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Watch Me

Watch Me.

Those two simple words fell longingly from Anabel’s mouth as she gazed through the panes of her bedroom window, dripping from her pink lips with heated promise as she shivered upon the edge of her bed. The words fell from her trembling mouth devoid of sound, her body humming in nervous anticipation as her widened hazel hued eyes obsessively zeroed in on his motionless form as he watched her from afar. He mimicked her perfectly from within the safety of his home, his spine rim rod straight while his shaft hardened in anticipatory arousal in direct imitation of the desire beginning to pool between Anabel’s trembling thighs.

Anabel remembered the day he had first moved into her neighbourhood, into the house directly beside hers that happened to be somewhat suspiciously positioned so close to her own. When she moved in herself only a month before she had asked her landlord about the close proximity of her neighbour to her left. The room she wished to take as her bedroom backed extremely close to which she suspected would be occupied as a bedroom as well once a new tenant moved in, both windows providing a direct view into each other’s rooms. Her landlady, a sweet elderly woman who had welcomed her so kindly when she had first approached her for potential occupancy had reassured her with a pat and a smile that she had nothing to worry about. People who had lived here before her had had no complaints in which “peeping toms” were involved, that the house’s other charms held sway over the potential spying of a nosey neighbour.

Although Anabel had always thought of herself as an extremely private person and had initially balked at the possibility of being spied upon while she dressed or simply went about her business from within her bedroom walls the rent was reasonable and it was in all other ways the type of home she knew she could be content to live within. Despite her initial misgivings Anabel had found herself only a few days later moving in box after box through the front door of her new home. A month had gone by and the house built so close to hers had remained empty until about two weeks ago when she had arrived home from work around five pm to find a moving truck parked outside her front door. Anabel had found herself peeking through her blinds in spite of her resolve to leave her new neighbour in peace to settle in and her eyes had settled appreciatively upon the sight his lanky form as he hauled box after box up his front steps, his glasses askew upon his face while he shook his tousled mop of auburn curls from side to side in an effort to fling them away from his eyes.

Anabel had not asked his name then and still did not know his name now as she quivered at the edge of her bed, her nipples pressed enticingly against the silky texture of the only nightgown she owned. She had left him alone and he had done likewise to her, sensing a kindred spirit who preferred to be left alone within the privacy of his own home…until the previous Monday morning when Anabel had belatedly realized that she had forgotten to close her blinds the night before. She had just came back into her bedroom after having taken a hot shower, her towel wrapped protectively around her body as she rummaged through her dresser. After placing her outfit for the day carefully across her bed she had let her towel fall to the floor, and as it fell she had felt the sudden urge to glance over towards her bedroom window.

Anabel’s eyes had widened and she had gasped in surprise as her neighbour’s gaze had perfectly mirrored the shock of her own. Anabel had remained frozen in place as their eyes met, her naked body on full display for his surprised gaze. The instant her shock had worn off Anabel had sprinted towards her window and hurriedly lowered the blinds, her skin flushed pink with embarrassment as she had collapsed against her bedpost. Anabel had resolved to go about her day as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, determined to wipe it from her mind and to ignore the warmth that had spread much further downward than she would have expected. Try as she might to ignore the memory of his eyes upon her body during the day, the night-time hours cared not at all for her resolve. Her dreams were filled with the sight of his face, his glasses charmingly arranged haphazardly upon his face as his gaze seared her skin, running hungrily from the tips of her hardened nipples down towards that oh soft flesh between her thighs that every morning without fail would awaken her with its aroused wetness, her body longing for something Anabel had never once thought she would ever have such an intense need for.

Moonlight spilled softly through her window, bathing her body in a gentle glow as Anabel gazed steadily ahead. Her body thrummed with desire, her chest rising and falling rapidly in anticipation as she slid both straps of her crimson coloured nightgown, the likes of which she had bought specifically for his sight, down her arms until the silky fabric fell downward to pool within her lap. The teasing dreams, the countless mornings of waking up in a heated daze with her nipples straining and her cleft pulsing with liquid need had brought her here, naked from the waist down. That fateful morning only a few days past had awakened a sensuous side of Anabel that the rational side of herself would have been shocked by, but that the carnal half purred with pleasure at the thought of.

With a trembling sigh Anabel brushed the fingertips of her left hand across the soft brown curls of her hair that she had piled high atop her head before trailing them slowly down the column of her neck. She traced them across her collarbone before descending lower to trace beneath the gentle swell of her left breast. As she lightly ran her fingers in lazy circles around her nipple she brought her freed hand up to cup her right breast, the fingers of both hands closing in around her left and right nipples simultaneously. Anabel’s breath expelled from between her parted lips in a delighted gasp as her nipples peaked pleasurably between her fingertips, her top teeth biting into her lower lip as she pinched them firmly until they burned with a mixture of both pleasure and pain.

Pinpricks of pleasure radiated outward as she continuously rolled her pebbled nipples between the tips of her fingers, trickling ever downward towards her already aching core as she alternated between punishing pinches and gentle circlings of her fingertips. Anabel cupped and kneaded her right breast while her left hand began to make its way downward, her skin shivering beneath her teasing touch. Anabel circled one finger around her belly button and cast her gaze upward, her eyes taking in his bewitched stare as she brought both of her hands to rest atop her knees. Ever so slowly Anabel spread her legs wide, her hands pulling at the ends of her nightgown until they rested high atop her thighs. Anabel leaned further back upon her bed and brought her feet up to rest atop the mattress, her cleft suddenly exposed to his searing sight.

With one arm braced behind her Anabel slowly slid one finger up the length of her wet cleft, a mewling moan escaping from her throat as she felt the intensity of her own arousal. One finger soon became two as she slid them down and up, down and up, her breaths expelling in panting gasps as she touched herself for his pleasure, and she thought to herself as her body heatedly reacted to her touch, for her own as well. Anabel ground her pelvis into her hand and squeezed her eyes tightly shut in delight as she brought her fingers up to circle teasingly around her clit, close but not quite near enough to send her over that oh so coveted edge. Anabel traced her fingers lower once more and dipped them inside of herself, her nipples straining upward as she arched her back with wanton need as she brought her fingers to rest atop her sensitive clit.

With each delicious stroke of her fingertips back and forth, back and forth, Anabel could feel her restraint rapidly beginning to slip. She increased the rhythm of her hand against her impossibly moistened cleft before slowing their speed, repeating the teasing movements until her body began to burn for release. A sudden idea broke through the haze of lust that had wrapped itself around her brain and without a second thought Anabel repositioned herself so that she was facing the window atop her bed on all fours, her legs spread wide and her buttocks arched skywards. Anabel pressed her stomach flat against the bed to maintain the angle and as she did so her nightgown fell down around her face and breasts so that all he could see were her fingers desperately brushing back and forth across her pink folds.

Anabel relentlessly stroked her fingers across her aching cleft, her body heating at the thought of his eyes scorching her skin with their lust, his own hands touching himself as he watched her fondle her own flesh…With a strangled cry Anabel’s orgasm finally took hold over her body, spiralling outward from her cleft in pulsing beats of pleasure. Anabel spasmed around her fingers, her hips helplessly thrusting against her hand as all control vanished in the wake of her release. She writhed atop her bed, moan after moan escaping from her throat as she thrashed wildly until with a hoarse gasp she fell to her side. She lay there in the charged stillness of her bedroom, her nightgown tangled around her face and her legs trembling in the darkness lit only by moonlight. A satisfied smile spreading her lips wide as she made no move to leave her bed, her lower body still blissfully naked from the waist down, knowing full well that he was still watching her, his eyes gliding over each and every inch of her flushed and naked skin…

This was originally written as a stand-alone short story but after some positive feedback, I added another two chapters and published the entire story at Amazon. To read the entire story, click on the link, Watch Me.


Best Friends

Buffalo was not the smallest town in Oklahoma, but it was also nowhere near big enough to be called a city. For Claire though, it was perfect. As a kid she had loved the wilderness, the farms and the cowboys. By the time she had reached her late teens though, she did find herself always having fantasies about what kind of world might be out there. By 15, she had grown into a young woman with 34C breasts and curvy round hips. Her piercing blue eyes and auburn hair made her all the more attractive to the local boys.

Her two best friends, Jake and Peter began to look at her a little differently over the summer that Claire developed her womanly figure. They were the same age, so their hormones were taking over too. But nothing ever happened between any of them, in part because Claire could not decide between the two. She also didn’t want to do anything that might harm their friendship. They had, after all, known each other since they were little kids.

Claire graduated with honors in her senior year and was not only accepted at several different colleges, but even offered part scholarships because her grades were so high. She was dying to get out and see the real world, but she also dreaded the thought of leaving her friends and the safety of her small town.

Both Jake and Peter would miss Claire incredibly. They had shared secrets, laughs and heartbreaks for so many years. But both boys had grown into young men, and both wanted more than ever to get Claire naked now, more than just hanging out and going swimming in Buffalo Creek River. Jake’s family owned a large horse farm and he would not be going to college but rather stay in Buffalo to manage the farm. Peter wanted to attend college, but his grades had been less than perfect partly due to his boisterous behavior in school. He was one for crazy antics and getting into a little trouble. It was a fair bet that he would just stay and work at his parents’ farm.

So it was with both trepidation and excitement that Claire went off to Columbia University in New York that September. The big city was like nothing that she had experienced before. For one thing, the college courses were much harder than anything that she had ever done in high school, but there was that added distraction of the fact that there was much less supervision and all the good looking young men around her. She was there for less than 2 weeks when she met Eric.

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Workplace Liaisons

Sally sighed a deep, exasperated sigh as she stared at her computer screen. It was almost eight in the evening, and everyone else in the office had long gone home. Even the cleaners and their supervisors that came to the office after hours had all finished up and gone home.

Sally rubbed her eyes and tried to gather her thoughts and find some hidden spark of motivation to carry on writing the sales presentation that she’d been working on for the past twelve hours.

It was difficult to find motivation when she was nursing a feeling of anger and resentment. Her colleague (or ‘boss’ depending on how you looked at it) Jake had dumped this on her at the very last minute –and expected it to be finished, polished and presented to him by nine o’clock tomorrow morning.

Sally scowled as she found that she had proofread the same paragraph for the third time, and then leaned back in her chair. She felt another wave of fatigue wash over her and had to fight back the feelings of anger as she took a few deep breaths.

Why did Jake always have to make her life so difficult?

It was as if he got his kicks from watching her struggle to meet his demands. She had no doubts in her mind that he had known for days about the sales pitch he was to deliver to a potential customer tomorrow. But he deliberately waited until the day before to dump the task of writing the pitch and accompanying presentation on Sally’s desk. That was just the sort of jerk he was!

Sally sighed deeply and took a sip of the coffee on her desk. It had been cold for the last hour, but she didn’t care. She needed the caffeine boost to get her through the next couple of hours that much was certain!

She tried to knuckle down and finish the first draft, but just couldn’t seem to concentrate. Images of Jake kept on springing to her mind – reminding her of her position, and making her wince with ill-disguised disappointment in herself.

She and Jake had both joined the company as interns, at around the same time. There was instantly an air of competition between them, but at the time Sally had thought that was healthy.

Each of them wanted to impress the bosses of the company, and make a name for themselves. In the first couple of years of her career, Sally had felt that her unspoken rivalry with Jake had been a blessing in disguise.

If Jake got praise, Sally worked harder. If Sally got promoted, she found that Jake wasn’t far behind her – snapping at her heels. It was as if they each spurred each other on to be more ruthlessly determined to succeed in their respective roles – she as a Marketer and he as a Sales Rep.

For the four years they had worked at the company, they had found that they were pretty much on an equal footing with one another. That was, until now.

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Sighing heavily, she stared at the seemingly endless spreadsheet of calculations on the screen in front of her. She rubbed her temples, closing her eyes to the chaos, shutting out the ringing of the office phone, if only for a minute. She was so tired of this, whoever’s idea it was for her to become an accountant should be tied down and beaten. Her life was a continuous cycle of stress and boredom, constant evading of potential financial crisis during the day, heading home exhausted, spending each night lying on the couch in front of reruns on the TV, alone in her tiny apartment. She picked up the coffee cup sitting next to her computer monitor, and sipped at the sweet mixture, now cold.

She needed some excitement. Pulling her phone from her purse, she touched the screen to open one of the dating site apps that she perused once in a while. There was never anything interesting, the same old guys, with different names. Each one was well-educated, funny, professional and caring. Every picture was of a man smiling, cookie cutter versions of GQ models, or better yet, really average men sporting some ridiculous gimmick in the hopes of catching a female’s attention. These were the pathetics, as she called them, the ones with their pet in the photo, or some icon like Batman alongside them or in the background. Hoping to have a conversation starter ready and available, hooking chicks with their geeky interests. She flicked each one off her screen with a swipe of her finger, discarding them without a second thought. There was nothing here.

She wasn’t looking for love, she didn’t have time for that, she was too busy with her career at the moment, and she wasn’t the type to settle down and have a bunch of kids, even though she was “at that age.” She thrived on sex, it was the only thing that calmed the whirlwind of chaos that filled her head at night, making her unable to relax into sleep. She daydreamed about hard, young bodies, covering her with their weight, pleasuring her until the storm quieted. She imagined them hidden below the desk in the office, their mouths pressed against her sex, relieving the tension of her day, kissing her pussy till she shuddered in her swivel chair. Just thinking about it made her warm, and her pussy screamed out for attention. Stupid office, why did she have to make herself hot when there was nothing that she could do about it? She could head off to the bathroom for a tic, but it was never fully satisfying to fuck herself in the stall, someone was always walking in right when she was about to cum.

She opened the internet on her phone. Porn was still open from this morning, and she gazed wistfully at the image paused on the screen, the little blond girl all tied up, getting all her holes filled by a group of hard-bodied college boys. Jealousy welled up inside her, what she wouldn’t give to have a gaggle of college boys in her bed tonight.

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Slipping on my sandals I pushed the sliding-glass door open to lounge by the pool. The sun was high and it was a sweltering 98° in Miami. My large sunglasses blotted out most of the sun, but not the boyish laughter coming from my own son and his best friend Josh.

Shaking my head I closed off the air-conditioned family room and crossed the shadowed outdoor eating area to one of the lounges by the pool. Tyler grabbed Josh by the ankle as he was about to stand—exiting the pool as he was—and pulled him back into the water. He shot up and splashed a wave at my child and called him an ass.

“Hey, you boys watch it. I wanted to get some sun and don’t need you two soaking me.”

“Sorry, Ms. H.” Josh was so cute, if he were a little older I might eat up those dimples that flashed every time he smiled at me, but he had only turned eighteen a few days before so he was well out of my forty-five year old range.

“It’s no problem Josh, just take it to the other side.”

“What’s for dinner tonight?”

Typical boy, my son; you would think he and his friend were obese if you judged them by how much they ate. Both their lean lightly muscled bodies showed it didn’t matter how much soda and junk they consumed, as long as they stayed active they would never gain a pound. Looking down at my soft middle exposed by my bikini I frowned knowing I have to hit the gym even if I sniff toast, calories love me that much.

Letting go of my jealousy over their young physiques I said, “Whatever you want. I’ll order some pizza and a movie for you boys.” Leaning back in the lounge I opened my sheer covering to let the sun hit my body. “I take it you’re staying this weekend Josh.”

“Sure am,” he said before his words were garbled.

He and Tyler went back to horsing around in the pool while laughing and talking trash the way teen boys do. Their banter had changed over the years but their friendship never waned. Their friendship didn’t even falter when my husband left me for Josh’s widowed mom. There was no bitterness over the incident, our marriage should have been over well before that happened, but it did pretty much leave me taking care of Josh while they traveled all over for Eric’s work.

Turning my head, I looked over at the two boys, my only son and my near adopted one. Josh would never be mistaken for my child with his shining blond hair and silvery eyes. They contrasted greatly with my thick dark hair, almond-shaped, dark eyes, and my much darker skin. A mix of Hispanic and Italian heritage left me as dark as many of the Cuban’s living in Little Havana.

No, Josh could never be mistaken for my kid even if he pretty much lived at my house—he and Tyler spent only one month out of the year with his mom, JoAnne, and my ex, Eric. Technically Josh lived with his grandmother, but he didn’t like it at her house and she didn’t have the patience for him so no one said a thing as he began spending more and more time with me, Tyler, and my daughter Brittney. By the time Brittney left for college, over a year ago, Josh had his own room and saw his grandma maybe one or two weekends out of the month. He had seen her last weekend so I knew it was too soon for another visit.

Smiling at the two boys cannon balling together I turned back and settled in to my lounge, content with the sound of laughter and good times. My ex and Josh’s mom might have thought living all over the world was the only way to go, but enjoying a nice day by my own pool in Miami while hearing the sound of well raised kids play together was pretty darn sweet.

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It had been a long day. Some stupid idiot up in the corporate office had decided that they should have a well-advertised clearance sale, resulting in hundreds of deal-hungry women combing through her merchandise, destroying her displays and generally making her life miserable for an entire week. She just wanted to go home, take off the heels that were making her feel like a Chinese bride undergoing binding torture, crawl into her fuzziest pajamas and watch reruns on TV with James.

Cara loved her job. She had started in this place years ago, folding T-shirts and stuffing receipts into customer bags for minimum wage. Now she was the manager of the store and had a say in what items they would showcase. She took pride in the high sales volumes that her store produced every month. But often, on days like today where she felt wrung out from dealing with pushy, high priority customers and frantic mothers dealing with squealing teenage girls, she envied her husband’s choice of profession. He got a cool, clean, quiet office. His world was numbers, code and computer files. James was the manager of an IT department across town, and when everything was going well in his day, he would spend his days sitting in the sunshine at the park, enjoying the sparkling water fountain along with his coffee.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket. A text from James, “Hey Dollface, what do you want for dinner?” He was thoughtful, always planning nice things for her when he knew that she would be too frantic to worry about mundane things, such as food.

“Whatever’s clever babe, surprise me. ;)” She flirted with him a little, maybe he would give her the surprise that she really wanted, some undivided sexual attention, release some of her tension.

“K. See ya at home. XoXo.” They had been in love since the day they met, in college. A party a friend was throwing, to blow off some steam, ended with her sitting with the “geekiest” guy there and talking to him until dawn, when she ended up sharing his bed, for the rest of her life. They were polar opposites. He tall and blonde, pale, the only light that his skin saw was the glare of a monitor; She tiny and dark, bouncy and social where he was reclusive and shy. No one thought it would last, but it did.

Cara didn’t make it all the way to the car, she stopped, throwing herself down on the curb, and undid the buckles on her heels. She padded barefoot the rest of the way, people giving her sidelong glances of disapproval as she made her way along the busy sidewalk. It was steaming in the car, it had been parked in the sun for the afternoon, and she unbuttoned her blouse and turned up the air conditioning. Music blasted from the stereo. She pulled back her hair, put on her sunglasses and turned out into traffic for the long ride home.

“I’m home!” she hollered as she walked in the front door of the apartment, throwing her bag and keys into the wingback chair in the living room, her diabolic shoes on the floor. She walked through to their bedroom, unbuttoning her blouse and shrugging it off, tossing it into the hamper and slipping out of her pencil skirt.

“Yes,” he said from the doorway, “I can see that.” She was standing in the middle of the room in only her black bra and panties, and the look in his eyes said that even after being married for many years, he still enjoyed the view of her tight belly, full breasts and plump bottom. He came into the room, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him. He pressed his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply and she melted into his arms.

“Well, hello to you too.” She giggled, pulling away from him and swatting him on the arm. “I need a shower.”

“I’ve got a surprise for you, as requested, when you are done rinsing off your stress.” He grabbed her wrist as she passed him, heading for the respite of a cool shower and pulled her to him, again sealing their mouths in a passionate kiss.

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Going Home

Claire looked over at the couple across from her on the train and smiled. New York was so different from where she was from. It would have been thought scandalous to grope each other as they were doing. Here in the big city it was normal and most people just walked by without a glance. The woman had long blonde hair and was petite. She was sitting on the man’s lap wrapping her hands in his shoulder length hair as he devoured her mouth with his own. She moaned into his mouth as she felt him grip her ass. Claire suddenly realized she had been staring and quickly averted her gaze out the window. There were only 3 days of school left until spring break when she would be going home for the first time since school had started. She was excited and couldn’t wait to get there. She thought of her family back home and smiled. Her brother’s wife had just had their first baby and she couldn’t wait to hold her tight.

Her mind drifted to two other people she had left back home. Two men who had been her best friends and more. She had wanted them both and had even dated them but was never able to choose between them. They were alike in looks but looks alone. Peter was the rough and tough throw you in the hay and make passionate love to you while Jack was the quiet and sensitive type that would pursue you with rose petals first. Both men were absolutely gorgeous through and through. They were both over six feet tall with Peter being slightly taller and both men had bodies that would make any woman drool. Where Peter’s eyes are hazel and look like the sweetest chocolate, Jack’s were green that shone like emeralds. The three had been inseparable when they were growing up and had built many forts together. Everything had changed when they hit junior high though. Claire had grown breasts by then and her hips had rounded out too. She had spent her days in gymnastics and had a body that was now toned and curved in all the right places. She knew she had a nice looking body but wasn’t one to flaunt it.

Things were so different here. She grew up in cutoff jeans and tank tops. In the city people bought jeans with tears in them and wore shirts that barely covered their boobs. She had gone to numerous parties with her roommate and both being from small country towns had been amazed at the difference the city had been. They had giggled and laughed when they saw men running around the yard late at night in not a stitch of clothing and had told each other their stories of the couple of guys they had met and been with. When she had left home she had been a shy naïve girl who liked to be nosy. She was going home with a little more experience and knowledge of the carnal nature. She grinned when she thought of her boys. And that was what they were. Hers! An evil smile crossed her lips when she thought of a story one of the girls had told them.

Rebecca was a sophomore and had told the girls of her experience with two guys at once. Both the girls gasped when she had asked them if they had ever had anal sex before. Both girls had looked at each other and then shook their heads no. She had explained how it was a completely different experience and was something she highly recommended they try. Claire was determined that she would try it this break and with the two men who had been more to her than anyone else.

The subway came to a stop and she looked out the window and stood. She would only have a few blocks to walk before she was back at the dorm. She sighed as she started her walk. She looked around at the people. She had been here for months and the city still amazed her. She loved learning about new people and religions. That was another thing that was so different from back home. There were so many different cultures and religions in the city that it was amazing to hear stories from all of them. She smiled at two guys who walked by her. They had their arms around each other and one was whispering in the other’s ear. She chuckled when she saw the other lightly pat the other’s hand before leaning over and pecking him on the lips. The difference in life here was amazing and she realized that she had been a little sheltered in her life back in the country.

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A bead of sweat trickled between her shoulder blades and down the small of her back. Her breath came quickly, in rhythm with her powerful body. Her muscles flexed and released as she moved her body to a familiar beat. Her heart pounded in her chest, matching pace with her shoes on the pavement.

Elena loved to run, especially on a day like today. It was hot, the sun high and bright in the sky, warming the skin of her shoulders and arms, her fists clenched as she pushes her lithe body even harder. There was very little breeze today. Didn’t matter, she could make her own wind to blow through her hair, by moving faster.

She was flying. Her body strong and fierce, glistening with sweat and singing from exertion. Yes, Elena loved to run.

Farther down the path, she knew of a spot where she could rest and dip her hands and face in a small creek hidden in the brush to cool herself. The running trail didn’t go that way, but if you knew where to look, you could see the footsteps of others seeking respite from the sun in the trampled grass and broken branches. She slowed and parted the overgrowth to duck beneath it and onto the secluded path.

The air was thicker here, moist and heavy. It was dark, the light blocked by the thick overgrowth. The branches caught in her long hair as she passed, though it was tied tightly behind her head. The thorns in the brush clutched at her, snagging her clothes as she passed. She fought her way through the thicket, dreaming of the cool water on her heated skin.

Ahead of her, the path was blocked by an apple tree, heavy with small, white, sweet-smelling flowers, where it had grown to cross the trail. She reached out before her and gently pushed the branch from before her eyes.

The sun was sparkling off the water of the little creek, the foliage of the hidden place green and alive. There were tiny insects hovering on the water, enjoying the lazy glide of the summer day. The air smelled of honeysuckle, warm and sweet, and the cool mossy place in between the rocks.

Perched among the rocks, squatting in a pool of sunshine, was a woman.

Her skin was rich amber, warmed and freckled by the midday sun slanting through the trees. She was nude, her legs bent beneath her like a fawn, splashing her delicate hands in the shallow water. She rested on her full hips, the slope of her back curling into a round bottom crowned by twin dimples in her flesh. She turned to Elena, her eyes filled with mischievous glee, and smiled.

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Beyond Purity

Sarah Parks’s life had always been planned out by her father since she was a little girl, probably even before she was born. Living with a conservative father who wanted to protect his young daughter by giving her what he had thought was best for her, he raised her under the strict religious views that he was brought up in as well. Yet, Sarah still had a rebellious nature that just couldn’t be quelled, which her father blamed on her late mother. He was terrified that when she went off to college it would turn her into the girl that he never wanted her to be that was distracted by boys or sex and evidently ruin her chance to become something great in the world. The only way she could convince her father to let her go off to college was if she joined the purity club led by a girl named Becky Rodgers; a self-righteous woman who rigorously enforced all club rules to the fullest extent.

Sarah tucked a piece of her dark brown hair behind her ear as she held her notebooks close to her body walking down the hallway to the purity club’s meeting room. She was never a fan of these meetings, but she would do just about anything to please her father’s wishes without any problems. Her fair skinned cheeks blushed as she passed the boys in the hallway who gave her questioning stares coming up to the door. She would always keep her eyes away from them, but she could still feel all their eyes on her whenever she strolled by. It wasn’t exactly an issue for her, but she always wondered what those stares meant and whether or not they were for good intentions or bad. Knowing she couldn’t ask the club’s leader about those matters, she kept her wonders locked away inside her mind, safe from anyone else finding out.

Usually, she was the first one to all the meetings, even beating Becky Rodgers by a few minutes each time. Sarah admired Becky’s perseverance and willingness to comply by the views of the club even at the age of twenty-one, ignoring all the peer pressure that she was “too old to still be a virgin”. Sometimes Sarah wished she could be more like Becky because then she could definitely be the daughter her father had always wanted, but she knew she wasn’t built for the rabid obedience he had planned out for her. It was true she was a virgin and wasn’t interested in giving that away to any guys as of yet, but some of her thoughts lead her to believe that it wasn’t such a bad thing to wonder about boys once in a while.

Becky walked in the room, looking primped and as fresh as always in her white blouse and pastel pink skirt, with the poised posture that stole the attention of whoever came in contact with her. With a creamy complexion and sparkling blue eyes, she never had a problem having all eyes on her, even though she could care less if they were from boys. Sarah knew it was wrong to be jealous of Becky’s beauty because jealousy itself was a sin, but she couldn’t help but wish she could capture everyone the way Becky did without even trying. She watched as Sarah set up her desk before the meeting started, her soft lips glistening with the softest hint of lip gloss. That was another thing that Becky did that other girls hated; she would wear natural makeup that enhanced her beauty in a respectable way, but it still looked better than the other girls who tried to copy her look.

“I’m glad you’re always here early, Sarah.” Becky used her authoritative voice as she stared at Sarah with a stern look that intimidated, yet amazed Sarah. “My father told me we’ll be getting a new member today. His name is Josh Marsden and I want you to make sure he feels welcomed, okay?”

“Of course!” Sarah couldn’t help but feel a little bit of excitement in the fact that a boy would be joining because the club consisted of only females. Becky immediately shot her judgmental look over at Sarah, so she covered up her excitement by saying, “It’s nice to see that guys are finally realizing the ways of the Lord.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking!” A faint smile spread across Becky’s face as she went back to setting up for the lesson she had planned for the day. “I have a few ideas for an awareness event that I want to go over with you when you have some free time.”

Sarah acknowledged her, but her mind was wrapped around who the boy was that was going to join today. She was sure that most of the boys she’d come in contact with on campus were already having sex or seriously considering giving it up to the first lucky candidate. It was possible there were boys, who still were, but with how commonly and easily sex came up in a conversation even during classes; she was beginning to lose all hope in finding a good guy. At least now, there was another reason for coming to the meetings other than earning her father’s approval. She’d keep her thoughts tucked away inside herself; though she was sure Becky had some kind of mind reading ability she hadn’t told anyone about.

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Breaking Talons

Sandi Cartwright knew she was the best person for the job since no one else was able to get the necessary information out of any of the criminals in question. Interrogations were her specialty and she had no issue as to what methods she had to use, even if they were occasionally unorthodox, because she always got them to give her what she needed. Rising quickly through the ranks of the FBI and intending to do so until she reaches director one day, she was willing to make sacrifices and her body was one of them. No one ever questioned her choices, but that was mainly because all they cared about was the fact that her interrogations always ended in a deliverance of either a confession or the lead to who actually was the culprit of the crime. She was praised endlessly for her cunning stealth to get the job done, but she never allowed her overly-confident pride to interfere with her job.

She was awoken from an emergency message on her beeper from her partner, Daniel Rowland, claiming that there was a new case that she had been specifically requested for by the Head of Operations himself. Sighing heavily, trying to pull herself into her professional state of mind she carried while at work, she told him she would be at the office within the hour. Daniel gave their boss the confirmation of Sandi’s arrival and then immediately hung up with her. Sarah placed her phone on the table and sleepily walked towards her bathroom to begin her normal routine before going to work. Fresh out the shower, she finished up by primping her face with the natural makeup she usually did and tied her black hair into a perfect high bun, keeping all fly-aways down with hairspray or bobby pins.

Getting dressed was the easiest and quickest part of her routine because all of her suits were pressed to perfection hanging in her closet. There were slight differences in each one, but all of them were the same navy blue color because she loved the way it complimented her stormy blue eyes. Obsessed with organization, everything had a place and every place had a reason in her closet, so she could easily pull out her outfits day by day. Heels were her ideal choice of footwear when wearing a skirt suit, so she slid her foot into the brand new pair of black wedges that she had bought just a few days before. She flattened her skirt against her legs, smoothing out any wrinkles if there were any, and then walked over to the floor length mirror to see herself in full.

Satisfied with her attire, she grabbed her black trench coat from the coat rack next to her bedroom door and headed out of her house within minutes. Upon locking her door and walking to her car, she could see the sun rising in the distance, signaling that the day was just about to begin for her. Sandi took the freeway, knowing the fastest way to get to work and pulled into the parking lot in record time. She flashed the parking attendant her job ID and proceeded into the building, coming face to face with Daniel who was awaiting her arrival in the lobby. “You got here fast. I made you a cup of coffee just the way you like it.”

She smiled at Daniel warmly and accepted the coffee, taking a sip of the caramel latte warming her fingers. “You never fail to get me my morning dose of caffeine ever since that one day back at the Academy.”

Daniel pressed the button to call for the elevator and chuckled as the doors opened for them to walk in. “Yeah, well I learned my lesson to not talk to you unless you have some caffeine in your system first.”

Laughing, she gently touched his arm and sighed. “I’d like to think I am quite different now, Daniel. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“You still have your days.” Eric laughed as Sandi pretended to be appalled by his confession, but as soon as the elevator rang for their floor, her facial expression changed. “I can see you got your game face on.”

Sandi carried an air of professionalism as she walked through the office, causing all eyes to be on her every time she passed by, but she never paid much attention to them anyway. Once she stepped foot into the office, her full focus was on her work and nothing more. As soon as they turned the corner to reach the interrogation room, the Head of Operations stopped them. “Ah, I’m glad you could come on such short notice, Agent Cartwright. I was trying my best to keep you out of this one to give you a break for a few days after your last case, but sadly, it seems like you are the only one who can get me the information I need.”

Sandi had to keep the cocky smile from surfacing as she responded to him. “It’s quite alright Mr. Sullivan. You know I will never shy away from any favors when they come from you.”

“I really do appreciate your kindness. Now, if you will follow me to the interrogation room, we can discuss this manner in greater detail.”

“As you wish, Sir. After you.” Sandi followed his footsteps as Daniel shadowed behind the both of them and she wondered what kind of criminal she was going to be interrogating. It was common for them to want her to tag along, just to be sure that the criminal complied with their demands, but this time seemed so much more different and it honestly frightened her for a moment. It wasn’t the fact of her thinking she couldn’t get him to talk to her because she knew it wouldn’t be an issue, but it was the fact that he wasn’t in the usual interrogation room. No, they were walking into the farther section of the room where the high profile case criminals were kept. Just how bad was this guy she was going to interrogate?

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