The first time Peter approached me about the idea of going to a swinger’s party, I thought that it was his way of asking me if it was okay for him to cheat on me and have me watch.

His perverted way of crossing that unprinted line that all men were thought to know never to cross, never to fuck, and never to be with another man’s wife while having another at home, thought it was his way of doing the wrong thing instead of trying to stay committed. To work things out, to be the couple we were when we first got married, but in all respects, the more I thought about it, the more I looked into it, the more I wanted to try fucking another woman’s husband, all the while having Peter watching me.

“Wow, I’m so glad the two of you decided you come tonight,” Peter’s associate, Trevor, from work smiled as he opened the back door to his private estate. Standing before us in a dark red, untied, velvet robe, his thick, slightly erect cock arching upwards towards us though his raven black pubic hair, as he quickly ushered the two of inside.

“Sorry about my appearance,” just got done with one of the wives here just as you rang the bell,” he sighed slightly, “had to hurry up and pull off the condom before getting the door,” He smiled.

“Now if you could just go into the other room, I can quickly explain the rules for tonight before you two get started.” Trevor said as I felt his dark blue eyes, glazing across my mini jean shorts, his heated stare burning across my ass as if wanting to slam his cock inside it.

“Yes, yes, into the living room for a moment, if the two of you could have a seat I’ll quickly run through everything you need to know.” Trevor sighed, as if trying to rush through everything just so he could get back to the sex-crazed action I assumed was going on just below our feet.

“Now then,” he paused, “The purpose of swinging has nothing to do with cheating openly on each other as so many people think,” he said, licking his lips as a continued to gaze into my eyes, his cock become even more aroused, harder, firmer in front of me as he continued to talk.

“No, instead it actually helps strengthen your marital relationship.” He breathed deeply.

“Seriously?” I asked a bit put off by the notion, not really taking to the idea that fucking another person in front of my husband would really make him love me even more.

“Very serious,” Trevor shot back, swinging allows a couple to learn new things from other couples, helps explore sexual fantasies, thoughts and ideas one would normally be too afraid to ask the significant other, and it does this with each couple’s knowledge.” He took a breath, smiling, his eyes looked to Peter for a moment before shooting back to mine. “Besides that, it’s also kind of hot seeing your significant other getting fucked by someone else’s.” he added.

“Now the rules for tonight as it is your first night here are going to be pretty simple.” Trevor said. “One, NO one is obligated to participate in any activities, and more than likely, as this is your first time doing this, we pretty much know you’re just going to watch and then fuck each other.” Trevor sighed, “this is completely okay as the whole reason for doing this is to first feel comfortable with yourself before going out a fucking some stranger.”

“Two,” Trevor said only to be interrupted by a white, blond haired woman in her mid-forties as she walked completely naked into the room.

“Fuck!” Peter gasped quietly, his eyes upon her from the moment he first noticed her.

“Everyone must use protection, (with the exception of husbands and their real wives) at all times.” The blond woman said in a sultry southern bell voice. Her hands cupping her perky double D sized breast, the tips of her nails pinching her large, aroused nipples, as she raised one of her taut thighs up on the arm rest of the chair her husband was sitting, the opening of her blond, slightly trimmed pussy gazing back at both Peter and myself.

“Fucking hot as hell,” Peter sighed. I could see his cock hardening in his jeans as it pressed up against the fabric, sprouting a slight bulge in the front of his pants.

“Piper, baby, what are you doing up here, shouldn’t you be attending to the other guests?” Trevor asked, draping one of his hands across her inner thigh, before pressing the tips of his fingers into his wife’s drenching wet opening.

“I… I came up here so we could do the car thing for the new recruits,” she gasped, fingers tangling into her husband’s long strands of dark hair, as he pulled his fingers out of her, licking the savoury taste of her hot wetness into his mouth with the tip of his tongue.

“I see,” Trevor pouted, standing up from the chair, cupping one of his hands around the tight rounds of her ass cheeks. “Why don’t the two of you get completely undressed and meet us in the garage, just follow the signs…” Trevor hissed.

“Not, not downstairs with the others?” I asked, only to watch as Peter quickly stood up, practically tearing away his t-shirt as he loosened his belt to the front of his jeans.

“No, not yet at least,” Piper replied.

“We have to get you used to the images of what you’re going to see, the sexual desires that are going to consume you,” Trevor sighed, slapping his open palm across the cheek of his wife’s ass as they quickly made their way out of the room, leaving Peter and myself to finish undressing before becoming official swingers.

Five minutes later, on her knees in front of their garaged Ford Mustang Boss, Peter and I watched, amazed at the live action of two experienced and hot lovers fucking each other before our eyes. Sure, both Peter and I had watched porn together before, fucked on a beach during our vacation with our friends nearby but this, this was so, so, much different.

“Fuck, this is really hot,” I whispered almost to myself, holding Peter’s hand as we watched Piper take her husband’s cock into her mouth and began sucking him off right in front of us.

“Hot isn’t she?” Trevor asked, “The thrill, the excitement of being watched or watching others fuck right in front of you just burns you up inside doesn’t it Peter?” Trevor asked, draping his fingers into his wife’s long blond locks of hair as she continued to suck him inside her mouth, all the while cupping his balls in the palm of her hand.

“Damn it, this is hot Peter,” I gasped, I could feel Trevor’s every moment, every twitch of his body, of his approval inside Piper’s mouth, gazing up at the handsome, muscular toned body of her lover standing in front of her, his shimmering blue eyes locking onto hers as he groaned in approval.

“Yes, ple…please,” Trevor scuffed, tightening himself into her mouth, the tip of his cock growing massively in size and girth as he continued to drive his fingers through her hair.

“Mmm, fuck,” I moaned, suddenly feeling Peter’s body pressing against me from behind, the underside of his thick, long, hard cock pressing between my ass cheeks like a hotdog to a bun.

“Watching them is getting me so turned on,” Peter gasped in my ear, arms roping around my body as the tips of his fingers pressed slowly into my wetness, as I continued watching Trevor and Piper in front of me, loving and remembering the feeling the taste of a hot cock inside my mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Piper and I moaned in unison, as she glided her lush, moist lips less than an inch from tip of Trevor’s pulsating cock, blowing on it with the warmth of her breath, locking her eyes to her husband’s.

“Fuck…,” he grunted, arching his head, the bangs of his black hair, fell in front of his right eye, as Piper ran the tips of her fingers over the underside of his cock. Flicking her thumb over the juncture that connected the shaft to the head, his knees recoiled slightly before again standing firmly, allowing Piper to glide one of her hands up the back of his thigh before cupping his lush firm ass into her hands.

“Mmmm,” I grunted as Peter pressed the tip of his tongue across my neckline, plunging three of his fingers deeply into my pussy and arching them like a hook against the ceiling wall, before grasping my breasts firmly with his other hand, nails grazing across my perfect cream-colored flesh, as Piper flicked her tongue repeatedly around her husband’s cockhead.

“Mmmm yes,” Piper paused for a quick moment, releasing Trevor from her mouth, never taking her eyes off his cock, “his dick tastes so salty, so manly I can’t get enough,” she said to me in a girly high-pitched squeal. Smacking her lips together before pressing his cock upwards, getting a full look at the underside, as she glided the palm of her other hand savagely under his balls. Grasping them firmly as I continued to watch, imagining how large they were, how full of cum, how ready they were to release their load deep into her hot, wet mouth.

“Fucking hell,” Trevor shouted, giving in to his lover, stepping into her oral pussy as he arched his head up towards the garage ceiling, allowing Piper to get a better angle, a better bite on his rock hard present. “Fuck… Fuck Piper, you’re… you’re the best at this,” he hissed, tightening his grasps her shoulders as he lunged his hips forward.

“Mmmm,” I hissed, wanting so much to be her at that moment, to feel as much of his cock as possible into my mouth, wanting so much to taste his sweet, salty cum, feel him pumping that large cock down my throat, claiming me as a fucking bitch.

“Please… Please,” he begged, wanting to feel his wife’s hands upon him once more, needing to feel the warmth of her fingers.

“With pleasure,” Piper hissed sharply, running her tips down his shaft, tightening them around the base as she pressed her thumb against the underside, pumping his cock slowly at first, yet strongly in the palm of her tightening hands. Working him over as she increased the firmness of her fists around him; increased the pace of each passing pump across his length.

“Fuck… Yes Piper,” he whimpered, slowly rocking his hips to her rhythm, increasing the flow, the feeling of her hand, the pleasure of her heat against his body. “Yes… please… please,” I panted, enjoying every flick of Peter’s fingers upon me as he continued to devour my hot insides with his fingers, his cock pushing deep between my ass cheeks as he continued to devour my neck with his moist, hot tongue and lips.

“Do… do you,” Piper gasped, flicking her fingers across his tip, eyes locking onto each other’s, “do you feel like you’re going to explode?” She asked playfully, “I can feel a slight change in his cock as I continue to pump my hand over his junk,” she said to both Peter and myself, before tightening and loosening her grip, feeing the pulsing of his blood racing through it as if building up for an explosion.

“Yeah… YES!” Trevor cried, jerking his hips into her hands, “I… I’m close,” he managed to gasp before arching his head towards the ceiling once more, his fingers tightening around Piper’s shoulders as his teeth tore into his bottom lip, driving against her once more.

“Yes… god fucking yes,” Trevor, cried out; his voice echoing around us as a large load of his creamy hot cum shot out from his cock, gushing out over Piper’s face as she continued to pump him off, allowing him to shoot load after load of his foamy cum over her face and shoulders.

“Fuck, it’s your turn Elisa,” Peter gasped as he broke away from me. Picking me up before I could get a word in and slamming me back against the hood of their car, widening my thighs, aligning the opening of my soaking hot pussy with the tip of his cock.

“Is this… Is this really…,” I gasped, unable to finish my question as I felt the tip of his hard, raw cock sliding into my pussy, the tightness of my body shuddered through him as he sank into me bit by bit, inch by rough, jagged inch.

“FU… FUCK!” Both Trevor and Piper swore to the sudden onslaught of my body slammed hard against their sports car.

“Fuck… fuck yes… please… please,” I panted, feeling one of Peter’s hands running down my shoulders. Quickly latching his fingers over my large breasts, while driving the other up against one of my ass cheeks, holding it firmly in his hands as he pressed his lips up against the side of my neck, lashing the tip of his tongue around one of my earlobes, taking me like he had never before.

“Yes… yes,” I jerked my body, feeling him sinking further into me, “I can do this… I can take it all, I want it all,” I panted, feeling every bit of him sinking inside my tightness, pressing up against each wall of my pussy. Stretching me further than I had ever thought possible, opening me up to new feelings, awakening me to sensations of pleasure I thought I would never know again, of fulfilment as I felt his sack slapping across my ass. Confirming that our relationship had become even stronger, even better, but more so, without any doubt, that I had every inch of his immense cock inside me for the first time in our marriage.

“OH… Oh God yes,” he panted. “I… I can’t believe you took it all, you’ve never been wet enough before” Peter gasped, draping his fingers across the round of my ass while his index finger danced around the border of my asshole, dipping into my ass from time to time, as I continued to hold him deep inside me.

“Let… let yourself go baby, I’m a woman, not some little chick bitch that can’t take it from her real man,” I breathed deeply wanting to feel him go all out inside me, needing to be broken, taken, devoured and ravaged. For Peter to take every part of my pussy and stir it up inside me, to remember the reasons why I married him those years ago.

“Please, Peter, break me up inside, tear my pussy, rip me up,” I grunted, rocking my body into him, pulling myself away from his cock, before slamming back into him repeatedly, each slam becoming more and more intense, more erotic as I pressed my breasts into his grasp, allowing his tongue to trail across the nape of my neck.

Just give in to the pleasure, I thought to myself, watching Trevor and Piper as they watched us going at it rough and hard, my entire body taking a sexual crazed beating. Just give into the need… there is no guilt, no embarrassment, I thought to myself, trying to gain the upper hand. To be free of anything holding me back and for him to finally have all of me.

“Yes… Elisa,” he gasped, I could feel my body letting go, the tension being set free upon me as he slammed up into me with all the strength he had, practically growling at me from the feeling of my tight pussy around him.

“That’s it… give into it, make me a woman again, fuck me hard, like a man should fuck his sexy, hot wife.” I panted, arching my head up for a moment as waves of pleasure beyond mortal words washed across my body, sending chills of lust down my spine as I felt him lunging up into my tightness again and again.

Within seconds, the area around us echoed with sounds of hot, uncontrolled sex. The wet slapping of a hot ass being pounded against the hood of a sports car, the low-pitched moans and heavy sighs of deepening breath mixed with high-pitched grunts and panting. The slurping sounds of my pussy being fucked hard and fast by my husband’s thick cock, all of it, all the sounds of our fucking overshadowing the natural sounds around us.

Until finally in a loud grunt, a roar that shuddered through my entire body, I heard Peter, the man that came to my rescue, the one that first came up with the idea of the two of us becoming swingers, cried out with all his might.

“Fuuuccckkkk, Elisa, I’m cumming… I’m cumming hard in your tight…” He warned, attempting to pull out of me, before finding that I had wrapped my thighs tightly around his ass, preventing his escape. “Fuck… Elisa… I’m…,” he cried, slamming into me with all he had left.

Needing to feel his cum inside me, to feel the heated lust of his rage, the pleasures of his torment shooting like an arrow into my tight wetness. It was then that I could feel it inside me. Then that I could feel the heavy throbbing of his cock, his scorching cum shooting into me, filling my pussy to the brim; Then that I could feel him flooding me with all he had, thrusting more and more of his creamy filling into me.

Grunting into my ear, with each new thrust; flooding my body with his pain, with his torment, as it sprayed out between my inner thighs, pooling around the hood of the car below.

“Fuck….Fuck!” Peter dropped forward, his chest brushing firmly against my breasts through his sweat-soaked body as shockwaves of lust continued to pour through him. Forcing him to jerk his hips into me ever so slightly, like passionate jolts of lightning, ejecting more of his lust into my body as he grunted once more into my ear, until finally, with a final grunt of pleasure, the throbbing of his cock died down to almost nothing.

“Thank you,” I whispered gazing deeply into his eyes.

“Thank me? Thank you Elisa for trusting me,” he sighed, gliding my thighs back to the cracked cement in front of the car, allowing me to stand once more as I buried my head into his chest.

“You two are in and ready for the club if you want to be,” Trevor whispered before kissing Piper deeply.

“Hell yeah,” I sighed before breaking away from Peter, one of my hands rushing across Trevor’s thigh, grasping his half-erect cock, encasing my hand around his shaft.

“Oh me too,” Peter hissed, walking up to Piper before kneeling in front of her, licking his lips he blew a small stream of warm air over her pussy lips.

“Fucking hell yeah,” I gasped, kneeling next to my husband, gazing into his eyes, before looking back at Trevor’s fully erect cock, licking my lips, more than ready more than wanting to feast upon his meat stick and taste the fullness of his creamy load barreling down my throat.

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