The Stranger In You

Brian’s finger hesitated over the doorbell as he stood outside of Alice’s home. He took a slow and heavy breath, staring at the small rectangular button without blinking. His finger was shaking a little, he noticed; he wasn’t scared, just nervous. It was unexpected, after all. It had been a week since he and Alice had that… unexpected bump in, in the elevator.

Brian thought back wistfully to that lucky day. So many fortuitous things had happened with such convenient timing. What if the elevator hadn’t broken that day? What if it wasn’t Alice in the elevator with him? What if she hadn’t been interested?

But she had. He remembered her naked, sweaty breasts heaving in and out from her heavy breaths as she lay on top of him after their copious fucking. His only disappointment was that the repairmen had interrupted them on the intercom. They’d both rushed to put their clothes on, Brian blushing and Alice not even looking at him. They hadn’t spoken a word to each other since. But then he’d gotten that letter.

So why was he hesitating, then? Just do it, he thought to himself. Ring the damn door. After all, it was her idea that he come over. Not that he was complaining. He’d seen the little white envelope on his desk the day before, with “Brian” handwritten in cursive on the front, and his heart had nearly leapt out of his throat. He’d greedily ripped it open, praying it was from Alice. And it had been. He remembered exactly what it had said:


I’m sorry I never said thank you for what happened last week… In case you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed it. But even though I’m not the shy type, I felt a little nervous about bringing it up since we don’t know each other very well… But I’d love to get to know you better.

If you feel the same, I’d love to have you over for dinner tomorrow night. My address is below. If you’re interested, I’ll see you there at 7pm.

If not, thanks for an amazing time.



Of course, that wasn’t an offer he could possibly refuse. So there he was, standing in front of her house, not knowing what to expect. He had to do it eventually; he watched himself press his finger against the small button as he heard the bell ring out into the night. There seemed to be the sound of shuffling coming from behind the door, before someone finally answered.

“Hello, Brian.” A sweet and at the same time, sultry voice rang out to greet him.

Alice peeked out from the open doorway in a lacy red dress that stopped just above her knees. It was both sexy and not too over the top, and suited her perfectly. Her juicy cleavage seemed like it might spill out of her top at any moment, and it made Brian’s mouth water as he remembered their passionate lovemaking from the week before.

“Hey, Alice.” Brian grinned up at her blushing. “Can I come in?”

“Of course,” she giggled, “I’m so glad you decided to come.”

~ + ~

They’d been talking for a while, he’d had lost track of the time, but Brian still felt on edge as Alice leaned forward to pour him another glass of wine. Neither had mentioned what had happened last week. He needed to know how she felt about it.

He took a deep breath, before he started to speak.

“Alice,” he murmured with blushing cheeks, “I wanted to ask you something”. His heart was pounding in his chest, and he felt hot all over. He didn’t realize until that moment how much of a hold Alice had managed to get over him. He really, really liked her.

“Yes?” She replied, straightening up as though she were about to receive some wonderfully simple news, like a weather update or a dinner menu. Brian let his breath out, realizing he’d been holding it for quite a while now.

“How do you feel about me?” He finally said, in one big breath.

Alice’s eyes widened as she stared over at him. Crimson covered her cheeks as her mouth popped open into a wide “O”. Brian quickly began to fill the silence that proceeded to fill the room.

“N-Not that you have to tell me! I get it if you don’t know how you feel… Honestly, I don’t get it myself. I’ve never felt like this before, but I can’t get you off my mind… Not that I’m obsessed or anything. Fuck… I mean, it just that you’re fucking amazing and beautif—”

Brian’s words were cut short as Alice’s mouth covered his own, her cherry red lips sliding over his as their tongues heatedly danced together. They had been sitting across from one another across the couch, and now Alice was on her knees in front of a seated Brian. She raised one of her knees to fall on his crotch, pressing it down pleasantly into his hard dick. It painfully pressed into his balls, but Brian liked it. He let out a low groan as he stared with wide eyes up at Alice, who stared softly down upon him as she pulled her lips away.

With a small gasp, she murmured, “That’s how I feel about you.”

Brian’s hands snaked their way up her thighs, squeezing and rubbing them softly in the process. He wanted her to keep talking.

“It’s strange,” she murmured, her fingers running across his jaw, his throat, his chest, all in turn. “We’re basically strangers, and yet….” She leaned in close, her breasts inches from his face. “And yet I want you. I want to talk to you, learn more about you…”

He felt one her hands run roughly over his stiff dick as she moaned out, “I want to feel you inside of me again”.

Brian felt a switch snap inside of him as he gripped her waist and shoved her forward into him. “Fuck!” She gasped, as he began to lick and suckle at her cleavage. He thrust her top down, revealing her aching breasts, as he took one whole nipple in his mouth to almost violently suck on it.

“Oh, Brian,” she moaned, arching her back to lean into him. “I’ve wanted this since I first saw you.” Before she could say any more, Alice felt her lower half being gripped tighter into that of Brian’s body. Alice’s head fell back with a gasp as she felt the hard strain resting between Brian’s legs, pressing firmly into her own center. Brian lifted the red dress Alice wore to reveal a bright red thong. He fiddled with the thin string, pulling down the soaked material, making Alice gasp out loud.

Suddenly Brian felt two firm hands push him back down on the couch. Somewhat surprised and disappointed, he watched as the beautiful woman on top of him climbed off of him. Alice took a seat on her knees at the opposite end of the couch.

“Alice…?” Brian began. Did she change her mind?

Alice looked over at him from across the couch, her chest heaving slightly. Brian watched as she stood up, her pale and thin arms reaching behind her to unzip the red dress. She climbed out of it, in her red bra and thong, staring at Brian the entire time. Her eyes were bold, yet Brian saw a nervous blush on her cheeks.

“I… never thought this would happen between us, Brian.” She took a step towards him, falling down on her knees before his wide-eyed stare as she did.

“I tried to pretend you were nothing, a stranger. Not so funny, so smart, so fucking handsome…”

Brian suddenly realized he loved it when she swore. He felt paralyzed as he watched her pull down his zipper, shuffling his pants and boxers off of his lower half to reveal his aching member standing stiff at attention.

“I know it’s strange, we just met…” She murmured, staring down at his cock like she was transfixed. “But I want to make you mine. Is that okay?”

Brian wondered if he nodded, he tried to. But he felt like he was silent, watching her with dark eyes as she gripped the base of his cock in her pale white hands. She suddenly licked a firm stripe up, up, up, until she was at his head. She looked up at him as she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked, drawing a long moan from his lips.

And that was just the start.

She placed a tender kiss right on his head, and she smiled at his cock a little bit, just for a moment – as if it’s the nicest thing she’s even seen, as if she’s admiring it – and then she wrapped her lips back around it nice and slowly, so painfully slowly. Bringing his cock into her mouth, inch by inch, until he was engulfed in heat and crying out, head tipped back. He was at her mercy right now. He’d do anything for this woman, he realized.

He watched her pull herself off of him for a second as she gasps for air. “Fuck my mouth, baby,” she moaned. It is not a whimpering request, but a command. He shivered as he reaches forward to grip her beautiful, long hair. He pulled her in towards him, and her mouth opened as he pushed inside, groaning at the fucking depth of it.

He can’t resist, he goes in until her nose is at the base of his cock and he holds her there, choking out encouragements like, “Yes”, and “Fuck, so beautiful, Alice!”

He watched as she took him in and out, only jerking back at times to gasp for air. At one point, she gripped his stiff length and licked all the way down, down, down to the flat space beneath his balls, to the puckered pink of his asshole.

Brian gasped with embarrassment and shock as she licked his pink hole, feeling incredibly naked suddenly. No one had ever done that to him. He felt her tongue invasively lick around and around the tight skin as she put both of his legs over her shoulders. He’d never realized how commanding she really was until he felt her firmly begin to suck at his asshole, her mouth sure to put a little hickey there by morning.

“Ah, Alice!” He cried out. It was a mix between a protest and a cry for more.

She looked up at him with her eyes full of mystery as she popped her lips away from his pink hole, and whispered, “Can we try something different, Brian?”


She’d been gone for 5 minutes, and Brian was still hard, wondering where she’d gone. When she enters, he feels himself gasp at what she’s wearing. The red straps dance over her ass and hips, and the big, red, silicone cock that shoots out from in front of her pussy stares at him with intimidation. If it was anyone else, Brian might have been standing up, pulling his pants back on and running for the hills. But he could only stare at her, his Alice, and shiver with anticipation.

She swayed her hips as she walked up to him. Wordlessly, and smiling, in one swift movement she swept her hands under his knees so his ass was open and ready, his legs over her shoulders as she stood in front of him. She stuck one her pinky into her mouth, before bringing it down to fiddle with his hole. She slowly stuck it in, causing Brian to breathlessly groan and whimper at her mercy.

“Do you want this, Brian?” Alice’s voice was heavy as she thrust her pinky in and out of him. Brian stared up at her, blushing and wordless, silently mouthing, “Yes!”

Starting slow, Alice pressed the already-lubed strap on to the center of Brian’s hole as she removed her pinky. Gripping his legs, she thrust her lower half gently forward without any more hesitation. Brian made a small noise of surprise, but he didn’t seem to be in any pain.

Starting slow and speeding up, Alice began thrusting harder. In minutes, Brian was whimpering. “Good?” Alice asked, a little breathless. Brian answered with a particularly loud moan. Grinning, Alice shifted a little and thrust harder.

Moaning again, Brian tried to push back slightly. “More” he begged weakly. Alice’s smile grew larger as she complied, thrusting hard and fast. Soon, Brian’s hand had moved to stroke his painful erection.

“So close,” he muttered. Hearing that, Alice began to speed up, giving it her all. The sight of the man before her, about to crumble at any moment from pleasure, had brought her to the edge. Thrusting one more time, Brian came for her. Hot shoots of cum spurt out onto his belly as he cried Alice’s name, bringing her with him. He gripped the couch beneath him as she stood over his weak and panting body, loving the writhing sight before her.

Alice pulled out and unstrapped herself, throwing it to the ground as she stepped forward. She wrapped her legs around a blushing Brian, still gasping for air, and brought his face towards hers.

“Did you enjoy that, love?” She whispered. Concern was etched in her face, and admiration. “You were amazing.”

Brian gripped his arms around her, pulling them both down to lie entwined on the couch. “Yes,” he panted, “Thank you, so much.” Exhausted, he felt his eyes begin to shut of their own accord as Alice looked fondly down on the man she so desired.

She sighed softly as she stroked his hair, whispering, “Sleep, now,” softly in his ear. She pulled a sheet around them as she joined him in a deep and wonderful sleep.

Elevator Trouble

He stared at her from across the office in misery, unable to tear his eyes away. Her long hair, as dark as jet-black ink, fell over her cleavage as she leaned over to write something down on a sticky note. The luscious flesh of her breasts pushed against the thin white fabric of her blouse, taunting him. He’d been staring at her every day for the past few months, this mysterious girl with big brown eyes, full pink lips, a slender waist and a tight ass. She’d walked into the room and he’d wanted her almost instantly. Their eyes had met a few times here and there. But no matter how hard he had tried, they hadn’t had a moment alone together since she’d started working there three months ago.

“You are so transparent,” a mocking voice spoke from beside him. Brian turned to towards his best friend, Liam, a 6’’ foot lanky blonde with cool green eyes and a goofy grin. “Just talk to her already and stop drooling.”

Brian sighed, running his hands through his hair as he leaned back in his office chair.

“You make it sound so easy…” He replied, sarcasm dripping in his tone.

If only he could talk to her, he thought. He’d heard her name was Alice, and that she’d just moved to town from the West Coast. He had plenty of things he could ask her, like if she liked the new job or if she was finding the city life exciting, but… He stared at her, a red wash of shameful longing spreading over his cheeks like wildfire as she bent down to pick up a pen she’d dropped on the floor. Her short skirt was riding up her ass as she bent down, and for a brief second he was sure he’d caught a glimpse of red lace. His dick twitched in his pants and he almost groaned out loud. Fuck, was she ever hot! All week he’d felt like she’d been teasing him. When he first saw her, she’d been wearing a professional little skirt-suit, white and grey, nothing too risqué. He remembered the way she’d looked at him then, her eyes widening a little before quickly glancing away. What was she thinking, he’d wondered. And ever since that day, she’d been coming in with these cute little outfits. And by little, he meant little. Short skirts, busty tops, red fuck-me-heels, every goddamn day. It was almost like she was flirting with him, he thought. The way she found any reason to bend over and flash him a little, to show her cleavage or put her ass in his face. One day, he’d passed her desk and somehow her shirt had managed to pop a button and show the purple lacy bra beneath. She’d blushed at tried to cover up quickly, but the sly look she had shot him suggested she felt otherwise.

Brian suddenly blushed ever deeper than before as he realized how full of himself he was. Of course she wasn’t flirting. There was no way, right?

He shot her a sideways glance out of the corner of his eye and could swear he saw her staring. She turned away just as fast as before, of course. Brian huffed with an annoyance he couldn’t understand as he suddenly stood up and walked towards the elevator.

“Where are you going, now?” Liam called out to him.

“I’m taking a break, getting a coffee.” He replied.

Yeah, he really needed to take a break.


Brian sighed as he walked back into the elevator, taking his last sip of coffee before tossing it into a nearby trash bin as he stepped inside. He felt a little better now that he’d gotten some air. He didn’t get why he was letting himself get so worked up by some random girl he didn’t even know. He stared into the mirror of the elevator walls, looking at his weary reflection. He was just being silly.

The doors of the elevator were nearly closed when a small, feminine voice shouted out, “Wait!”. A hand shot through the narrowing crack, and the doors automatically began to open. Brian’s body temperature shot up, his heart suddenly pounding in his chest, as he stared at a wide-eyed Alice looking back at him. Her cheeks were flushed like she’d been running.

The two of them were silent for a moment. The doors began to close again. Alice coughed awkwardly as she quickly stepped inside the elevator, standing awkwardly beside Brian. The machine picked up a fast speed as it began its incline. They both worked on the 23rd floor, so it would be a long ride.

He hadn’t seen her leave the office too. Had she left on purpose when he had? Of course not.

Brian tried to sneak a sly glance at her. She was staring straight ahead, but she was fidgeting with her hands. Was she nervous?

Fuck! Seeing her up close was no good for him. She was even sexier up close. Those full lips were pursed, so lovely and sweet looking. Brian felt his dick twitch again. He couldn’t stop himself from imagining those sexy lips wrapped around his hard cock… Brian quickly looked away, feeling more guilty than ever.

So distracted had he been by Alice’s presence, he hadn’t even noticed the slowing of the elevator. It was still moving, but they weren’t anywhere near the 24th floor. They were only on the 7th.

As if on cue, the elevator came to a rapid and grinding halt. Brian felt himself get pushed to the ground by something small and soft. Alice had tumbled down on top of him. His head fell against the cold floor of the elevator as the lights went black and the small room was filled with silence.

“O-Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” A small voice whimpered out in the darkness. It sounded close to his ear. Brian felt Alice’s breasts pushed against his chest, her thighs placed on either side of his waist. He felt her struggle to get up, his cheeks burning with embarrassment as he felt his dick growing harder at the feeling of her against him. He put his hands on her arms to try and help her up. The feeling of her soft skin and the smell of her sweet, faint perfume were making him dizzy. Her nipples felt stiff beneath her shirt and it took all he had to not fuck her then and there without another word.

“It’s fine,” Brian finally managed to say. “Are you okay?”

She hadn’t moved off of him yet. She seemed to be struggling to get up still.

“Yes, I’m fine, I just can’t see anything and— oh crap.” She sounded apologetic. “I think my skirt is caught on something so I’m stuck.”

She wiggled around a bit more above him, her hard nipples going back and forth across his chest. Brian wanted to scream at how hard he was. Could this situation be any more frustrating?

He felt Alice pause above him, completely still for a brief moment.

“Y-You’re Brian, right?” She finally said.

Brian paused. She knew his name?

“Yeah. You’re Alice, right?”

He could almost hear her smile. “Yeah.” There was a brief pause before she spoke again.

“I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you since I started working here,” she giggled, letting the words rush out. “But I was a little too nervous since I don’t know anyone.”

Brian’s heart was racing in his chest.

“Me too.” He murmured. Was this really happening?


They’d been sitting there for 25 minutes, making idle talk. The tension between them was thick though. Brian was finding it extremely hard to speak when he was so hard, when her breasts and stomach were all plastered against him.

“Umm, Brian…” Alice murmured, a mischievous tone in her voice. “Do you mind if I take my skirt off?”

Brian nearly choked on thin air. “What?!” He gasped.

Alice let out another little giggle. “Well, since I don’t know how long we’ll be here… it might be more comfortable if I can get us out of this awkward position, until the servicemen fix the elevator.”

Brian didn’t really want her to move off of him, but he felt himself nodding in the dark. “Oh, yeah. Of course.”

He felt her shuffling on top of him as she unzipped her tight black skirt, pulling it up over her head. She was still straddling him, her pussy hovering inches above his cock with only a thin piece of fabric between them. He heard her toss her skirt aside when suddenly the lights to the elevators flickered back on as it started to move again.

Brian’s eyes grew wide as he stared up at Alice with hunger and lust. There she was, straddling him with nothing but her tight white blouse on and a thin red thong on. He couldn’t feel his nerves anymore; he was too turned on as he stared at her smirking expression, which soon turned lusty as well. He started to move up, closer to her, to do what he wasn’t sure, when suddenly the elevator came to another sudden halt.

The lights dimmed but stayed on. Alice tumbled forward again, shouting out as she fell with both hands outstretched on either side of Brian’s head. Brian gasped as one of her hard nipples pressed against his lips, and as her pussy slammed down against his dick when she fell. He moaned out loud, his hands going immediately up to her ass as he felt her warmth against him through his pants.

“Oh, fuck,” he heard her moan in his ear. He didn’t even question what was happening when she started to suddenly grind against his hardness, slowly at first and then hard and fast. “Mmm, baby,” she moaned, riding his cock over and over again, rubbing herself against him.

“D-Did you plan this?” Brian growled as he gripped the tight cheeks of her ass in his strong hands.

Alice leaned over towards his ear. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day I first saw you, baby. Oh, fuck!” She leaned back as she grinded against him one last time, before spinning herself around so her ass was on his chest.

Brian gasped at her words, as he stared at her tight ass in front of his face. What was she doing?

He heard her unzip his pants as she got on both knees, her pussy hovering above his face.

Brian gasped as he felt her push his pants down, grabbing his thick cock on her hands as she moved them up and down before sucking the head of his dick inside her warm mouth. The warm, wet feeling of her mouth around his pulsing cock felt so fucking good. Brian moaned out loud as she fucked him with her mouth, her head bobbing up and down, over and over again.

“Fuck, you little slut,” Brian growled. He reached up in front of his face, pulling her pussy down towards his mouth as he pushed aside her thong. As she began to lick and suck his shaft, moaning the entire time, he stuck his tongue out along her slit as he began to lick her sweet pussy. She was so wet for him.

“Oh, fuck! Brian, oh yeah, baby!” She moaned. She started to lick his shaft more, taking his whole dick in her mouth and deep throating him.

She loved what he was doing to her, but she wanted more of his dick in her mouth. She spun away from his mouth so she was straddling his legs. He could see her tits bobbing up and down in her shirt, but he wanted to see more.

Brian leaned himself up for a minute. He pulled her up for a minute, and before she knew what was happening, he had ripped off her shirt, buttons flying everywhere. She wasn’t even wearing a bra.

“Ah!” She cried, her nipples hard and stiff and completely in his line of sight. She grinned up at him, loving his forceful behavior. She wanted to fuck him so badly at that moment. She took him in her mouth once again, licking and sucking at his long shaft. She moved her mouth down to his balls, suckling and fondling his sack.

Brian groaned. He felt his balls grow tighter as she milked him with her mouth. She let her tongue send a long lick up the space between his balls and his ass, long teasing strokes before going back up to lick at his balls and dick again.

Brian couldn’t take it anymore.

“Get up,” he moaned.

Alice didn’t hesitate. She was so ready; she would do whatever he said to get his big dick inside of her.

“Lean against the wall,” he said. She did, putting both her hands against the glass mirror of the elevator walls. She was about to ask him what he was going to do, but she had no chance.

Suddenly, he thrust inside of her with no warning. His dick was harder than it had ever been, and the feeling of her deep, warm wetness covering him completely was fucking amazing. Brian groaned, as he pulled his hips in and out and started to fuck her. Senselessly, he began to move in and out, pounding his dick into her without mercy. The sound of his balls slapping against her filled the elevator, as he drilled into her like a hammer.

“Oh god, Brian, it feels so fucking good!” She moaned as he pressed into her harder, her breasts pressing against the glass mirror. Brian grabbed her hair in one of his hands as he lifted one up in the air so he could fuck her tight, pink pussy even deeper than before.

“That’s right, your body is mine, baby,” he moaned into her ear. “Beg for it,” he murmured.

Alice didn’t hesitate. Arching her back for him, she screamed out, “Yes, baby! My pussy is yours! Fuck me, please fuck me, harder, please! YES! Don’t fucking stop!” She was an animal, he thought. He bit her shoulder as he felt himself about to cum.

“Ah!” He cried out, “Fuck, Alice!” He felt his orgasm overtake him as his cum began to fill her up.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as she came as well, tightening around him in the best way. “Cum inside me, baby!”

The two of them stood, panting against one another, as they felt their orgasms consume them.

Finally, when they were able to talk, they kissed and held each other for a few moments as they soaked in the good feelings from their sex. Brian was about to suggest they go out together after this, when suddenly the speaker in the elevator turned on.

“Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. We should have you out in about 5 minutes.”

Brian and Alice looked at each other in surprise. How long had they been in there?

Hurriedly they put on their clothes, and by the time the doors opened, everything seemed normal. But as Brian went to his desk, and Alice to hers, both knew nothing would ever be the same again.