A Beast In Bed

Her phone rang while she was taking a shower, so she didn’t answer it. Jessica heard it ring, and her first thoughts were: “Shoot. I just got in.” Then she shrugged and let it ring. If it was important, whoever it was would leave a message.

Even still, she counted each ring, remembering what her mother might have said about the situation. She practiced Wicca and saw meaning in everything. According to her mother, there was no such thing as coincidences. She didn’t know if she believed that herself, but she still counted the number of times her phone rang, so maybe she did share some of her mother’s beliefs.

Seven times. Seven is a lucky number to some. Maybe it will be for me as well.

She washed the soap from her hair before slathering her scrubber with body wash. She lathered her body and rinsed as fast as she could when she heard her phone beep. Whether from the missed call or a voicemail, she didn’t know.

Please don’t be Pia, she thought.

She loved her best friend. She really did, but sometimes it felt like Pia was worrying about nothing. Not that she could blame her. Ever since she’d married Matt and had her twin boys, Will and Luke, she hadn’t had a chance to really breathe.

Jessica chuckled as she thought about the twins. At nine months, the boys were already proving what kind of terrors they could be when they got older. Crawling around on their own now, Will was even threatening to start walking soon.

“He’ll never walk,” Matt would tease. “Have you seen them crawl? I’m telling you, once they learn to stand, they’ll never walk anywhere. They’ll be running around trying to convince us that they need to climb every tree or rock and cross every stream they see in front of them.”

Jessica believed him. When she’d first met the man, it had been hard to believe how fast Pia had fallen for him. He certainly wasn’t like any man Jessica had ever dated. He was big, hairy and too nice to ever fall for a girl like herself. However, the moment he looked at Pia, his gaze softened and Jessica knew she needn’t worry about her friend.

She had no idea who had fallen in love with whom first—Pia or Matt—but it was evident they were, in fact, in love. Then, ten months after they met, they greeted two baby boys who Jessica had fallen in love with the moment she’d laid her eyes on them.

Pia and Matt weren’t married, but that didn’t matter. Nothing would tear them apart. The twins were proof of that. Still, it was hard to believe how quickly things had happened between Matt and Pia when she had never shown any interest in men before.

In a way, Jessica envied it. Once, last summer, she even thought she’d found the same kind of love that Pia and Matt had, but then the man she’d been interested in disappeared without a word, and she’d never heard from him again.

No, she scolded herself. Don’t think about that. He’s gone, and you’re better off without him.

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While it is a stand-alone story, A Beast In Bed builds on some of the characters introduced in my first Paranormal erotica, Bearing The Cold.