Just One Kiss

Just One Kiss

Adam brushed his hand softly across the curve of Bethany’s belly before pressing his left ear gently against her taut skin, a contented smile spreading her pretty pink lips apart as she watched him. His fingers were so gentle against her abdomen as he spread them wide, the mingled reactions of both wonder and nervousness surfacing in the depths of dark eyes as he stared down at the telltale bump of her belly. “It’s absolutely amazing..I mean, I don’t even really know what to say..” Bethany laughed softly and reached her left hand down in order to run it through his chestnut curls, the likes of which she had finally convinced him to let grow past his ears. She twined her fingers through his curly locks and murmured gently, “I know Adam, I can barely put into words my feelings about the whole experience myself. It’s both wondrous and admittedly nerve wracking at the same time, but I’m so happy you’re the one I have to share it with.”

Adam glanced upward towards her, a happy smile mirroring her own as he pressed his lips carefully into the roundness of her belly. The past two months had been a whirlwind of new experiences with the middle of the third month seeing a significant physical change occur within Bethany, a scrambling of sorts to grow accustomed to her new body and to immerse themselves within the information that all new parents must, or at the very least, attempt to understand. Bethany had been in tears when she had first confirmed her impending pregnancy, anticipation and apprehension warring inside of her when she had approached Adam once he had arrived home from work. Adam had collapsed into their couch in a surprised daze, but the giddy smile that had promptly spread across his face had wiped away the tears streaming down her cheeks and assuaged the worry that had been warring inside of her. Adam had warmly embraced her, and in the weeks that had followed had joined her in her attempt to prepare themselves the significant changes to come and that had already begun.

Adam nuzzled his face gently against her stomach, the tickle of his five o’clock shadow causing Bethany to squirm as she attempted to suppress the laughter that was determined to emerge from her mouth. Adam smiled mischievously at her reaction to his tickling touch, his arms draped gently over her as he sprawled out between her legs atop their bed. He had carefully positioned a multitude of pillows around her and despite Bethany’s reassurances that two was more than enough she had to admit to herself that the comfort they brought helped to shift her train of thought into a much more different direction. As Adam made a move as if to leave their bed and gently said, “I leave you alone so you can rest,” Bethany tightened her hands within his hair and murmured softly, “Please don’t leave, I’d be much happier if you stayed…” Adam started at the heated look in Bethany’s hazel hued eyes, the verbal answer he had started to say dying away within his throat as Bethany’s lips parted in a wordless plea and she tugged harder at his curls.


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