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There were times in every waitress’ life where they could start telling time by the appearance of regular customers, and, for Leanne, Candice and Heath were that kind of customer. She’d long since become friends with the two, who ate a late dinner at the diner Leanne worked at every Friday night after finishing their own work. She could never quite remember what it was Heath did—something profitable, since he nearly always left her a hefty tip—but she knew Candice was a professional welder.

She knew a lot of things about Candice. Fridays were Leanne’s favorite days, and she often organized her entire weekly schedule around them. Her coworkers loved it; she was willing to trade any day for a Friday, and never took them up for vacation days. They teased her about it, too, but she didn’t pay them too much attention. After all, they all had their own favorite customers. It was just that Candice was especially important to her.

(Oh, and Heath. She always seemed to forget about Heath.)

So, it was perfectly reasonable for her to get worried when she happened to look up at the clock and noticed that it was nearing 10PM—and Candice and Heath were nowhere to be seen. Perfectly reasonable.

At first, she thought the clock had gone wrong again. It was an old thing, with a grimy glass cover and hands that always seemed to get stuck on the six every other week, so it wasn’t the most trustworthy thing. She took out the stool from under the counter and climbed on top of it to inspect the clock, and found it to be ticking away steadily. So, it wasn’t a problem with the clock. They were just late.

It happened—not often, but more than once. There were always good explanations for it, but Leanne couldn’t help but get worried every time it happened. She worried that, while she waited at the diner for them, Candice was in the hospital, badly burned by molten metal, in extreme pain or even… She didn’t want to think about it, but, at such times, it was often all she could think about.

Luckily, there were no other customers, and her only coworker was Greg, the chef, who spent all his free time playing online poker on his phone, so she was able to fret freely and without interruption. She paced throughout the diner, cleaning and re-cleaning the tables until they squeaked and shined, unable to keep still. It was all she could do to keep the idea of a dead Candice off her mind.

The door chimed, and Leanne’s head shot up. There, standing in soaked raincoats, were Candice and Heath, hale and whole. She sighed, relieved. “It’s about time the two of you showed up,” she said.

“It’s all my fault,” Heath said, scooting into one of the booths with Candice. Leanne sat down next to them, her order pad out; it was perfunctory, really, because she already knew what they were going to order. “One of the parents didn’t come by and pick up their kid… It was an absolute mess. The police were called and everything.

Oh, right! Heath was the principal of that fancy private elementary school across town. “Oh, that’s awful,” she said, hoping that her relief didn’t show through her voice. “Poor kid. I hope everything turned out alright.”

“He called me over to keep the kid company while the teachers figured everything out with the police,” Candice said, flipping idly through the menu. “I’ve never played so many games of Hangman in my life.”

“She’s great with kids.” Heath was giving Leanne a look she didn’t quite understand, a sort of weird smile. “And people in general, of course, but especially kids.”

“That’s because I am a kid.” Candice had a sweet laugh, one that made Leanne’s heart miss a few beats. “And, as a kid, I’d like a plate of chocolate chip pancakes for dinner tonight.”

“Do you want Greg to make the whipped cream into a smiley face?” she asked with a grin.

“You know me too well, Lee.”

It was only when Heath coughed loudly that Leanne realized she and Candice had been staring lovingly at each other for probably over two minutes. “And I’ll have the meatloaf, of course,” he said, obviously trying to sound annoyed but unable to keep the weird smile off his face. “With no gravy on the mashed potatoes.”

Leanne quickly dropped off the orders with Greg—who seemed annoyed by it; he must’ve lost some big money—and returned to sit with her friends. Even when they got their food, she continued sitting with Candice, talking animatedly while Heath stuffed his face full of food. She noticed that her hand had, somehow, ended up on Candice’s knee, but didn’t do anything about it. Candice didn’t seem to mind, anyway.

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Libby closed her crystal blue eyes behind her shades. Her fiery red hair haloed around her face gave her an angelic look. It wasn’t like she needed much help. In addition to her beautiful red hair and startling eyes, she had the perfect pink pouty lips. Statuesque with a tiny waist and a palm full of hips, Libby was one to enchant any who met her. Right now, she had no interest in enchantments. After a strenuous work week, she was happy for her mini vacation and was only interested in the warm sunlight grazing over her body. She wasn’t oblivious to the few curious strangers that seemed to hover too close or stare as they walked past. Instead, she tuned them out. Until the perfume, the sweet floral scent slipped past her defenses and into her bloodstream. Libby swallowed hard, and then inhaled deeply. She was trying to get a sense of direction. Who among the crowded beach could be calling out to her libido?

Libby lifted her shades. She scanned the beach in the direction of the scent. Across the crowd, her eyes locked with a pretty petite brunette. The buxom beauty was wearing a white bikini and already had a nice golden tan. It was obvious that she was a vacationer. She couldn’t be from around here. Libby smiled engagingly. The brunette smiled back before laying back on her towel to catch some sun herself. A few curious glances later and Libby made her move.

Libby picked up her seat and moved it closer to the brunette. They made easy conversation. Her name was Amber. She was only in town for vacation and was renting a beach house a little further up. She invited Libby to a bonfire; she and some of her friends were having later on tonight. The group sounded fun. Since Libby didn’t have any other plans, she decided to go for it. She wasn’t sure whether or not Amber could sense her attraction. It almost didn’t matter. Maybe tonight they’d get the opportunity.

The bonfire ran late into the night. Amber and Libby got on famously. The subtle glances and touches assured Libby that Amber was indeed feeling what she was feeling. It would seem not everyone in the party was aware of Amber’s attraction. Particularly one Joe who made every attempt to get Amber to come home with him. After a few graceful declines he left, but not before taking a few parting shots. Slowly, the party dwindled until only Libby and Amber were left. Suddenly, Amber seemed shy. It was obvious their attraction was mutual and that Libby was open to whatever would come, but that wasn’t enough. She wasn’t sure how to approach her. To what extent would Libby be comfortable? What was intrusive? They’d only known each other today and having no background Amber wasn’t sure how to proceed.

Libby sensed Amber’s hesitation. She wanted to make her comfortable and to let her know she felt the same way. Libby leaned in slowly and kissed Amber’s mouth softly. Amber’s hazel eyes fluttered closed. There was no turning back. There was no need to. This was what they both wanted. The bonfire flickered behind them, casting a warm glow on their golden skin. There was nothing but cool water in front of them. Sand beneath them and the distant roar of traffic past the beach houses. They could go inside. They could slip from view and into the privacy of Amber’s home, but why? Everything they wanted for the moment was right here. Amber wrapped her arms around Libby’s neck. She presented her mouth again. This kiss… was one of insistence and promise.

Libby palmed the soft rounds of Amber’s C-cup breast. She squeezed them slightly causing Amber to moan in pleasure. Amber return the favor by gripping the sweet flesh of Libby’s round ass. The simple movement pushed Libby’s pelvis deeper into hers. They ground their hips into each other. The heat of their bodies rose like smoke around them. Suddenly, the bikini and shorts Libby had worn to the party were too much. Amber had opted for a sarong over her bikini and the same still rang true. It was Libby who started to undress first. Amber enjoyed the show of Libby pushing the denim down her long legs for a moment. Then, her own slender fingers went to the tie of her sarong and pulled it loose.

Libby stared at the butter soft flesh of Amber. Her smooth bare belly beckoned like an oasis in the desert. The rise and fall of Amber’s chest made Libby long to live in the valley of her breast. She kissed Amber’s neck. Hot kisses that trailed from the gentle slope of Amber’s shoulders down to her cleavage. Amber moaned softly. She pushed her fingers through Libby’s fiery tresses. Her eyes closed as she concentrated on Libby’s warm, moist mouth trailing her body. Libby untied her bikini top, and then did the same to Amber. Amber’s tiny pink nipples were in direct contrast to Libby’s large brown ones. Libby licked her lips and leaned in. She took one delicate nipple into her mouth and teased it between her teeth. Amber squirmed beneath her. She moaned as Libby flickered her heavy tongue against the sensitive bud. It would grow to hardness under the sweet persuasion of Libby’s mouth. There was nothing to hold them back.

Libby sucked Amber’s nipples intently. She licked the faint scent of Lavender lifting from Amber’s skin and the way Amber whimpered in submission. Amber’s hands were shaking as she stroked Libby’s back. Her toes curled with pleasure as Libby switched breast. The ocean air was salty and stuck to their skin, but it only heightened their arousal. The smell of desire caught in the wind as it drifted by. Amber fed Libby more of her breast. Her nipples having always been as sensitive as her clit, she couldn’t get enough of Libby’s hot mouth. Libby was happy to oblige.

Libby’s full D-cup breast rubbed against Amber’s flat belly as she sucked. The arousal was mutual. Their supple bodies grazed and teased each of the others. The thrill sent shivers through them both. Her hands grew anxious. Without thinking, Libby pushed her fingers beneath the hem of Amber’s panties. Amber’s clean shaven mound made easy access to her clit. Libby took the trail slowly. Libby closed her eyes and listened for the subtle shifts in Amber’s breath as she got closer to her button. Amber pushed her hips up to speed the process. Libby found her clit and began to rub. Amber‘s moans grew heavy with desire. Her body melted in Libby’s hands as her sweet nectar began to run. Libby moaned as well. She loved the sounds of Amber’s enjoyment. She loved the scent of Amber’s body opening.

Amber worked her hips in accord with Libby’s pace. She spread her legs wider and clung to Libby’s back. The feel of Amber’s nails digging into her spine caused Libby’s waters to run. She grew slick with passion as she continued to please Amber. Libby increased her pace against Amber’s clit. She increased her intensity as she sought to bring Amber more pleasure. Amber’s cries of passion grew louder as an orgasm began to build. Her legs trembled as electricity pushed through her veins. The oceans roar drowned her voice, but Libby didn’t miss a whimper.

Libby pulled her fingers from Amber’s clit and pushed inside Amber’s sweet pussy just as the first wave of orgasm came over her. The change pushed Amber’s climax even further. She called out Libby’s name. She trembled and whimpered as each wave took her deeper into the abyss. When the shivering finally stopped, Libby pulled her fingers from Amber’s panties and brought them to her mouth. Slowly, she made a show of cleaning her hand of Amber’s sweet juices. She suckled each finger individually. Her eyes locked on Amber as she did so. Amber swallowed hard. She lifted her hips and pushed her panties down. Libby stepped back so she could completely remove them. Sliding to the edge of the beach recliner, she pulled Libby to her and removed her panties as well. With Libby in front of her, Amber nuzzled her face against Libby’s mound. There was only the slightest amount of hair there in a decorative design. Amber found it sexy. She found the scent of Libby even sexier.

Amber stuck out her tongue. Libby spread her legs. The pink tool teased the swollen flesh of Libby’s pink pussy. Amber moaned as she got her first taste of Libby’s body. She pushed her tongue between the slick folds and coated it in Libby’s juices. Libby moaned. She felt wobbly on her feet from Amber’s warm breath and mouth. Amber moaned as she tasted Libby. She suckled Libby’s clit and was rewarded with a deep gasp of breath. Libby braced herself on Amber’s shoulders. She held her tightly, trying to remain standing as the woman explored her body. The angle was proving itself a hindrance. Amber grew frustrated when she couldn’t plunge her tongue as deeply inside of Libby.

She leaned back against the chair and beckoned for Libby to straddle her face. Libby reversed herself and straddled Amber backwards. They executed the perfect sixty-nine. While Amber went back to tasting Libby, Libby could taste her as well. The two women gorged themselves on the other, their tongues dipping and tasting their sweet depths. Libby felt wanton with desire. Amber grew more ravenous with each flicker of her tongue. She gripped Libby’s tight ass as she suckled Libby’s clit. Libby clung to Amber’s thighs. Her moans of pleasure were muffled as she lapped hungrily at Amber’s pussy. Her taste was sweet and heady. Libby thought she might drown in the sweetness. Amber was faring no better. She was just as taken with Libby’s hot juices filling her mouth. She slurped as she sucked. She didn’t want to miss a drop of Libby’s cum.

Libby found herself wishing they’d gone inside. There were a few toys she knew they’d have fun with. In the end, it didn’t matter. She was the first of them to break. Her body erupted in a hot river of a climax. Amber moaned as she drank the sweet honey. Libby could hardly do more than cry out. Her toes curled to the point of aching. Her nails dug into Amber’s thighs. Her eyes were squeezed tightly closed. She couldn’t breathe for the pleasure washing through her. Still, she needed Amber to join her. Libby found it hard to focus, but in the midst of her climax she returned to pleasuring Amber. Her tongue moved more rapidly than before. Her body still convulsing, she shifted her remaining energy to bringing that same sensation to Amber.

Amber wasn’t far. She loved the rocking of Libby’s body as she succumbed to the orgasms Amber created for her. When Libby took Amber’s clit into her mouth and plunge her fingers inside Amber’s tightness, it was just the push Amber needed. Amber lifted her hips to meet the thrust of Libby’s fingers. Amber gasped for breath. Her skin tingled. Her body felt flushed with adrenaline as she gave into the pleasure she was feeling. The women rocked steady as the ocean pushed against the shore. The sounds of their moaning were lost in the wailing of the sea.

The women would eventually make it inside. There, they would find the toys that Libby had stashed and prolong their evening together. Daybreak would find them, exhausted, completely satiated and filled with endless possibilities.