Chinese For Lunch

“’I just don’t like fat chicks,’ was the last thing the monster dickhead I called my boyfriend said before taking the last of his crap and fleeing from our apartment several months ago, since then I’ve been re-thinking my life over.” Sarah hissed before apologizing to Erin, the Chinese business associate that came to her office to discuss the next term’s financials.

“I… I’m so sorry, I don’t know why but when we started talking about relationships, I just lost it and felt I could tell you everything,” Sarah sighed, a bit embarrassed with herself.

“Fat chicks huh?” Erin hissed, standing up as she walked in front of the mirror in Sarah’s office. “I’ve never thought myself or you for that matter as anything to do with fat,” Erin sighed rolling one of her hands over her sharply curved breasts, the tips of her fingers beating against her already roused covered nipple as her other hand snaked slightly the cloth dress protection her inner thighs. “I guess I could use a little toning.” She sighed, not really needing it, but wanting to see Sarah’s response.

“You?” Sarah paused mid thought, oddly finding herself physically comparing Erin to the typical man that she would get all wet over. The type of guy she would drop her panties for before even knowing his name. “I think your body is perfect as is,” Sarah confessed. It was the first time she found herself looking at another woman in that kind of way, admiring the sharply curved rounds of her breasts and thighs through her skimpy layer of fine cotton. Sarah found herself thinking like a typical male in heat; the kind of guy that smacks his lips and touches his cock through his shorts, as he becomes intensely turned on and horny.

“Well… I’m not so sure about that, there may be one area that needs some added attention,” Erin whispered hungrily, gazing deeply into Sarah’s eyes once more, this time more serious than ever before as she bent down over the desk, breasts inches from Sarah’s face as Erin’s ass perched upwards off the desktop.

“I…I,” Sarah stuttered, her heart fluttering as she continued to gaze into Erin’s soft brown eyes.

“You what?” Erin asked teasingly, her voice quiet and muggy, as one of her hands slowly trailing over stiff nipple of her breast through her dress, before slowly cupping her hand over her breast as her fingers stroked over her hardened nipples.

“I…,” Sarah whimpered, unable to speak clearly, she could feel her pussy heating up, aching for her touch, for her sweet savoury lips and tongue upon her insides. She felt like a virgin in high school all over again, gazing shyly into Erin’s lust-filled eyes, the warmth of her own body tearing through me. Experiencing a completely new sensation, a desire for flesh like she never felt before.

“It’s…” she heard Erin’s soft voice echo towards her, “It’s okay Sarah,” Erin whispered as the tips of her fingers pressed softly against the bottom of Sarah’s chin, only to pull the innocent woman’s face upwards, so she could look into her dark emerald green eyes. “It’s okay, my cherry blossom,” Erin whispered, her lush moist lips mere inches from Sarah’s soft warm flesh. “There’s nothing to worry about, I won’t force you to do anything…and I promise you will enjoy everything I have to offer,” Erin said as she lashed the tip of her slender tongue against the outline of her own lips before pressing her lips against Sarah’s face, kissing her gently with open lips.

“Erin… I… I don’t,” Sarah tried to speak, her fear of the unknown washing over her like a cool chill as she felt a fire, an unknown passion to please the woman in front of her building deeply inside. “I… I… that is I’ve never…,” Sarah stuttered, “I’ve never been with another woman… you know it’s… frowned upon here in the States.” She gasped, feeling the warmth of Erin body pressing against her own as she draped the tips of her fingers over Sarah’s large, firm breasts, crushing them deeply, passionately against her chest, continuing to drape her velvet lips over Sarah’s.

“That’s alright,” Erin whispered, the warmth of her breath massing across Sarah’s damp lips, as she gazed seductively into her eyes. “That’s okay my love, I’ll teach you the touch of another woman regardless of whether others think it’s taboo,” she hissed only to drape her lush moist lips over Sarah’s once more before slowly sliding one of her hands down her back, grasping the round of her ass into the palm of her hand.

“Oh…oh my… my God,” Sarah gasped as Erin continued her assault upon her neck, running the fingers of her other hand through her lover’s long raven hair. Her lips continuing their barrage on her neckline, before gently sinking the tips of her teeth into Sarah’s neck. “Uh yes,” Sarah gasped, her moans of passion, of untamed desires grew louder, forcing her to bite her bottom lip as her lover’s hands roamed all over her tight body, gliding the tip of her tongue across her throat, taking in the lovely savour of her lover’s flesh.

“Don’t… Don’t stop,” Sarah begged, thrashing her hands into Erin’s long black hair. Erin’s lips massing down the rounds of Sarah’s shoulders, before merging farther down her lush chest. Quickly removing Sarah’s bra and top, causing her to moan slightly to the cool chilled air of the air-conditioned room. The air washed over her aroused nipples, forcing her to reach up for Erin’s face only to barrel her tongue deeply into her warm mouth, savouring the tangy flavour of her tongue.

Breaking away from the embrace, Erin pushed Sarah against the pillow top chair, forcing her to recline as far back as it would allow, as she hovered over her like a darkened shadow, covering her with her lust and passion, her yearning and hunger. Slowly she sank down towards her prize, rolling, gliding the tip of her moist tongue down towards her panties. She pulled away her knickers before placing small kisses against her shaved mound, tasting the slight sugary dampness of Sarah nectar, which began to saturate through her green-laced panties.

“Take… take them off… please,” Sarah gasped, tangling her fingers into the soft auburn strands of her lover’s head, feeling her lips sliding over her hips, the tip of her tongue racing gently over her opening. “Please… Please take off my panties,” Sarah pleaded as she sighed, a slight crimson hue masking over her face as her own words echoed through her head embarrassing her.

“Mmm,” Erin moaned, standing on her knees as her eyes slowly took in the awe-inspiring scene of her lover’s tight firm body only to fixate on Sarah’s bare breasts, licking her lips as she noticed her hardened, pink nipples standing erect and at attention, before gazing back into her lover’s shimmering eyes.

“Who’s the newbie again?” Erin giggled as she rolled her hands over the sides of Sarah’s waist, pulling the elastic band of her panties as they cascaded slowly down her lightly tanned thighs, revealing the bare, shaved mound of heaven to her prying eyes. “Mmm… Perfect,” Erin purred before flinging Sarah’s panties across the office.

Quickly she continued the assault with her lips, trailing down Sarah’s inner thighs; the scent of her natural perfume ever so enticing; the fragrance driving her crazy with desire and lust. Yet Erin held firm, not wanting to ruin her lover’s first time with someone of the same sex, she continued by slowly placing soft, gentle kisses across Sarah’s body, teasing her with her lips even more.

“No… Stop… Stop,” Sarah gasped, the blood inside her boiling; craving to feel Erin’s tongue lashing over her pussy, to feel the tip of her lover’s tongue, her lips over her clitoris, taking her like a beast in the night. “Stop… Stop teasing…,” Sarah paused, only to thrash her head back against her chair as a wave of passionate bliss tore through her like a razor sharp knife.

“Fu… FUUUCK,” Sarah gasped abruptly feeling Erin’s lush lips sliding over her clitoris, sucking it into her mouth before lashing her clit with the tip of her tongue, forcing Sarah to lock her legs around Erin’s head. “Fu… FUCK YES!” Sarah howled like a dog, slamming her hips upward, again thrashing her head back against the chair as a wave of fire burst through her, a wave of intense pleasure tearing through her once more. Freeing her clit, Erin quickly shoved her whole tongue deeply into Sarah’s opening, licking her inner-walls, forcing her lover to bite down on her lip once more as she dug her nails into Erin’s shoulders.

“Mmm,” Erin moaned to the slight pain coursing through her back, only to continue the assault on her virgin lover by thrusting both her index and ring fingers into Sarah’s pussy. All the while, she continued to glide the tip of her tongue over her lover’s clit, sucking her into her warm, wet mouth before lashing her clit with the tip of her tongue repeatedly.

“Fu… FUCCCK… I’m… I’m so close… I think I’m going to…,” Sarah panted for breath feeling the intense fire inside her building like a raging inferno, the heat surging through her, almost devouring her as the pleasure continued to build more and more. Unlocking her thighs around Erin’s neck, Sarah pushed her lover’s head into her hips only to slam her pussy up to her wet hot mouth, loving the feeling of her lips and tongue devouring her. “Yes… almost… almost,” Sarah gasped, as she closed her eyes, readying herself for the coming release, the coming pressure to blow through her body.

It was then that she felt it, the pleasure fading and the heat that was building inside her slowly slipping away. Opening her eyes, Sarah gazed down at her lover only to see Erin continuing to glide her fingers in and out of Sarah’s pussy, keeping her slightly aroused.

“Wha… what… why… why did you stop?” Sarah barked, a bit disturbed to her lover’s sudden act, as if teasing her.

“It’s not that time for you yet,” Erin smiled as she rolled her tongue over her lips, her fingers still slowly gliding in and out of her lover’s tight, hot opening, keeping her slightly stimulated as she slowly sank back down between Sarah’s open thighs.

“You were going to cum too fast… too soon, you need to enjoy every emotion, every flick,” Erin purred. Rolling her tongue over the entire centre of her body, starting at the peak of Sarah’s open thighs, Erin slowly raked her tongue over the full opening of Sarah’s wet, savoury slit allowing her nectar to glide over the full length of her tongue before continuing past her lightly covered mound. Sucking her tongue back into her mouth to re-moisten it, she hovered over Sarah once more before twisting down over her stomach, again placing her tongue against her lightly tanned flesh before raking the tip over the contours of her stomach and chest.

“Mmm… fuck yeah,” Sarah moaned to the onslaught of pleasure, she could feel the slight friction of Erin’s tongue gliding across her flesh. “Fuck,” she gasped again only to gaze into her lover’s breathtaking eyes, as Erin rolled one of her hands over Sarah’s large taut breasts, cupping it into her palm before lifting it up by squeezing the tip of her stimulated nipple. Slowly, ever so teasingly, Erin glided the tip of her tongue over the rounds of Sarah’s breasts, making sure that no flesh was untouched by her tongue. While simultaneously, she continued to press the tips of her fingers deep into Sarah’s pussy, hooking the tip of her fingers upward, pressing roughly against the ceiling wall, before slowly slipping them out of her.

“Fu……FUUUUUCK!” Sarah panted, to the assault of pleasure that continued to warp all over her body. “I… I can feel it all…, I can feel all of you,” she buckled, thrashing her hips upward every time Erin drove her two fingers back into her tightness, only to heave her breast upwards whenever Erin made another attack on her large breasts.

“Mmm,” Erin moaned deeply, gliding her mouth up over Sarah’s neck, before brushing the tip of her tongue against the lobe of her ear. “Now…,” she paused as she pressed her fingers deeply into her, widening her fingers as she slowly pulled them out, casing an extreme amount of resistance between Sarah’s pussy and her own fingers.

“NOW… its time,” Erin gasped, before quickly falling back down between Sarah’s inner thighs once more. Sarah barely had a chance to take a breath before she felt the pleasure of it all rolling through her once more. Pressing her face between Sarah’s thighs Erin deeply inhaled the savoury intoxicating aroma of her lover, the scent of her stimulation sent chills of desire, of lust throughout her as she pressed her tongue flat against Sarah’s swollen opening, flicking her lover’s clitoris with the tip of her tongue.

“OH… OH MY GOD… YES… YES… RIGHT THERE.” Sarah screamed as she arched her back against the back of the chair, bursts of coloured lights flashing through her eyes as the pleasure inside her continued to build like a torrent fire. All the while Erin continued to rake her tongue against her clit; one of her hands grasping Sarah’s tight round ass, the tip of one of her fingers barrelling into her asshole as the other crushed one of Sarah’s large, firm breasts against her chest, the tips of her fingers piercing deeply into her ripen nipple.

“Yes… Yes… lick me… lick me,” Sarah begged. Locking her thighs once more, encasing Erin’s head between them as she pressed her heals against her back.

“Of course,” Erin moaned slightly, her words muffled by Sarah’s pussy as she stated swirling her tongue around the insides, her lips pressing roughly against her outer lips, as she continued to suck Sarah’s warm nectar into her mouth.

“Oh… I’m…I’m Going to,” Sarah gasped, feeling an intense wave of pleasure wash over her. It was in that moment she felt it, in that moment, that second that she felt her first lesbian induced orgasm, a pleasure so intense, so powerful and extreme she came all over Erin’s face. “OH FUCK!” Sarah cried repeatedly as she came over and over again, feeling Erin’s non-stopping tongue drilling though her like a serpent’s tongue as she sucked her lover’s sweetened nectar into her mouth swallowing her sweet enthralling nectar again and again. “Yes…, fuck yes,” Sarah panted for breath only to free Erin from her lock as the height of passion, the rage of all the pleasure took its toll on her young virgin body.

“Fuck, fuck, that was good,” Sarah, gasped, only to hear a beeping sound coming from her desk phone. “Crap… not now!” she panted, pushing Erin away from her as she quickly answered the phone.

“Hey Sarah, how’s the meeting going?” Brad, one of her associates, asked with a hipster almost gay like voice.

“How’s… how’s it going?” Sarah gasped again, pausing for a moment as she watched Erin practically tearing away all her clothing before sitting down, wide legged in front of her on her Sarah’s office table, Erin’s pussy hot and wet, ready to be devoured.

“It’s going as well as can be expected I guess,” Sarah shot back.

“Great, so anyway a bunch of us are ordering some food for lunch did you want anything?” Brad asked.

“No… I’m good… I’m about to have some Chinese for lunch,” Sarah said, giggling slightly before hanging up the phone.

“Funny,” Erin smiled, “you can dig in whenever you’re ready.”

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