An Autumn's Day

An Autumn’s Day

Marsha sighed contently as she inhaled deeply, the briskness of the autumn air searing the insides of her nostrils with its cool crispness. Marsha absolutely adored this time of year, preferring its brisk temperatures and kaleidoscope of red, yellow and gold to the sweat filled days of summer. Within the past week, the summer had finally given up its hold in the face of autumn’s persistent claim and Marsha had welcomed the seasonal change with open arms. She had always shied away from lingering outdoors during the sweltering days of the summertime but once this particular work week had drawn to a close she had decided to spend as much of the weekend as she could far from the inside of her bottom floor apartment.

Marsha leaned back against the weathered wood of the park bench she had strolled by earlier that morning during her foray into nearby Lover’s Cove Park. She had spent most the day meandering through the winding trails and past the park’s secluded groves, aptly named in lieu of the numerous couples she had seen cuddled up next to each other upon park benches or wrapped tightly within each other’s arms as they lay together on picnic blankets. Marsha smiled wistfully at a couple further up the trail from where she was sitting, their intimate embrace and inability to pull their gazes away from each other a bittersweet sight for Marsha to see. Her last relationship had ended in tears and regret; six years of what she had thought would be a prelude for many more to come leaving her bereft and alone. Over the past handful of weeks however Marsha had rallied her fractured self-respect and had made more of an attempt to enjoy the world outside of the admittedly melancholic thoughts that had recently taken over her mind.

Marsha sighed and squeezed her light blue eyes tightly shut as she willed her thoughts away from the hurtful memories of Kendra. The young lovers’ intertwined arms and the way in which the woman laid her head upon the young man’s shoulder reminding Marsha of how much Kendra had loved to wrap her arms and legs tightly around her torso so that the warmth of her body and the sweet perfume of her sleek black hair would waft around her, Marsha’s heart thumping happily and a smile spreading her lips wide as Kendra rested her cheek contently against her chest. With a strangled groan Marsha stood up abruptly, her fingers digging into the clenched palms of her hands as she hurried away into the beckoning trees, her feet falling upon a trail that she had yet to explore in her desire, right or wrong, to distance herself from the happy couple disappearing behind her.


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