were inches from touching. Sarah’s breath caught in her throat as Claire slowly closed the tiny gap between them and softly pressed her lips against Sarah’s, her warm breath passing into her mouth as her lips parted in surprise.

Claire held her face firmly in place as she kissed her, her tongue slipping in between Sarah’s lips as her fingers increased their pressure into her skin. Sarah felt herself momentarily pulling back but Claire held her face in place, preventing her from retreating from her touch. As Claire’s tongue plunged inside, Marcie moved closer to Sarah’s side and began to trail kisses up her neck. She caught Sarah’s right earlobe between her teeth and began to suckle it suggestively between her teeth, the combined sensations of both Marcie’s lips and Claire’s tongue plunging wetly in and out of her mouth forcing a throaty moan from between her lips. Marcie moved her lips lower and began to suckle the side of her neck, her arms wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer while Claire continued to explore inside Sarah’s mouth.

Shivers ran up Sarah’s spine as pleasure pooled between her thighs, her mind reeling from the sensations of their mouths against her skin. She felt heady with their nearness, the smell of Claire’s strawberry scented perfume enveloping her in its delicious fragrance while Marcie moved her soft lips lower. She trailed them across her collarbone before moving them upward to the centre of her neck. She flicked out her tongue as she did so she brought her hands up to the top button of Sarah’s uniform. Sarah tensed as she felt Marcie’s fingers undo it before moving down to the second. Marcie held the button lightly between her fingertips as Claire breathed into Sarah’s mouth, “Can Marcie unbutton your uniform?” Sarah hesitated uncertainly before whispering back a yes against Claire’s lips, her answer eclipsed as Claire forcefully plunged her tongue back inside while Marcie continued her progress downward.

Marcie deftly undid the remainder of her buttons before sitting up in order to move the navy blue sleeves down Sarah’s right arm. Claire finally released Sarah’s mouth and pulled her left sleeve down her arm, Sarah’s body reacting to her absence by instinctually reaching for her. Claire smiled as she ran her fingers down the left strap of Sarah’s pink bra, her fingertips tracing the outline of the lace as she ran them beneath the left cup before tracing over to do the same to the right. Marcie carefully unhooked the bra from behind and let it sag down her waist before finally pulling it off with Claire’s aid.

Sarah tried to bite back a moan but failed miserably as Claire reached forward wrap her lips around the slight swell of Claire’s left breast, her tongue flicking out to stroke across her already hardening nipple. Sarah squeezed her eyes shut with pleasure as Marcie mimicked Claire’s movements, her red lips sucking enthusiastically at her right nipple. Sarah panted beneath the pull of their lips, her hands tentatively reaching out to stroke both Claire’s curly blonde bob and Marcie’s dark blonde locks before bracing them behind her back when the pleasure became so intense that she feared she would fall forward under the delicious weight of it.

Claire’s tongue was much gentler against Sarah’s nipple than Marcie’s was, caressing it softly while Marcie pressed the flat of hers forcefully across its sensitive surface. Sarah’s breasts ached within their mouths, a haze of lust settling over her brain as she mindlessly pressed her nipples further into their mouths, all insecurity vanishing beneath the pleasurable flicks of their tongue and pull of their lips. When Sarah felt Claire pull away from her breast she couldn’t help but moan her displeasure, her initial panic dissipating as Claire crawled off of her lap and instead knelt suggestively between her legs. Marcie brought her left hand up to cover Sarah’s left breast in the wake of Claire’s absence; her fingers pinching it roughly until Sarah’s pained gasp pleased Marcie enough so that she eased back from the force of her hold.

As she cupped Sarah’s breast in her palm and pressed it firmly within her hand, she sat up and whispered into Sarah’s ear, “Claire is going to take off your panties now and you will let her, won’t you?” Marcie punctured her heated question by a quick nip to Sarah’s earlobe, eliciting a startled gasp from Sarah and a hurried up and down nod of Sarah’s head. Marcie, pleased by Sarah’s response, flicked her tongue across her earlobe before focusing her attentions back to her right breast, her lips pulling at her nipple while below Claire carefully pulled Sarah’s soaked pink panties down her legs and over her feet before untying her shoes and tossing them carelessly to the side.

Marcie then pressed Sarah’s back into the bed, the nipples of her full breasts stroking across her skin as she captured her lips in a kiss before moving them back down once more to her right breast. Sarah cried out as Marcie’s lips wrapped once more around her right nipple in the same instant that Claire pressed her own against Sarah’s hot intimate flesh. Sarah shivered with need as Claire ran her tongue up and down her skin, relishing the taste of her arousal as she moaned and gripped her thighs tightly between her fingers. She held Sarah’s legs firmly apart as she pleasured her, her lips suckling the sensitive bud of her cleft while Marcie’s mouth moved back and forth between both of her breasts.

Sarah felt entirely overcome with desire, all conscious thought fleeing in the face of the demanding arousal Claire brought forth from between her thighs and that Marcie enhanced as she suckled her breasts. The unrealness of the situation Sarah had somehow found herself in mattered naught at all as the two beautiful women pleasured her, Claire’s lips suckling suggestively around her clit while Marcie moved hers back up Sarah’s neck. Marcie fashioned them around Sarah’s mouth as Claire intensified the sucking of her lips before adding in her tongue. She brushed it back and forth across her aching cleft, increasing and decreasing the pressure in accordance with each of Sarah’s panting breaths.

Marcie pressed her tongue in between Sarah’s lips as Claire continuously stroked her tongue up and down her aching bud. Sarah could feel herself becoming truly overwhelmed with lust, her body becoming saturated with sensations that she found herself craving more than she would have initially suspected. Each stroke of Claire’s tongue brought her closer and closer to the brink, until with a desperate cry, she felt her control finally slip. Marcie’ mouth captured Sarah’s cry of release, her own moan slipping into Sarah’s mouth as she increased the pressure of her kiss.

Sarah’s back arched off of the bed as she came, her hips bucking helplessly against Claire’s mouth as desire entirely took control over her body. She writhed and spasmed as Claire moaned below, her fingers forcefully holding Sarah’s legs apart as she shook atop the bed. Sarah let herself go, drowning in the sensations Claire wrought from between her thighs and that Marcie captured with her lips as Sarah moaned repeatedly into her mouth. In this moment it was just the three of them, Sarah’s body deliciously captured between both Claire and Marcie as they eagerly brought her over the brink of desire. They wrested control from her and Sarah wholeheartedly welcomed it, trapped as she was between the beautiful bodies of these two strangers as they ushered her into sensations she knew desperately never wanted to end…

Room Service

“Room service!” Sarah called out softly as she stood in front of room 202, her fingers drumming against the cart handle where she had so carefully arranged extra towels and cleaning supplies as she listened for a response from inside. When none followed she knocked against the dark wood of the door, one eyebrow rising as nothing but silence answered her. Sarah reached for the door handle on a whim and to her surprise as she turned the knob the door slowly began to open. Sarah quickly pulled her hand back, the instructions she had been given earlier racing through her mind as she debated on whether walking inside the seemingly empty room or coming back at another time.

Life after college hadn’t been exactly what she had planned on it turning out to be, the fantasies of landing her dream job that had always sustained and motivated her as she had stayed up late into the night studying and simply navigating from class to class day after day had begun to fade. Debt and the reality of the job market, two truths she had always tried to keep from the forefront of her mind had finally found its voice and Sarah in turn found herself scrambling to make ends meet. After having desperately applied to a multitude of job openings and not hearing back for weeks, when the new five star hotel that had recently opened near her apartment building had asked to meet with her for an interview she had readily agreed. Sarah had rarely worked at all during her high school years and while in college her major focus had been on her eventual graduation. Sarah’s past self had had to come to terms with her future self and in the end she had breathed a sigh of relief when she had been hired on as a first time maid for the hotel.

Sarah nervously smoothed down her light brown hair, the likes of which she had quickly pulled back into a bun when she had woken up in a panic once she had realized she had forgotten to set it the night before. Much to her relief she had managed to arrive precisely at 8am and as she stood uncertainly in front of the last room she had been told to thoroughly clean for the remainder of the day she was determined to do just that. Smoothing down the front of her navy blue uniform she reached out for the door handle once more and briefly hesitated before carefully pressing it open.

Sarah stood undecided at the threshold, unsure of what to do with herself. She scanned her eyes around the room, taking note of previously purchased items laying near the couch and freshly brought groceries still sitting in the bags they were brought back in. Step by hesitant step she entered, her ears straining for and expecting to hear the sounds of startled guests at her unexpected arrival. She stood in the middle of the living room, uncertain in the stillness and knowing that she really should have simply left for the day and told her superior that room 202 had still been occupied when she had arrived to clean it.

Sarah didn’t like leaving tasks unfinished however and had been known to feverishly finish a project in spite of how exhausted she was but this time she decided to leave it as it was…until she heard the faintest sound of shuffling and murmuring from the room to her right. She stilled and despite her internal thoughts telling her to leave she found herself moving softly towards the door, curiosity getting the better of her, as it had admittedly been known to do. She crept forward, resolving only to take a quick peep through the slightly opened door before leaving…until she caught herself stifling a surprised gasp as with widened eyes she found herself unable to look away from the sight inside…

The blonde haired woman lay sprawled naked atop the rumpled bed sheets, her chin length bob fanned out across her pillow except for a curly tendril trapped between her parted pink lips. Her back was arched and her long legs spread wide for a second woman pressed between them, panting moan after panting moan escaping from her throat as a brunette, whom Sarah instinctually knew was her lover, crawled up her trembling belly and wrapped her plump mouth around the blonde’s right breast. Her perfectly straight hair fell down her waist to the middle of her back in a dark brown sheet, fanning across her back the same way in which the blonde’s sprawled out across her pillow.

Sarah’s chest rose and fell rapidly as she watched the brunette aggressively pulling at the blonde’s breast, her tongue darting out to stroke back and forth across her straining nipple before replacing it once more with her eager lips. Sarah barely managed to stifle a gasp as she watched the brunette pull at the blonde’s nipple with her teeth, her muffled sound of shock amplified by the sharpness of the blonde’s own cry as she strained against her lover’s mouth. Sarah watched, fascinated, as combating sensations filtered across her face, both pleasure and pain warring with the other as the brunette brought the blonde to her limit for pain before easing away the hurt she had caused with reassuring murmurs and gentle strokes across her sensitive nipple.

Sarah’s swept across the women’s bodies, her eyes tracing across the ample curves of the brunette’s hips and the swell of her buttocks before traveling up the length of the blonde’s legs as they lay pressed wide atop the bed. She knew she should back away as quietly as she could before they discovered her hiding outside their door but she felt as if she was frozen to the spot, utterly spellbound by the erotic scene spread out before her for her viewing delight. With each pull and suckle of the brunette’s lips Sarah felt the flush that begun to creep and burn upward, her cheeks reddening and her own nipples hardening beneath her uniform as she imagined the brunette’s arms wrapped around her waist, her lips suckling and pulling wantonly back and forth between her breasts until her body burned for more…

Sarah bit into her lower lip and braced her left arm against the wall, her eyes squeezed tightly shut as she felt her body react to her racing thoughts, her cleft clenching with wet desire at the image of the brunette’s mouth wrapped firmly around her breasts like they were around the woman panting beneath her, licking and pulling at her painfully peaked nipples until the sensation almost became too much to bear…The sudden sound of deep, desperate moan forced Sarah out of her fantasies and with widened eyes she watched as the brunette trailed her plump lips downward, the peaked nipples of her ample breasts trailing down the trembling belly of the blonde before hovering them temptingly close to that sweetest of spots nestled between her widely spread legs.

Sarah’s breaths stilled as she watched the brunette press teasing kisses into her lover’s thighs, her mouth becoming ever so close to the blonde’s intimate folds, the likes of which Sarah could see were already drenched wet with need, before moving away to kiss the skin of her right thigh instead. The blonde moaned in protest and Sarah saw the brunette’s lips break into a teasing smile, her dark eyes deepening with desire as with one final press of her mouth into her skin she brought her lips back to the hot centre at the apex of her thighs. Silky strands of mahogany hued tresses covered her cleft as she ran her tongue up her hot slit, a moan of her own slipping out from between her lips as she tasted her flesh.

Sarah pressed herself helplessly against the wall and pressed her cheek against its smooth surface, her knees shaking as she watched the blonde’s fingers clench and unclench repeatedly around the sheets, her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her mouth parting as she pressed herself intimately against her lover’s eager mouth. Each lap of her tongue and suckle of her lips around the blonde’s pink flesh sent shivers of pleasure up Sarah’s spine, as if she could feel the brunette’s phantom lips wrapped around her own aching clit. She could feel her panties moistening with lust and she found herself pressing her thighs tightly together in a futile attempt to ease the erotic ache.

Sarah found her own frantic breaths matching those of the blonde’s, Sarah’s legs trembling as hers did as the brunette ran the flat of her tongue up and down, up and down her pink flesh, revelling in the taste of her arousal. She lapped eagerly at her folds and dipped her tongue inside of her hot opening before running it back up again. The blonde’s gasps for breath became ever more insistent as the brunette focused her attentions on her clit, lapping at the aching bud with abandon. She tensed in unison with blonde, Sarah’s blue eyes focused intently on the sudden rigidness of her body and the widening of her mouth…as with a deep, throaty moan she came.

Sarah’s eyes momentarily closed as the blonde’s cries of release washed over her. She shuddered where she stood and as she opened her eyes once more she felt her breaths strangle in her throat as to her utter shock she locked eyes with the blonde. Blue eyes met green as she writhed wantonly against her lover’s moist mouth, her lips parting into an ecstatic smile as she looked deeply into Sarah’s eyes. The brunette momentarily glanced towards Sarah as well before dipping her face once more into the blonde’s body, a knowing smile of her own spreading her wet lips wide in delight. Sarah stood there, her hiddenness uncovered, unable to pull herself away from the blonde’s lust fuelled gaze. She should have fled but instead she found herself breathing heavily against the door, her own arousal rising with each thrust of the blonde’s hips against her lover’s lips, her back arching as moan after aching moan filled the room. All the while her eyes stared intently into Sarah’s, her wanton groans beckoning…


Daring her to do more than just stare…

Watch Me

Watch Me.

Those two simple words fell longingly from Anabel’s mouth as she gazed through the panes of her bedroom window, dripping from her pink lips with heated promise as she shivered upon the edge of her bed. The words fell from her trembling mouth devoid of sound, her body humming in nervous anticipation as her widened hazel hued eyes obsessively zeroed in on his motionless form as he watched her from afar. He mimicked her perfectly from within the safety of his home, his spine rim rod straight while his shaft hardened in anticipatory arousal in direct imitation of the desire beginning to pool between Anabel’s trembling thighs.

Anabel remembered the day he had first moved into her neighbourhood, into the house directly beside hers that happened to be somewhat suspiciously positioned so close to her own. When she moved in herself only a month before she had asked her landlord about the close proximity of her neighbour to her left. The room she wished to take as her bedroom backed extremely close to which she suspected would be occupied as a bedroom as well once a new tenant moved in, both windows providing a direct view into each other’s rooms. Her landlady, a sweet elderly woman who had welcomed her so kindly when she had first approached her for potential occupancy had reassured her with a pat and a smile that she had nothing to worry about. People who had lived here before her had had no complaints in which “peeping toms” were involved, that the house’s other charms held sway over the potential spying of a nosey neighbour.

Although Anabel had always thought of herself as an extremely private person and had initially balked at the possibility of being spied upon while she dressed or simply went about her business from within her bedroom walls the rent was reasonable and it was in all other ways the type of home she knew she could be content to live within. Despite her initial misgivings Anabel had found herself only a few days later moving in box after box through the front door of her new home. A month had gone by and the house built so close to hers had remained empty until about two weeks ago when she had arrived home from work around five pm to find a moving truck parked outside her front door. Anabel had found herself peeking through her blinds in spite of her resolve to leave her new neighbour in peace to settle in and her eyes had settled appreciatively upon the sight his lanky form as he hauled box after box up his front steps, his glasses askew upon his face while he shook his tousled mop of auburn curls from side to side in an effort to fling them away from his eyes.

Anabel had not asked his name then and still did not know his name now as she quivered at the edge of her bed, her nipples pressed enticingly against the silky texture of the only nightgown she owned. She had left him alone and he had done likewise to her, sensing a kindred spirit who preferred to be left alone within the privacy of his own home…until the previous Monday morning when Anabel had belatedly realized that she had forgotten to close her blinds the night before. She had just came back into her bedroom after having taken a hot shower, her towel wrapped protectively around her body as she rummaged through her dresser. After placing her outfit for the day carefully across her bed she had let her towel fall to the floor, and as it fell she had felt the sudden urge to glance over towards her bedroom window.

Anabel’s eyes had widened and she had gasped in surprise as her neighbour’s gaze had perfectly mirrored the shock of her own. Anabel had remained frozen in place as their eyes met, her naked body on full display for his surprised gaze. The instant her shock had worn off Anabel had sprinted towards her window and hurriedly lowered the blinds, her skin flushed pink with embarrassment as she had collapsed against her bedpost. Anabel had resolved to go about her day as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, determined to wipe it from her mind and to ignore the warmth that had spread much further downward than she would have expected. Try as she might to ignore the memory of his eyes upon her body during the day, the night-time hours cared not at all for her resolve. Her dreams were filled with the sight of his face, his glasses charmingly arranged haphazardly upon his face as his gaze seared her skin, running hungrily from the tips of her hardened nipples down towards that oh soft flesh between her thighs that every morning without fail would awaken her with its aroused wetness, her body longing for something Anabel had never once thought she would ever have such an intense need for.

Moonlight spilled softly through her window, bathing her body in a gentle glow as Anabel gazed steadily ahead. Her body thrummed with desire, her chest rising and falling rapidly in anticipation as she slid both straps of her crimson coloured nightgown, the likes of which she had bought specifically for his sight, down her arms until the silky fabric fell downward to pool within her lap. The teasing dreams, the countless mornings of waking up in a heated daze with her nipples straining and her cleft pulsing with liquid need had brought her here, naked from the waist down. That fateful morning only a few days past had awakened a sensuous side of Anabel that the rational side of herself would have been shocked by, but that the carnal half purred with pleasure at the thought of.

With a trembling sigh Anabel brushed the fingertips of her left hand across the soft brown curls of her hair that she had piled high atop her head before trailing them slowly down the column of her neck. She traced them across her collarbone before descending lower to trace beneath the gentle swell of her left breast. As she lightly ran her fingers in lazy circles around her nipple she brought her freed hand up to cup her right breast, the fingers of both hands closing in around her left and right nipples simultaneously. Anabel’s breath expelled from between her parted lips in a delighted gasp as her nipples peaked pleasurably between her fingertips, her top teeth biting into her lower lip as she pinched them firmly until they burned with a mixture of both pleasure and pain.

Pinpricks of pleasure radiated outward as she continuously rolled her pebbled nipples between the tips of her fingers, trickling ever downward towards her already aching core as she alternated between punishing pinches and gentle circlings of her fingertips. Anabel cupped and kneaded her right breast while her left hand began to make its way downward, her skin shivering beneath her teasing touch. Anabel circled one finger around her belly button and cast her gaze upward, her eyes taking in his bewitched stare as she brought both of her hands to rest atop her knees. Ever so slowly Anabel spread her legs wide, her hands pulling at the ends of her nightgown until they rested high atop her thighs. Anabel leaned further back upon her bed and brought her feet up to rest atop the mattress, her cleft suddenly exposed to his searing sight.

With one arm braced behind her Anabel slowly slid one finger up the length of her wet cleft, a mewling moan escaping from her throat as she felt the intensity of her own arousal. One finger soon became two as she slid them down and up, down and up, her breaths expelling in panting gasps as she touched herself for his pleasure, and she thought to herself as her body heatedly reacted to her touch, for her own as well. Anabel ground her pelvis into her hand and squeezed her eyes tightly shut in delight as she brought her fingers up to circle teasingly around her clit, close but not quite near enough to send her over that oh so coveted edge. Anabel traced her fingers lower once more and dipped them inside of herself, her nipples straining upward as she arched her back with wanton need as she brought her fingers to rest atop her sensitive clit.

With each delicious stroke of her fingertips back and forth, back and forth, Anabel could feel her restraint rapidly beginning to slip. She increased the rhythm of her hand against her impossibly moistened cleft before slowing their speed, repeating the teasing movements until her body began to burn for release. A sudden idea broke through the haze of lust that had wrapped itself around her brain and without a second thought Anabel repositioned herself so that she was facing the window atop her bed on all fours, her legs spread wide and her buttocks arched skywards. Anabel pressed her stomach flat against the bed to maintain the angle and as she did so her nightgown fell down around her face and breasts so that all he could see were her fingers desperately brushing back and forth across her pink folds.

Anabel relentlessly stroked her fingers across her aching cleft, her body heating at the thought of his eyes scorching her skin with their lust, his own hands touching himself as he watched her fondle her own flesh…With a strangled cry Anabel’s orgasm finally took hold over her body, spiralling outward from her cleft in pulsing beats of pleasure. Anabel spasmed around her fingers, her hips helplessly thrusting against her hand as all control vanished in the wake of her release. She writhed atop her bed, moan after moan escaping from her throat as she thrashed wildly until with a hoarse gasp she fell to her side. She lay there in the charged stillness of her bedroom, her nightgown tangled around her face and her legs trembling in the darkness lit only by moonlight. A satisfied smile spreading her lips wide as she made no move to leave her bed, her lower body still blissfully naked from the waist down, knowing full well that he was still watching her, his eyes gliding over each and every inch of her flushed and naked skin…

This was originally written as a stand-alone short story but after some positive feedback, I added another two chapters and published the entire story at Amazon. To read the entire story, click on the link, Watch Me.


Best Friends

Buffalo was not the smallest town in Oklahoma, but it was also nowhere near big enough to be called a city. For Claire though, it was perfect. As a kid she had loved the wilderness, the farms and the cowboys. By the time she had reached her late teens though, she did find herself always having fantasies about what kind of world might be out there. By 15, she had grown into a young woman with 34C breasts and curvy round hips. Her piercing blue eyes and auburn hair made her all the more attractive to the local boys.

Her two best friends, Jake and Peter began to look at her a little differently over the summer that Claire developed her womanly figure. They were the same age, so their hormones were taking over too. But nothing ever happened between any of them, in part because Claire could not decide between the two. She also didn’t want to do anything that might harm their friendship. They had, after all, known each other since they were little kids.

Claire graduated with honors in her senior year and was not only accepted at several different colleges, but even offered part scholarships because her grades were so high. She was dying to get out and see the real world, but she also dreaded the thought of leaving her friends and the safety of her small town.

Both Jake and Peter would miss Claire incredibly. They had shared secrets, laughs and heartbreaks for so many years. But both boys had grown into young men, and both wanted more than ever to get Claire naked now, more than just hanging out and going swimming in Buffalo Creek River. Jake’s family owned a large horse farm and he would not be going to college but rather stay in Buffalo to manage the farm. Peter wanted to attend college, but his grades had been less than perfect partly due to his boisterous behavior in school. He was one for crazy antics and getting into a little trouble. It was a fair bet that he would just stay and work at his parents’ farm.

So it was with both trepidation and excitement that Claire went off to Columbia University in New York that September. The big city was like nothing that she had experienced before. For one thing, the college courses were much harder than anything that she had ever done in high school, but there was that added distraction of the fact that there was much less supervision and all the good looking young men around her. She was there for less than 2 weeks when she met Eric.

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Workplace Liaisons

Sally sighed a deep, exasperated sigh as she stared at her computer screen. It was almost eight in the evening, and everyone else in the office had long gone home. Even the cleaners and their supervisors that came to the office after hours had all finished up and gone home.

Sally rubbed her eyes and tried to gather her thoughts and find some hidden spark of motivation to carry on writing the sales presentation that she’d been working on for the past twelve hours.

It was difficult to find motivation when she was nursing a feeling of anger and resentment. Her colleague (or ‘boss’ depending on how you looked at it) Jake had dumped this on her at the very last minute –and expected it to be finished, polished and presented to him by nine o’clock tomorrow morning.

Sally scowled as she found that she had proofread the same paragraph for the third time, and then leaned back in her chair. She felt another wave of fatigue wash over her and had to fight back the feelings of anger as she took a few deep breaths.

Why did Jake always have to make her life so difficult?

It was as if he got his kicks from watching her struggle to meet his demands. She had no doubts in her mind that he had known for days about the sales pitch he was to deliver to a potential customer tomorrow. But he deliberately waited until the day before to dump the task of writing the pitch and accompanying presentation on Sally’s desk. That was just the sort of jerk he was!

Sally sighed deeply and took a sip of the coffee on her desk. It had been cold for the last hour, but she didn’t care. She needed the caffeine boost to get her through the next couple of hours that much was certain!

She tried to knuckle down and finish the first draft, but just couldn’t seem to concentrate. Images of Jake kept on springing to her mind – reminding her of her position, and making her wince with ill-disguised disappointment in herself.

She and Jake had both joined the company as interns, at around the same time. There was instantly an air of competition between them, but at the time Sally had thought that was healthy.

Each of them wanted to impress the bosses of the company, and make a name for themselves. In the first couple of years of her career, Sally had felt that her unspoken rivalry with Jake had been a blessing in disguise.

If Jake got praise, Sally worked harder. If Sally got promoted, she found that Jake wasn’t far behind her – snapping at her heels. It was as if they each spurred each other on to be more ruthlessly determined to succeed in their respective roles – she as a Marketer and he as a Sales Rep.

For the four years they had worked at the company, they had found that they were pretty much on an equal footing with one another. That was, until now.

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