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An Autumn’s Day

Marsha sighed contently as she inhaled deeply, the briskness of the autumn air searing the insides of her nostrils with its cool crispness. Marsha absolutely adored this time of year, preferring its brisk temperatures and kaleidoscope of red, yellow and gold to the sweat filled days of summer. Within the past week, the summer had finally given up its hold in the face of autumn’s persistent claim and Marsha had welcomed the seasonal change with open arms. She had always shied away from lingering outdoors during the sweltering days of the summertime but once this particular work week had drawn to a close she had decided to spend as much of the weekend as she could far from the inside of her bottom floor apartment.

Marsha leaned back against the weathered wood of the park bench she had strolled by earlier that morning during her foray into nearby Lover’s Cove Park. She had spent most the day meandering through the winding trails and past the park’s secluded groves, aptly named in lieu of the numerous couples she had seen cuddled up next to each other upon park benches or wrapped tightly within each other’s arms as they lay together on picnic blankets. Marsha smiled wistfully at a couple further up the trail from where she was sitting, their intimate embrace and inability to pull their gazes away from each other a bittersweet sight for Marsha to see. Her last relationship had ended in tears and regret; six years of what she had thought would be a prelude for many more to come leaving her bereft and alone. Over the past handful of weeks however Marsha had rallied her fractured self-respect and had made more of an attempt to enjoy the world outside of the admittedly melancholic thoughts that had recently taken over her mind.

Marsha sighed and squeezed her light blue eyes tightly shut as she willed her thoughts away from the hurtful memories of Kendra. The young lovers’ intertwined arms and the way in which the woman laid her head upon the young man’s shoulder reminding Marsha of how much Kendra had loved to wrap her arms and legs tightly around her torso so that the warmth of her body and the sweet perfume of her sleek black hair would waft around her, Marsha’s heart thumping happily and a smile spreading her lips wide as Kendra rested her cheek contently against her chest. With a strangled groan Marsha stood up abruptly, her fingers digging into the clenched palms of her hands as she hurried away into the beckoning trees, her feet falling upon a trail that she had yet to explore in her desire, right or wrong, to distance herself from the happy couple disappearing behind her.


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“Caren! I need that paperwork faxed over to the Davidsons’ office immediately.”

“As you wish, Mr. Norton.” Caren Archer never had an issue waiting on Brett Norton hand and foot since it was such an envied job among the other female employees that worked on his floor. Not only was he the most dedicated, hardworking businessman; he was the best eye candy a secretary could ask for. She felt gifted to be graced with his gorgeous body in the long hours the position required because she hoped that one day all of her achievements would be noticed by him.

Brett Norton was the untouchable thirty-six year old SEO to a tech company that barely gave the girls in the office the time of day. At first, many thought he was gay because his attention would mainly be on the men on the floor, but everyone soon found out that he was just focused on prospering in his career. One would think that he would be the type to lose his cool if things didn’t go his way, but he was oddly collected and calm when it came to stressful situations. Many wondered how a man of his status could stay content and balanced even with all the responsibilities on him constantly, but he handled everything without breaking a sweat.

While Caren gathered the files for Mr. Norton, she watched him move around his office with an air of sophistication, trying to grasp how he was able to work the hours he did and still remain looking gorgeous as ever. She often found herself staring at his captivating chocolate eyes and imagined how touching his sun-kissed skin would feel, but she knew to keep everything professional, regardless of the way her fantasies ran wild the minute he came into view. No matter how bad she wanted him to see her as more than just his assistant, she was too shy and reserved to act on her desires.

Aside from that fact, Caren didn’t have much of an issue showing off her curvy build in tight pencil skirts or her busty chest, which she made sure to keep her blouses unbuttoned enough for her cleavage to show. She knew she was blessed with her mother’s genes and she wasn’t afraid to flaunt every now and then, but her main focus was always on her job duties so that she was always better than the day before; a trait that Mr. Norton often noted that he admired in her. Only today, she wasn’t feeling as up to par as usual and it was beginning to take a toll on her work performance.

Recently, her attendance had been more necessary for Mr. Norton because he was in between two clients that he wanted to have for his company and he was willing to do just about anything to get their respective business, even if it meant overworking Caren to an extent she wasn’t expecting. He explained to her during her interview that he would need her to be available at all times since his position was very demanding and she understood that without a problem, but she didn’t think that would mean her job duties would cut into her much needed sleeping hours as well. It had been three weeks and she had only banked around twenty hours of sleep all together, but she was terrified of what he would think of her if she mentioned that she needed a break.

“Caren!” Mr. Norton slammed his hand against the wall of the copy room and caused her to jump back, which also makes the papers in her hands fall around her. “I told you I needed that paperwork faxed almost ten minutes ago!”

Flustered, she gathered the forms up from the floor, trying her best to organize them in a small amount of time, and turned to him with a sullen expression. “My apologies, Mr. Norton.” She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and smoothed out her skirt. “It won’t happen again.”

He didn’t say anything else to her as he acknowledged her statement and left without a word, leaving her standing there with a puzzled expression on her face. That was the thing with Brett Norton as well; he never commented back to his employees after his demand was heard. Other than being intimidating, it was a trait that made him all the more mysterious and attracting; a lose but a win. Just when Caren thought her chance to impress him was going to happen, something always knocked her ten steps back, and it seemed impossible to ever leave her mark on him.


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Laurie shifted on her seat with a sigh. What had once been comfortably soft was turning into an annoying hardness as the hours had ticked by. She could have bought airline tickets but the timeless allure of the train had appealed to her, an experience she had always romanticized in her fantasies but that had in reality not quite lived up to her expectations. Laurie leaned forward and rubbed tiredly at her temples, the high ponytail she had placed her waist length curly blonde hair tightly into that morning causing her head to ache in time with the continuous clicking of the clocks placed throughout the train station. The sounds of would be passengers hurrying to the arriving trains teased her as she sat with her eyes squeezed shut, their rapidly falling footsteps a clear reminder of just how long she had sat stranded in the Nebraska train station.

“You look like a person with a lot on their mind, and none of it pleasant in nature.” The soft inquiry jolted Laurie out of the sad memories plaguing her thoughts, her eyes flying open as she turned to the young woman who had sat down a seat over from her hunched body.

“You wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption,” Laurie responded meekly and the young woman’s almond shaped eyes lifted upward as she smiled gently. The inky blackness of her eyes shone within the lights shining down from above, the wispy ends of her black ear length bob falling forward as she reached for the faux fur lined jacket at her feet. “Here, take my jacket. From what I can gather this is either your first time in the northern half of the country or you’ve been gone for so long that you’ve forgotten how chilly autumn nights in Nebraska can be.”

“Thank you,” Laurie replied with a soft smile, which was given back in return as she gratefully placed the jacket over her knee length skirt. “Having my legs exposed below the knee was very comfortable when I left Texas this morning, but I should have known that by the time I made it to Nebraska that would change.” The young woman moved into the seat directly beside Laurie and smoothed the jacket over her legs as she said, “My name is Sally by the way.”

“My name is Laurie,” she said in return, her eyes watching the nimble progress of her hands as she skimmed them lightly across her legs. Laurie felt her body react to the faint touch of Sally’s hand, her body quickening to her surprise as she shifted in her seat.

The darkness of Sally’s eyes deepened as she noted the way in which Laurie responded to such a light touch, but she pretended not to notice and with a knowing smile asked her instead, “You mentioned you left from Texas. Why did you leave there for here, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Laurie closed her eyes briefly with a sigh before staring into the hurrying crowd moving past them, “I lived in Nebraska has a teenager and moved to Texas a few months ago to live with my girlfriend. We…didn’t end up working out after all, so I decided to come back home…for a change of scenery you could say.” Sally leaned closer at Laurie’s hesitant admission, her fingers lightly caressing her arm as she offered her condolences. Laurie jumped at the sudden touch of her fingertips against her bare skin but she made no request for Sally to remove her hand and instead continued with her story.

With a harsh laugh Laurie turned her head to the left so that her blue eyes met the black of Sally’s as she pressed on, “It’s like a movie cliché, which you might see in the beginning of a romantic comedy or the middle of a romantic drama. I came home early one afternoon to find my girlfriend’s friend, whom she had firmly insisted many times was ONLY a friend, with her head buried between her thighs. I decided then and there I was long overdue for a family reunion. So, despite her protests that what I saw really wasn’t all that bad, I left early this morning.”

“I’m so sorry that happened to you Laurie, truly I am,” Sally said sympathetically, her fingers sliding lower down her arm as she leaned in closer to her. “No one deserves to be treated like that; I think you did the right thing by leaving as quickly as you could.”

“I know,” Laurie replied, “but as sad as it sounds I can’t help but have doubt play with my resolve. How sad is that?”

Sally shook her head vigorously at the sound of Laurie’s self-disgust as she said urgently, “It makes sense that you might have some doubts considering how much, I’m assuming, that you had invested in her. Don’t be so hard on yourself; all you need now is to take your mind off of it in one way or another…” Sally punctured her last words as she slid her fingers even lower down Laurie’s arm until they disappeared beneath her jacket and rested lightly on her lap.

Laurie’s breath stalled within her throat as her wide blue eyes caught the deep stare of Sally’s as she ran the tips of her fingers beneath the band of her skirt. Laurie’s mind ran wild with emotions, her body reacting heatedly the light touch of her hand while her thoughts were frantic with how close they were to the people all around them. Sally could see the longing intermingled with the indecision written across Laurie’s face and she curtailed the indecision by pulling the jacket up higher onto her waist.

“Rest the side of your cheek within the crock of my neck and focus on us, no one else,” Sally encouraged, her right hand sliding further beneath her skirt as Laurie did as she was told.

Laurie bit back a throaty gasp as Sally lightly traced a single finger up and down the outline of her cleft through her panties, her heart rate rising as she pressed her cheek more firmly on Sally’s shoulder. Laurie squeezed her eyes tightly shut as Sally traced her finger across fabric that already begun to moisten beneath her touch. Laurie frantically muffled her startled cry as she moved her cheek and pressed her face fully into Sally’s neck, the sudden sensation of her finger slipping beneath the thin protection of her panties and onto the softness of her skin. Laurie’s breath rasped against Sally’s shoulder as she tried desperately to muffle her moans of pleasure as Sally ran her fingers down and up the slickness of her arousal. Laurie panted and pressed herself as subtly as she could into the touch of Sally’s hand, her fingers brushing back and forth across her aching clit in tempting circles that Laurie found herself desperately hoping for more of.

All the sounds of people moving around them gradually began to disappear beneath the delicious pressure of Sally’s fingers against her clit, the wet sliding sensation of her fingers brushing relentlessly back and forth across the surface of her sensitive skin. Laurie bit into her lower lip and tried desperately to prevent the loud moan that threatened to escape from her throat, each slide of Sally’s fingers across her slick skin sending shiver after delicious shiver up her spine as she sat there in the public train station with her body trembling with both need and an awareness of where they happened to be. Sally nuzzled her cheek against Laurie with a mischievous smile that spread her pink lips wide, a smile which turned swiftly into a sweeter version of its former self that beamed at people passing by who happened to glance in their direction.

Laurie’s breath expelled in panting gasps into Sally’s shoulder as she felt her arousal rising and rising, her body aching for a release Laurie wanted ever so desperately. She moaned as she pressed her hips upward into Sally’s hand, her appreciative murmurs in response to Laurie’s libidinous reaction to her touch washing warmly over her.

Each firm press of Sally’s fingertips into her wet flesh brought her closer and closer to that delicious edge of shattered self-control, Laurie’s body quickening in hungry hopefulness…until the sudden sound of the announcer speaking into the intercom system was heard, informing potential passengers of the next train leaving the station.

“Oh no,” Sally exclaimed in a breathless chuckle, Laurie’s desperate mewls of protest falling upon deaf ears as Sally pulled her fingers away, “that’s my train…”


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Christina slouched upon her chaise lounge with an exhausted sigh, the residual sounds of persistent phone calls and fellow executives clamouring for her attention still plaguing her mind even after she had managed to make it home. It had been an excessively stressful week and she was more than grateful that Friday had finally arrived. She had informed her fellow marketing team members that she definitely would not be available by phone or email from the end of the day through to Sunday night like she had always been before, a request she so sorely needed to have kept. Christina rarely took her time and energy away from the advertising company she helped to keep afloat but for once she was determined to have a weekend to herself in which work was strictly uninvited.

Christina smoothed her hands down her jet black pencil skirt and pulled with irritation at the frills of her dark purple blouse as she kicked off her peep toed pumps, the satin softness of her favourite royal blue nightgown a temptation she was more than eager to give into to. More often than not she found herself falling asleep in her work clothes to Patrick’s chagrin, but tonight she would make an exception to that unfortunate nightly occurrence. As if the mere thought of him had beckoned wordlessly for him to appear, the spicy scent of Christina’s favourite cologne suddenly drifted pleasantly into her nose. She inhaled the enticing aroma with an appreciative sigh and with her eyes still closed tight she spoke clearly into the uncertain quiet, “You may approach me Patrick, in fact nothing in this moment would make me happier.”

Without a moment’s hesitation she heard footsteps approaching her, the likes of which tapered off directly in front of her reclining body. Christina opened her eyes with a soft smile, the sight of her relaxed state winning a gentle smile from Patrick in return. Christina’s light brown eyes drank in the sight of her personal assistant of only a few weeks, her lips widening further with pleasure as she noted that he had heeded to her wishes and arrived promptly at 5pm before Christina had officially made it home. Patrick nervously ran his left hand through his unruly tawny locks that never seemed to stay in place, his right hand running down his argyle cardigan that always seemed to be buttoned in the wrong order as he stood before her. After a particularly unorganized day a few weeks prior Christina had finally decided that it was time to hire a personal assistant, a decision that had brought to her desk countless candidates that just hadn’t seemed like the right fit…until Patrick had arrived. Christina had found herself immediately drawn to his shy demeanour, his awkward fidgeting and unsuccessful attempt to tame his wavy ear length hair charming attributes that she couldn’t help but be attracted to.

“What may I do for you, Christina?” With one eyebrow cocked she replied, “Now Patrick you know I prefer to be called Ms. Reynolds at night…” “You’re right, I’m sorry Chr- err, Ms. Reynolds, I forgot,” Patrick stammered in reply but Christina merely beckoned towards him and said, “It’s alright Patrick, we’re all allowed to make mistakes from time to time. Now, I’d like to have my bath prepared and my favourite blue nightgown laid out upon my bed if you’d be so kind to do so.” “Of course Ms. Reynolds, I will do that right now as you wish!” Christina nodded her dismal and Patrick quickly made his way to her bedroom, the soft patter of his feet disappearing down the hall as Christina pressed herself once more back into her cushioned seat.

She lay like that a moment or two longer before rising to her stockinged feet, her arms stretching upward into the air as she strolled in the direction that Patrick had gone at her command. As she entered her bedroom she was greeted by the enticing sound and calming scent of her bubble bath being prepared for her only a few steps to her right, anticipation beginning to awaken within her as she stood confidently within the centre of her room. Patrick’s attentions, as heavily attuned towards Christina’s needs as she had instructed them to be, sent him from the bathroom and placed him in a kneeling position at her feet. “May I undress you Ms. Reynolds?” “You may,” Christina replied as she stood above him, his hazel hued eyes gazing upward into her brown ones as she nodded her head and lifted her left foot.

Patrick reached upward and slowly rolled her stocking down her left leg, his hand brushing lightly across her foot as he placed the delicate fabric to his right at the foot of the bed. Patrick did the same for her right leg before waiting as Christina turned her back to him to stand back up, his fingers grasping the zipper of her skirt before pulling it carefully down her hips. Christina turned her front to him once more and watched with a calculating pleasure as Patrick carefully undid the buttons of her blouse before pulling it softly down both of her arms. An almost predatory smile spread across Christina’s face as she noted the way in which his fingers shook as he unhooked the front clasp of her bra, his breath catching within his throat as the creamy skin of her pert breasts sprang free as he pulled her bra straps off of her arms before descending back to the floor.

Christina murmured appreciatively at the sensation of Patrick’s hands trembling against her skin as he pulled her lace edged pink panties down her hips, his chest rising and falling rapidly with excitement, which he unsuccessfully attempted to hide from Christina, as he laid them gently atop the rest of her work attire. Patrick knelt there with his head bowed, his voice shaky with repressed arousal that sent a shiver of desire up Christina’s spine as he asked, “Are you ready for your bath, Ms. Reynolds?”

“Why yes, Patrick, yes I am,” Christina replied softly as she sauntered past him towards the tempting confines of her bathtub while Patrick followed obediently behind her. Christina stopped at the porcelain side of her lion clawed bath and held out her left hand expectantly, her eyes glancing pleasingly across the plate of plump strawberries Patrick had placed there at her earlier behest as she felt him take her hand in his.

Christina stepped carefully into the tantalizing warm water of her sweetly scented tub as Patrick helped her in, her rose coloured nipples peaking prettily as she settled herself in with an appreciative sigh. Christina leaned her neck back against the smooth surface of her tub, the warmth of the water a welcome embrace in lieu of the stressful day she had endured since 7pm that morning. The sweet scent of lavender enveloped her as she looked over with half lidded eyes toward Patrick while she reached over and picked up the strawberry nearest to her searching fingers. She sucked it suggestively between her lips as she kept her stare piercing into Patrick’s, his eyes widening as he watched the pull of her mouth around the sweet fruit. He jumped when she suddenly bit down forcefully into its succulent skin, the juices running down her chin as she placed the stem back upon the plate and slowly ran a finger through the pink liquid before sucking her wet finger into her mouth. Christina suckled her finger in the same way she had the strawberry, her tongue circling around it as she pressed it in and out of her mouth before reaching forward and running the tip of it around Patrick’s parted lips. He trembled at her light touch, his eyes following her every move as she pulled her finger away and pointed it instead toward the hair atop her head, which she had pinned into a high bun.

Patrick immediately responded to her unspoken command and settled behind her head, his fingers carefully pulling pin after pin from her bun until Christina’s hair fell free in chocolate brown waves around her wet shoulders. “Please Patrick, my shoulders are so tense,” Christina indicated with a deceptive innocence, a contented sigh once more escaping from between her lips as Patrick settled his hands upon her shoulders. He massaged as thoroughly as he had been taught, alternating between light and deep presses as Christina luxuriated within the sweet scented bubbles and the calming feeling of Patrick’s fingers rubbing away the stress induced aches of the day. With a final relaxed sigh Christina spoke out into the tepid air, “Please be a dear Patrick and help me from the tub. I think I’d like to lounge upon my bed now…”

Patrick scrambled to his feet and reached for the nearest towel, his breath catching in his throat as Christina slowly rose to her feet. Her skin glistened with moisture as she stood naked before his heated stare, her eyes pinned possessively into his as he wrapped the towel around her body and whisked the wetness away. Christina’s hand upon his wrist stopped his movements as she took the towel away from his grip and let it fall to the floor in a pile around her feet and nodded her head towards her nightgown that Patrick had draped nearby. He reached for it and placed it within reach of her outstretched hand, his eyes trying desperately to remain steadfastly upon her face as Christina let the silken fabric meld against her damp skin as it fell downward before stopping in a lace edged swirl below her knees.

Christina’s nipples pressed enticingly against the plunging neckline of her gown as she ran one finger teasingly around the outline of each of her breasts as she watched him. She turned her attention towards the beckoning softness of her bed before looking back and sweeping her eyes up and down Patrick’s tense body. Christina nodded her head once more towards the bed before making her way towards it, her hips swaying with a promising debauchery that forced Patrick’s eyes momentarily shut with the swift surge of arousal he was helpless to stop, his senses entirely attuned to the beckoning of her body as she gave him no choice but to follow…

Christina settled herself comfortably upon the edge of her bed, her legs crossed demurely at the knee as she snapped her fingers and said sharply, “I want you take off every article of clothing you have on and leave them in a pile in front of the bathroom. Then, when you are entirely nude, I want you to crawl towards my feet on your hands and knees. Do you understand me Patrick?” “Yes Ms. Reynolds,” Patrick replied hoarsely, his fingers fumbling with his cardigan as he clumsily let it fall to the floor before moving his attentions to his pants. Patrick pulled both his briefs and pants down his legs all at once until he stood exposed to Christina’s possessive stare.

Patrick slowly sunk to the ground, the cold tiles of the bathroom floor biting into his knees as he began to crawl towards Christina, an anticipatory grin spreading her plump lips wide as she cast her hot gaze upon the sight of his straining shaft bobbing so temptingly between his thighs as he made his way towards her. Patrick stopped directly in front of her toes as he waited for the next command she would make. Christina bent downward and grasped Patrick’s chin within one hand as she tilted his head upward and said with a seductive confidence that momentarily took the breath from Patrick’s body, “Once I’ve pressed my back into the bed and spread my legs wide, I want you to bury yourself between my thighs and suckle and pull at my flesh until I come, hard, against your mouth. You will do that for me, won’t you Patrick?” The whimper she heard emerge from between Patrick’s parted lips was all the answer that Christina needed and in its wake she bent down closely so that her lips were so temptingly close to his own as she whispered teasingly into his mouth, “Good boy…”

Christina pressed her lips against Patrick’s in a brief kiss before releasing his chin and pressing her back comfortably into her bed. She pulled the bottom of her nightgown upward so that it settled above the curve of her hips. Patrick inhaled sharply at the seductive sight of her swollen flesh so deliciously close to his lips as Christina ever so slowly spread her legs as wide as her body would allow. When Christina’s body stilled upon her sheets as Patrick shakily moved forward, his shaft pulsing with pleasure as he pressed his trembling lips into the soft crease of her right inner thigh.

Christina pressed herself into his touch as she reached forward with both hands and wrapped her fingers into his hair. She tugged him forcefully toward the swollen folds of her cleft and with a throaty moan Patrick eagerly sank his mouth into the delectably soft flesh nestled between her inviting thighs. Christina gasped in delight as he ran the back of his tongue hungrily up the length of her slit, her hips pressing into the touch of his tongue as he ran it upward and back, upward and back. Patrick brought his hands up to grasp her inner thighs as he lapped eagerly at her flesh, the scent and taste of her sex further enflaming his own aching arousal as he drank hers in.

Christina ground her hips into the talented strokes of his tongue and the firmness of his lips as he ate at her flesh, wavy strands of her dark brown hair falling between her parted lips as she panted beneath his touch. Patrick pressed his fingers firmly into her flesh as she moaned beneath the ministrations of his mouth, his own guttural groan disappearing against her skin as he circled his tongue around the outside of her aching clit. Christina had taught Patrick precisely what she liked and she had found that he took direction quite well when it came to the pleasure of her body. Patrick lapped at her folds with the hunger of the starved, relishing the flavour of her flesh as she lay spread before him. He ran his tongue down towards her heated opening and pressed the tip of it inside. Christina gasped in surprised delight at the sudden sensation of his tongue entering her, the forward roll of her hips encouraging him to explore further.

Patrick pressed his tongue forward and back, forward and back, his fingers digging into her quivering thighs as he pressed them firmly into the softness of her bed. Patrick then pulled his tongue out and slid it back up her slit and began to caress the sensitive surface of her clit with the tip of his tongue. He stroked her aching bud with a gentle touch as he circled around it before switching out his tongue for his teeth. Christina’s eyelids flew open and she let out a startled cry as he increased the pressure of his teeth around her clit until pleasure flirted with pain. Christina’s entire body thrummed with a nervous energy as he held her tender skin so delicately between his teeth, her breath expelling in panting gasps as he then released her and instead wrapped his lips around where his teeth had been.

Patrick suckled her delicate clit between his lips before bathing her with laps of his tongue, alternating between the two sensations as Christina moaned throatily with pleasure above him. Christina reached for Patrick as he pleasured her, her fingers digging into his unruly hair once more as she undulated her hips eagerly towards his mouth. She held on tightly to his hair, winding strands of it around her fingers before tugging it so sharply that Patrick could not help but gasp at the sudden pain. Christina held him strongly against her, preventing his mouth from moving away from her hungry flesh.

Patrick feverishly fed from her flesh, his tongue stroking vigorously up and down her cleft, his lips, his tongue and his breath all dragging Christina closer and closer to the edge of her control. She shivered and tensed as his embrace finally became too much for her body to resist. Christina momentarily tensed, her arms and legs stiffening before relaxing as, with a shuddering cry, she came forcefully against Patrick’s mouth. Christina’s back bowed as the intensity of her orgasm ripped through her body, moan after throaty moan expelling from her throat as she writhed without an ounce of self-control. Christina thrashed and groaned as Patrick continued to suckle his lips around her flesh, his own body responding hungrily to the sound and taste of her release.

With one last shuddering sigh and roll of her hips Christina finally settled limply back into her bed. Her hands she kept within his hair but she loosened her punishing grip, petting his hair lazily as he laid his right cheek softly against her right thigh. Patrick’s breath wheezed in and out of his throat, his heart thumping erratically within his chest as his own unsatiated desire pulsed needily from between his legs. Christina shifted beneath him and pulled her leg away, his cheek resting instead against her bed as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and got to her feet, her nightgown falling back down her legs as she strolled around his still kneeling body.

Patrick shivered as she ran her fingers down his naked back, his eyes widening as she bent over and whispered heatedly into his ear while her left hand closed around the base of his shaft, “I love how hungry you are for me, Patrick, so hard and swollen with need. You’d love nothing more than to thrust yourself inside of me, wouldn’t you Patrick?” Her fingers squeezed suggestively around his shaft and rolled upward toward the sensitive head as he whimpered and responded with a shaky yes. Christina smiled with satisfaction, her tongue flicking out to lick up his ear before suddenly nipping sharply at his earlobe. Patrick cried out in surprise at the sudden pain, and as her grip intensified around his engorged flesh Christina bit out dominatingly into his ear, “You will come inside of my body when I ALLOW you to and only when I give you permission to do so. NOT when you want to or if you think it’s what I desire. Come ONLY when I explicitly give my consent. Do you understand me Patrick?” “Yes, Ms. Reynolds,” Patrick whispered breathily in return.

“Good…” Christina said with a smile as she released his shaft and stood back up. She headed for the hallway but stopped momentarily within the doorway of her room and spoke to Patrick over her shoulder. “You will remain on your knees until I return. Then, and only then, will I decide if I will allow you inside of my body. Do you understand me, Patrick?” “Yes, Ms. Reynolds,” Patrick replied meekly as he trembled upon her bedroom floor. The muffled sounds of his desperate groans followed her as she exited her bedroom, a mischievous smile spreading her lips wide as she left him there upon her floor aching for a touch that she, and only she, was allowed to give.

Just One Kiss

Adam brushed his hand softly across the curve of Bethany’s belly before pressing his left ear gently against her taut skin, a contented smile spreading her pretty pink lips apart as she watched him. His fingers were so gentle against her abdomen as he spread them wide, the mingled reactions of both wonder and nervousness surfacing in the depths of dark eyes as he stared down at the telltale bump of her belly. “It’s absolutely amazing..I mean, I don’t even really know what to say..” Bethany laughed softly and reached her left hand down in order to run it through his chestnut curls, the likes of which she had finally convinced him to let grow past his ears. She twined her fingers through his curly locks and murmured gently, “I know Adam, I can barely put into words my feelings about the whole experience myself. It’s both wondrous and admittedly nerve wracking at the same time, but I’m so happy you’re the one I have to share it with.”

Adam glanced upward towards her, a happy smile mirroring her own as he pressed his lips carefully into the roundness of her belly. The past two months had been a whirlwind of new experiences with the middle of the third month seeing a significant physical change occur within Bethany, a scrambling of sorts to grow accustomed to her new body and to immerse themselves within the information that all new parents must, or at the very least, attempt to understand. Bethany had been in tears when she had first confirmed her impending pregnancy, anticipation and apprehension warring inside of her when she had approached Adam once he had arrived home from work. Adam had collapsed into their couch in a surprised daze, but the giddy smile that had promptly spread across his face had wiped away the tears streaming down her cheeks and assuaged the worry that had been warring inside of her. Adam had warmly embraced her, and in the weeks that had followed had joined her in her attempt to prepare themselves the significant changes to come and that had already begun.

Adam nuzzled his face gently against her stomach, the tickle of his five o’clock shadow causing Bethany to squirm as she attempted to suppress the laughter that was determined to emerge from her mouth. Adam smiled mischievously at her reaction to his tickling touch, his arms draped gently over her as he sprawled out between her legs atop their bed. He had carefully positioned a multitude of pillows around her and despite Bethany’s reassurances that two was more than enough she had to admit to herself that the comfort they brought helped to shift her train of thought into a much more different direction. As Adam made a move as if to leave their bed and gently said, “I leave you alone so you can rest,” Bethany tightened her hands within his hair and murmured softly, “Please don’t leave, I’d be much happier if you stayed…” Adam started at the heated look in Bethany’s hazel hued eyes, the verbal answer he had started to say dying away within his throat as Bethany’s lips parted in a wordless plea and she tugged harder at his curls.


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Tom woke, unable to move his arms. He could feel the restraints around his upper arms and wrists. Moving them forward, he was unable to get them above his waist. Gauging from the lack of feeling in them he‘d been bound and in that position for a while. The ground was cool beneath him, no doubt a tile floor as he could feel the grout indents in his arm. Struggling up to a sitting position, he couldn’t fully open his eyes and realized he was blindfolded. The heart in his chest beat a little more rapidly at the predicament he was in, and raced further when he heard a door open and close from behind him. Turning his head in the direction of the sound, Sally’s voice presented itself as a soft clicking of heels made their way towards him.

Her hand came down gently on his head, causing him to start with the unexpected touch. She walked in a circle around him, nails trailing in his hair as she did so. “Beautiful. I love a boy kneeling and bound on the floor in front of me.” She stopped behind him on the second time around and gripped his hair hard with one hand before crouching behind him, pressing her naked body against his bare back. “But, how obedient are you?”

Tom didn’t dare answer, unsure if he was supposed to or not.

“Unless otherwise told to, you will answer when spoken to. Now, how obedient are you going to be?” Sally warned.

“Very.” Tom answered eagerly, “As obedient as I need to be.”

“Good. A good boy has to be obedient.” Her words were raspy with pleasure, “Oh, and I see you’ve woken to the idea as well.”

Through the entire ordeal he’d been fighting the reaction, but his body was reacting in a way he didn’t think possible. A hiss of breath released from his mouth as she ran something hard against his balls and up the shaft of his cock. “Such a pretty cock you have here.” The hard something slapped gently over his balls and he jumped.

“On all fours,” she said suddenly, and when he didn’t respond in a timely manner, a riding crop came down a little harder on his balls. “Now!” she barked at him.

A small smile twisted on Tom’s lips as he bent over from his sitting position.

Tom stiffened a little as her hand came to rest on his ass cheek. “Uh, uh, now, relax,” she said, Tom’s body sighed into relaxation, “Much better. Gee, someone likes their ass spanked, don’t they?” She whispered into his ear.

To emphasize her point she trailed a hand down his back and over the curve of his ass. Without hesitation, she opened her hand flat and slapped with a small amount of force onto his open bare bottom.

“Like that, do you?” Sally responded at his gasp.

“You are not to come until I tell you to. If you do,” Sally stated, “the consequences are going to be favorable for me.”

She continued to follow the curve of his ass until her fingers touched the back side of his balls. She lingered there for an uneasy minute, and then dragged her fingers to meet his asshole. Her middle finger circled the small entry, leaving Tom excited and nervous.

A sound caught Tom’s attention. It was similar to lotion being squeezed from a bottle. Sally’s finger still traced his hole, slightly penetrating then retreating every so often as Tom listened to the glistening sound of lubrication dragging over a dildo.

Sally used her other hand to stroke the lube up and down over the dildo connected to her black panties. She alternated between watching herself stroke the dildo and finger Tom’s asshole.

Sally’s finger had joined with two others to shove inside Tom, she reached deep inside of him to widen his ass and take the cock strapped to her. She stopped pushing her fingers into him and sat for a second taking in the small but gaping hole.

Without warning, she shoved her cock into Tom. His voice went deep, low and smooth as he bellowed an almost painful moan of pleasure. Sally pushed the cock deep into his ass, sliding with ease to the base of the dildo, pressing her pelvis hard against him.

Slowly, she pulled from him and held just the tip inside of him before pushing, slowly still, back into him. Her chest bent slightly so that she could firmly grasp Tom’s hips. Her fingers wrapped around the fold of his hips and legs.

Sally effortlessly pushed in and out of Tom with increasing speed as he moaned and gasped. With each push, a shock of pure ecstasy shot through his groin. Wild with the need to feel more, Tom began to push his hips into Sally to help her go in deeper.

As she shoved into him harder, his bound hands gave way underneath him, pushing his ass higher as his chest fell to the floor. Sally did not slow; she continued to shove with more determination.

“Remember, you’re not allowed to cum until I tell you.” Sally’s words brought a small cry of desperation from Tom’s lips.

Abruptly, Sally pulled out of Tom and commanded, “Sit back on your heels.” Sally unstrapped the dildo as Tom did as he was commanded.

Sally’s cool, moist with lube hand wrapped around his cock, pulling on it roughly. She teased him, pulling and twisting his cock. It didn’t hurt, instead tom found it quite pleasurable.

Without warning a soft slap came across his face. Her hand wove through his hair again and gripped it tight, canting his head back a little. Her lips came down on his in a nipping kiss full of teeth. Her tongue moved its way into his mouth.

“Open that pretty mouth of yours.” Sally demanded, “I’m going to stroke your cock, let me hear the sound of your pleasure.”

Her hand wove and twisted around his cock, causing some pleasing discomfort. Tom was beside himself with sensation as her silky, chilled hands played with him. Her eyes were deep in concentration as she watched what she was playing with.

She removed one of her hands from his cock, while the other continued to play with his shaft. The second hand met his warm balls. Tom let a gasp of pleasure escape his lips, making Sally’s eyebrows raise with the corners of her lips. Her fingers twisted around his balls delicately. Suddenly, she pinched just below Tom’s balls. His body stiffened with excitement. Her other hand never leaving his shaft.

“All fours. Now!”

Her heels clicked as she walked around in a semicircle to be behind Tom. Her hands picking up where she had left off. Pulling his cock behind him, he felt the warmth of her mouth overwhelm his dick with sensation. She pumped her mouth vigorously over his dick, holding it steady with her hands. His balls were tight and on the very of bursting. He unconsciously cried out his despair. “It’s not your time to cum!” Sally reminded Tom.

Sally rose to her feet and pulling Tom by his hair, she tugged him up and pushed him forward. Because of the way his hands were bound and, he now realized, his feet, he fell and was unable to break his fall. Once again she handled him roughly until he was on his back on a bed. “Eat it. Ass and pussy.”

She climbed on top of his face and sat. He worked her pussy and ass as demanded with his tongue, running it up and down her slit the best he could with his limited motion, penetrating her as far as he could while she ground herself on to him, rapidly moving her hips over his mouth and nose, nearly suffocating him with her pussy. Tom moaned under her with excitement.

The command in her voice and the way she tasted was nearly enough to make him stroke himself off behind her back. His tied hands wrapped around his dick and he excitedly jerked his cock. Moaning under her, Tom’s body tightened and softened as he released his orgasm.

“Oh, that simply will not do.” Sally stated, looking back and seeing what Tom had done.

All too abruptly she moved and situated herself over him and slammed her wet pussy down on his cock. The force and feel of her pussy, so tight and wet encasing him, made him sit up. Sally pushed him back down, his bound hands nestled between their stomachs as her hands braced themselves on his chest and she rode him while moving just her hips.

She swiveled her hips in a clockwise, then counter clockwise motion. He could feel the ball of her cervix with the tip of his cock as it moved around inside. Forwards and backwards she moved, the feeling of her pussy around him caused a low moan to escape from him. Reaching down as she continued to ride Tom, Sally untied his hands giving him freedom to touch her.

Pulling her hair he tilted her neck to the side and bit lightly, claiming her as his own. He bit his way across her shoulders and collarbone, to her tits where he bit and sucked her nipples. She cried out. She wanted to feel the entire length of him within her.

Flipping her over, Tom covered her body with his own, fucking her hard and deep. Her hands went to his back and she dragged her nails down his back, causing him to moan out in pain as she was silent. Releasing the hold, her body came off the bed a little bit, arms wrapping and him as she bit and kissed her way across his chest in turn.

She settled back into the bed and he came down, forcing his tongue into her gasping mouth to kiss her before pulling once more on her hair. He withdrew from her, his cock bouncing in time with his heartbeat. “Roll over.”

On all fours he entered her pussy. She gasped. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he pulled her head back causing her back to arch as he fucked her from behind, using her hair as his leverage. Grabbing a pillow, he placed it under her hips.

“Make me cum!” Her lips hissed the demand as she released a loud moan.

As he brought his lips to her neck he felt the first real tremor of release from her pussy around his cock. He picked up his thrusts, a steady rhythm, not too hard and fast, his balls no longer slapping, but drawn close to his body for his impending orgasm. He moved her head to the side and he kissed her as he deep and rhythmically threw his cock into her, driving into its home.

They both moaned into the kiss. Sally trembled first, breaking it just as the crest of her orgasm took hold. He fucked her convulsing pussy as it teased him to cum. She cried her release. Thrusting into her, he fucked her harder than before, his moans now desperate with the need for his second release. He bent down and kissed her roughly. She bit down on his lip and he tried to pull away. Her arms and legs wrapped around him once again as she met him thrust for thrust.

“You can cum now.” She smirked as she gave permission.

And then it was there. She felt him swell further inside of her, become harder, his thrusts more erratic. Then the sound which she loved and craved to hear erupted from his mouth. She could feel his cock twitching with each spurt of cum that flooded her pussy and warmed her from the inside.

They both laid there for a while; catching their breaths while entwined with one another. While he’d softened inside of her, he still filled her, and he could feel the aftershocks of her orgasm around his cock.

The Golden Mask

Emmeline DuPont wasn’t the kind of girl that cared much for the lavish lifestyle she was born into, but she kept that fact away from her parents as she had no choice but to follow their commands. She didn’t understand what was so grand about living a life of being stared at or placed on a higher pedestal than the rest of the world below their Château, but being the richest family in Baccarat, France, it couldn’t be helped. Her entire life had been planned by her family, who didn’t believe in anything but the best for their daughter, so at the moment she was being waited on hand and foot by her personal servants that attended to her in her room.

She was fretting around her room, pacing the floor, both wanting to disappear so she wouldn’t have to go to the ball and anticipating if she was going to find someone to spend her life with tonight. Her mother and father decided that since she was coming into the age of consent, she needed to find a husband and have children to pass on her family’s wealth to. The theme of the ball was a masquerade so she could make her debut in the comfort of wearing a mask, but Emmeline was concerned about the status of the other masked attendants. “How will I get to know my suitors if they are all in costume?”

Madame DuPont was placing the brush that had been passed down from generations before on her daughter’s night table and scrunched her nose at how unorganized it was. “Why are you worrying about that? This is for the best.”

Emmeline wanted to believe her mother, but something inside was telling her that something was going to go wrong with this entire ordeal. She wanted to please her parents’ wishes, but it was nearly impossible for her to be able to handle this kind of social event with her ever increasing anxiety. Usually she would just cure her anxiousness with the food of her choice, but her parents found that highly unladylike and unattractive, so she made sure they weren’t around when indulged in the delicacies of the kitchen. Even now, just talking to her mother, was making her want to dive into the dessert cart outside her room door.

“What do you expect to accomplish with the masks? Isn’t the point of this ball for me to find a man worthy becoming my husband?” She continued to pace the floor, thinking about the dessert cart so calm her nerves, and then turned back to her mother with confusion written on her face when she didn’t answer her right away. “Well, isn’t it?”

Sighing, Madam DuPont stood up and walked over to her daughter with the grace Emmeline had always wished she could achieve. Kissing her forehead, Madame DuPont spoke softly into her daughter’s hair, “This tactic will ensure that you marry for love and substance, rather than a pretty face.”

The idea of the concept did in face intrigue her, but still, her parents were picky about the kind of man she was going to marry, more or less meaning how much money his parents had. “What about their wealth? How will I know who has more to offer?”


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Three’s Company

Stephanie watched as the dark haired beauty slinked towards her, the red of her lips and the sway of her hips were a mesmerizing combination that she found herself unwilling to look away from. She had always found something fascinating about Bianca, a connection that had formed the instant they had first met. She had been a friendly acquaintance of Christopher’s before they had joined together as a couple and had officially met one afternoon when they had been out together for a late lunch. Bianca had been walking past them unaware of their presences until Christopher had called out to her, and the moment she had approached their table with a sweetly sincere smile upon her face, Stephanie had felt a quickening inside of herself, an instinctual pull towards her. The three had enjoyed a friendly lunch together and had planned on meeting up later that weekend for a night out together in the well-loved downtown of the city they all called home.

The soft glow of the bedroom lamps suffused Bianca’s skin with a caramel glow, blending in beautifully with the deep brown of her waist length curls as she crawled towards her. Stephanie’s heart thumped excitedly within her chest as Bianca reached out her left hand and gently ran her fingers back and forth across her flushed cheek, her grey coloured eyes widening as she glanced over at her husband. Christopher smiled at, his almond shaped eyes glinting with rousing desire as he watched Bianca touching his wife. He ran his right hand excitedly through his black shaggy hair, brushing it back behind an ear before eagerly leaning forward as he watched them. Stephanie had met Christopher two years back when she had finally found the time to take a vacation for herself.

She had chosen Japan without a second thought, a country she had been interested in at an early age. Once there she had ran into Christopher at a local cafe, her excitement had meeting another traveller prompting her to find out more about his background. He had been born outside of Japan but had family members still living there that he had always had the desire to meet. They had talked for what felt like hours in that cosy cafe in a new city they were both not familiar with, and to Stephanie’s delight Christopher had kept in contact with her even after they had gone separate ways when the cafe had closed. Their connection had only grown more intimate with the passage of time and before long they had pledged their dedication to each other by becoming husband and wife.

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Lunchtime Meeting

“’I just don’t like fat chicks,’ was the last thing the monster dickhead I called my boyfriend said before taking the last of his crap and fleeing from our apartment several months ago, since then I’ve been re-thinking my life over.” Sarah whispered before apologizing to Erin, the Chinese business associate that came to her office to discuss the next term’s financials.

“I… I’m so sorry, I don’t know why but when we started talking about relationships, I just lost it and felt I could tell you everything,” Sarah sighed, a bit embarrassed with herself.

“Fat chicks huh?” Erin hissed, standing up as she walked in front of the mirror in Sarah’s office. “I’ve never thought myself or you for that matter as anything to do with fat,” Erin sighed rolling one of her hands over her sharply curved breasts, the tips of her fingers beating against her already roused covered nipple as her other hand snaked slightly the cloth dress protection her inner thighs. “I guess I could use a little toning.” She sighed, not really needing it, but wanting to see Sarah’s response.

“You?” Sarah paused mid thought oddly finding herself physically comparing Erin to the typical man; she would get all wet over. The type of guy she would drop her panties for before even knowing his name. “I think your body is perfect as is,” Sarah confessed. It was the first time she found herself looking at another woman in that kind of way, admiring the sharply curved rounds of her breasts and thighs through her skimpy layer of fine cotton. Sarah found herself thinking like a typical male in heat; the kind of guy that smacks his lips and touches his cock through his shorts, as he becomes intensely turned on and horny.

“Well… I’m not so sure about that, there may be one area that needs some added attention,” Erin whispered hungrily, gazing deeply into Sarah’s eyes once more, this time more serious than ever before as she bent down over the desk, breasts inches from Sarah’s face as Erin’s ass perched upwards off the desktop.

“I…I,” Sarah stuttered, her heart fluttering as she continued to gaze into Erin’s soft brown eyes.

“You what?” Erin asked teasingly, her voice quiet and muggy, as one of her hands slowly trailing over stiff nipple of her breast through her dress, before slowly cupping her hand over her breast as her fingers stroked over her hardened nipples.

“I…,” Sarah whimpered, unable to speak clearly, she I could feel her pussy heating up, aching for her touch, for her sweet savoury lips and tongue upon her insides. She felt like a virgin in high school all over again, gazing shyly into Erin’s lust-filled eyes, the warmth of her own body tearing through me. Experiencing a completely new sensation, a desire for flesh like she never felt before.

“It’s…” she heard Erin’s soft voice echo towards her, “It’s okay Sarah,” Erin whispered as the tips of her fingers pressed softly against the bottom of Sarah’s chin, only to pull the innocent woman’s face upwards, so she could look into her dark emerald green eyes. “It’s okay, my cherry blossom,” Erin whispered, her lush moist lips mere inches from Sarah’s soft warm flesh. “There’s nothing to worry about, I won’t force you to do anything…and I promise you will enjoy everything I have to offer,” Erin said as she lashed the tip of her slender tongue against the outline of her own lips before pressing her lips against Sarah’s face, kissing her gently with open lips.

“Erin… I… I don’t,” Sarah tried to speak, her fear of the unknown washing over her like a cool chill as she felt a fire, an unknown passion to please the woman in front of her building deeply inside. “I… I… that is I’ve never…,” Sarah stuttered, “I’ve never been with another woman… you know it’s… frowned upon here in the States.” She gasped, feeling the warmth of Erin body pressing against her own as she draped the tips of her fingers over Sarah’s large, firm breasts, crushing them deeply, passionately against her chest, continuing to drape her velvet lips over Sarah’s.

“That’s alright,” Erin whispered, the warmth of her breath massing across Sarah’s damp lips, as she gazed seductively into her eyes. “That’s okay my love, I’ll teach you the touch of another woman regardless of whether others think it’s taboo,” she hissed only to drape her lush moist lips over Sarah’s once more before slowly sliding one of her hands down her back, grasping the round of her ass into the palm of her hand.

“Oh…oh my… my God,” Sarah gasped as Erin continued her assault upon her neck, running the fingers of her other hand through her lover’s long raven hair. Her lips continuing their barrage on her neckline, before gently sinking the tips of her teeth into Sarah’s neck. “Uh yes,” Sarah gasped, her moans of passion, of untamed desires grew louder, forcing her to bite her bottom lip as her lover’s hands roamed all over her tight body, gliding the tip of her tongue across her throat, taking in the lovely savour of her lover’s flesh.

“Don’t… Don’t stop,” Sarah begged, thrashing her hands into Erin’s long black hair. Erin’s lips massing down the rounds of Sarah’s shoulders, before merging farther down her lush chest. Quickly removing Sarah’s bra and top, causing her to moan slightly to the cool chilled air of the air-conditioned room. The air washed over her aroused nipples, forcing her to reach up for Erin’s face only to barrel her tongue deeply into her warm mouth, savouring the tangy flavour of her tongue.

Breaking away from the embrace, Erin pushed Sarah against the pillow top chair, forcing her to recline as far back as it would allow, as she hovered over her like a darkened shadow, covering her with her lust and passion, her yearning and hunger. Slowly she sank down towards her prize, rolling, gliding the tip of her moist tongue down towards her panties. She pulled away her knickers before placing small kisses against her shaved mound, tasting the slight sugary dampness of Sarah nectar, which began to saturate through her green-laced panties.

“Take… take them off… please,” Sarah gasped, tangling her fingers into the soft auburn strands of her lover’s head, feeling her lips sliding over her hips, the tip of her tongue racing gently over her opening. “Please… Please take off my panties,” Sarah pleaded as she sighed, a slight crimson hue masking over her face as her own words echoed through her head embarrassing her.

“Mmm,” Erin moaned, standing on her knees as her eyes slowly took in the awe-inspiring scene of her lover’s tight firm body only to fixate on Sarah’s bare breasts, licking her lips as she noticed her hardened, pink nipples standing erect and at attention, before gazing back into her lover’s shimmering eyes.

“Who’s the newbie again?” Erin giggled as she rolled her hands over the sides of Sarah’s waist, pulling the elastic band of her panties as they cascaded slowly down her lightly tanned thighs, revealing the bare, shaved mound of heaven to her prying eyes. “Mmm… Perfect,” Erin purred before flinging Sarah’s panties across the office.

Quickly she continued the assault with her lips, trailing down Sarah’s inner thighs; the scent of her natural perfume ever so enticing; the fragrance driving her crazy with desire and lust. Yet Erin held firm, not wanting to ruin her lover’s first time with someone of the same sex, she continued by slowly placing soft, gentle kisses across Sarah’s body, teasing her with her lips even more.

“No… Stop… Stop,” Sarah gasped, the blood inside her boiling; craving to feel Erin’s tongue lashing over her pussy, to feel the tip of her lover’s tongue, her lips over her clitoris, taking her like a beast in the night. “Stop… Stop teasing…,” Sarah paused, only to thrash her head back against her chair as a wave of passionate bliss tore through her like a razor sharp knife.

“Fu… FUUUCK,” Sarah gasped abruptly feeling Erin’s lush lips sliding over her clitoris, sucking it into her mouth before lashing her clit with the tip of her tongue, forcing Sarah to lock her legs around Erin’s head. “Fu… FUCK YES!” Sarah howled like a dog, slamming her hips upward, again thrashing her head back against the chair as a wave of fire burst through her, a wave of intense pleasure tearing through her once more. Freeing her clit, Erin quickly shoved her whole tongue deeply into Sarah’s opening, licking her inner-walls, forcing her lover to bite down on her lip once more as she dug her nails into Erin’s shoulders.

“Mmm,” Erin moaned to the slight pain coursing through her back, only to continue the assault on her virgin lover by thrusting both her index and ring fingers into Sarah’s pussy. All the while, she continued to glide the tip of her tongue over her lover’s clit, sucking her into her warm, wet mouth before lashing her clit with the tip of her tongue repeatedly.

“Fu… FUCCCK… I’m… I’m so close… I think I’m going to…,” Sarah panted for breath feeling the intense fire inside her building like a raging inferno, the heat surging through her, almost devouring her as the pleasure continued to build more and more. Unlocking her thighs around Erin’s neck, Sarah pushed her lover’s head into her hips only to slam her pussy up to her wet hot mouth, loving the feeling of her lips and tongue devouring her. “Yes… almost… almost,” Sarah gasped, as she closed her eyes, readying herself for the coming release, the coming pressure to blow through her body.

It was then that she felt it, the pleasure fading and the heat that was building inside her slowly slipping away. Opening her eyes, Sarah gazed down at her lover only to see Erin continuing to glide her fingers in and out of Sarah’s pussy, keeping her slightly aroused.

“Wha… what… why… why did you stop?” Sarah barked, a bit disturbed to her lover’s sudden act, as if teasing her.

“It’s not that time for you yet,” Erin smiled as she rolled her tongue over her lips, her fingers still slowly gliding in and out of her lover’s tight, hot opening, keeping her slightly stimulated as she slowly sank back down between Sarah’s open thighs.

“You were going to cum too fast… too soon, you need to enjoy every emotion, every flick,” Erin purred. Rolling her tongue over the entire centre of her body, starting at the peak of Sarah’s open thighs, Erin slowly raked her tongue over the full opening of Sarah’s wet, savoury slit allowing her nectar to glide over the full length of her tongue before continuing past her lightly covered mound. Sucking her tongue back into her mouth to re-moisten it, she hovered over Sarah once more before twisting down over her stomach, again placing her tongue against her lightly tanned flesh before raking the tip over the contours of her stomach and chest.

“Mmm… fuck yeah,” Sarah moaned to the onslaught of pleasure, she could feel the slight friction of Erin’s tongue gliding across her flesh. “Fuck,” she gasped again only to gaze into her lover’s breathtaking eyes, as Erin rolled one of her hands over Sarah’s large taut breasts, cupping it into her palm before lifting it up by squeezing the tip of her stimulated nipple. Slowly, ever so teasingly, Erin glided the tip of her tongue over the rounds of Sarah’s breasts, making sure that no flesh was untouched by her tongue. While simultaneously, she continued to press the tips of her fingers deep into Sarah’s pussy, hooking the tip of her fingers upward, pressing roughly against the ceiling wall, before slowly slipping them out of her.

“Fu……FUUUUUCK!” Sarah panted, to the assault of pleasure that continued to warp all over her body. “I… I can feel it all…, I can feel all of you,” she buckled, thrashing her hips upward every time Erin drove her two fingers back into her tightness, only to heave her breast upwards whenever Erin made another attack on her large breasts.

“Mmm,” Erin moaned deeply, gliding her mouth up over Sarah’s neck, before brushing the tip of her tongue against the lobe of her ear. “Now…,” she paused as she pressed her fingers deeply into her, widening her fingers as she slowly pulled them out, casing an extreme amount of resistance between Sarah’s pussy and her own fingers.

“NOW… its time,” Erin gasped, before quickly falling back down between Sarah’s inner thighs once more. Sarah barely had a chance to take a breath before she felt the pleasure of it all rolling through her once more. Pressing her face between Sarah’s thighs Erin deeply inhaled the savoury intoxicating aroma of her lover, the scent of her stimulation sent chills of desire, of lust throughout her as she pressed her tongue flat against Sarah’s swollen opening, flicking her lover’s clitoris with the tip of her tongue.

“OH… OH MY GOD… YES… YES… RIGHT THERE.” Sarah screamed as she arched her back against the back of the chair, bursts of coloured lights flashing through her eyes as the pleasure inside her continued to build like a torrent fire. All the while Erin continued to rake her tongue against her clit; one of her hands grasping Sarah’s tight round ass, the tip of one of her fingers barrelling into her asshole as the other crushed one of Sarah’s large, firm breasts against her chest, the tips of her fingers piercing deeply into her ripen nipple.

“Yes… Yes… lick me… lick me,” Sarah begged. Locking her thighs once more, encasing Erin’s head between them as she pressed her heals against her back.

“Of course,” Erin moaned slightly, her words muffled by Sarah’s pussy as she stated swirling her tongue around the insides, her lips pressing roughly against her outer lips, as she continued to suck Sarah’s warm nectar into her mouth.

“Oh… I’m…I’m Going to,” Sarah gasped, feeling an intense wave of pleasure wash over her. It was in that moment she felt it, in that moment, that second that she felt her first lesbian induced orgasm, a pleasure so intense, so powerful and extreme she came all over Erin’s face. “OH FUCK!” Sarah cried repeatedly as she came over and over again, feeling Erin’s non-stopping tongue drilling though her like a serpent’s tongue as she sucked her lover’s sweetened nectar into her mouth swallowing her sweet enthralling nectar again and again. “Yes…, fuck yes,” Sarah panted for breath only to free Erin from her lock as the height of passion, the rage of all the pleasure took its toll on her young virgin body.

“Fuck, fuck, that was good,” Sarah, gasped, only to hear a beeping sound coming from her desk phone. “Crap… not now!” she panted, pushing Erin away from her as she quickly answered the phone.

“Hey Sarah, how’s the meeting going?” Brad, one of her associates, asked with a hipster almost gay like voice.

“How’s… how’s it going?” Sarah gasped again, pausing for a moment as she watched Erin practically tearing away all her clothing before sitting down, wide legged in front of her on her Sarah’s office table, Erin’s pussy hot and wet, ready to be devoured.

“It’s going as well as can be expected I guess,” Sarah shot back.

“Great, so anyway a bunch of us are ordering some food for lunch did you want anything?” Brad asked.

“No… I’m good… I’m about to have some Chinese for lunch,” Sarah said, giggling slightly before hanging up the phone.

“Funny,” Erin smiled, “you can dig in whenever you’re ready.”


It is dark
It is quiet
I am curled up in my bed
Just drifting off to sleep
It is a warm night so I am naked
Just a sheet covering my nudity
All I can hear is my own steady breathing
My mind is empty

Then I feel a little waft of cool air on my back
As the sheet is raised off my body
The mattress creaks gently
As you slip into bed beside me
I sense the warmth of you

Gently, trying not to disturb me
You spoon yourself around my body from behind
Lightly lowering the sheet again to cover us both
You are naked too
Your firm chest presses tenderly against my back
Your soft cock nuzzles against the round cheeks of my bum
Just swelling slightly as it finds its place
Your legs rest against mine
I feel your foot burrowing under mine, making a connection

I sigh softly
An almost inaudible purr in my throat
I cannot see you
But I hear your soft breath in my ear
I feel your chest rising and falling gently against my back
As your breathing matches itself to mine
Breathing as one

A soft susurration of the sheet as your arm slips over me
Your fingers brush the contours of my warm skin
Your hand comes to rest over my left breast
Cupping it delicately like a newborn chick
I can feel my nipple harden at your touch

That purr in my throat again
I push myself back against you
Wanting to melt into you
I feel the swell of your cock
Much harder now
A slight tremble flickers through your body
Your hand clasps my bare breast tighter

You whisper my name
Tell me not to move

Your hand releases my breast
One finger traces a sensuous trail round my nipple
I feel the little glands of my areola becoming aroused
Your finger stimulating their rough nodules

My nipple is very erect
Tenderly your fingers pinch it
Roll it between them
Then release it

Your touch vanishes
Then I feel your fingers tickle
Round the curves of each little breast in turn
Back and forth
Coming and going

With my eyes closed
I don’t know where your touch will come next
I feel the first fresh flush of excitement stir inside my pussy

I raise my leg slightly
Making it easier for your hard cock to reach me from behind
I feel the smooth knob-head
Brush the delicate petals of my labia
Releasing a little trickle of moisture
Tenderly your cock traces the outline of my soft lips
Nudging them apart
My fragile flower opens to your questing touch

Your cock enters me
Slipping inside
I clench my vaginal muscles
Welcoming your tender invasion
A brief waft of my aroma
Released by your presence
I can feel your nipples hardening
Pressed against my back

Slowly, lovingly, you start to slide your cock in and out of me
The walls of my vagina expand to admit you
You fill me so tight
Oh so tight

As the pressure builds my breath comes faster
Yours too so we still breathe as one
You whisper my name in my ear
The only other sounds the occasional creak of the bed
As your movements accelerate
And the slurp slurp slurp of your cock in my cunt
Your right hand grasps my bare breasts
Squeezing them tight

You are moving faster now
I sense the approach of your orgasm
Your cock seems to swell even more

Deep within me, I feel my own orgasm start to swell
Like a distant tsunami
Threatening to engulf me
Roaring up from within my soul
As your cock thrusts one more time
And explodes
Again and again
I feel my pussy fill with your cum

And as you come
I come too
My vagina clenches
Fireworks fill my mind
My orgasm explodes

As I come I breathe your name

Trembling, my breathing subsides
Yours too
As your cock withdraws
My juices flow out over my thighs
I am glowing all over
My labia puffy and pink

And now for the first time I turn and kiss you
Our lips pressed together
Our world complete
No words are needed

We fall asleep