Nina could not believe she let herself get into this situation yet there she was, hidden in the shadows in the tenant laundry room, stuck between the shadows and the young new tenant, the hot young man that had been dancing naked, seducing her deep in the chasms of her imagination.

“Shit,” she scuffed quietly, eyes locked to him, watching his every move as he pulled away his t-shirt, placing it in one of the washers before turning it on and sitting back in one of the la-z-boy chairs she had provided for her tenants.

“Fuck, he’s so damn hot,” she whispered to herself, finger sinking under her pants and panties; she could feel a slight wetness growing between her thighs. The heat inside her building as her mind filled with ideas of riding him like a bitch in heat until sunrise, “hmmm sunrise,” she hissed.

“Oh shit…,” she quickly jumped back into the darkness, the sudden, unexpected sound of his voice deeply moaning catching her completely by surprise. Her heart raced as she forced herself to look back at him, watching as he continued to moan, taking great notice as one of his hands sank down his sweatpants.

“What is he…?,” she paused as her eyes widened to his sudden actions, watching amongst the faint darkness as his other hand reached up into the air, grasping at it as if it were a pair breasts as he motioned his lips and tongue seductively.

It was then that Nina saw it.

Then that she watched the rising tent in his pants growing.

“Mmmm… please,” he moaned huskily, his voice vibrant and deep as she continued to gaze upon the sexual show unfolding before her very eyes. Nina was growing excited as she stared at him, holding her breath as she saw his hand slowly roaming under his pants, touching parts of him she hungered to see for herself, parts she would love to taste, to touch and feel from deep inside.

“Fuck,” she sighed quickly, wanting, needing more as she brushed her hand down between her thighs, grinding the tips of her fingers against her warmth, as she grew wet with each passing second.

“Nina… please… I know I you’re my landlady but… I… I want,” came his breathy voice before he clenched his teeth, tightening the grip on his tool as his sweatpants slowly sank down his hips, revealing the full thickness and length of his hardened cock to her prying eyes.

“Shit…,” Nina gaped under her breath, amazed at the sight of pure untainted man that throbbed before her hungered eyes. Starting at it, Nina quickly became intoxicated, her mind feathering with thoughts of devouring her prey, her body boiling over with lust and desire as she found herself quickly removing her bra and panties before crawling on all fours out of the darkness toward her quarry. Her breath coming out in hard shallow pants as she approached, wanting him unlike anything she had ever wanted before.

Crawling up towards his feet, she slowly pressed her hands up against his thighs, gliding both his sweatpants and boxers down his legs, removing them completely from his body. Her eyes locked on to the expressions that masked across his face the entire time, before slowly crawling over him once more, pressing her hardened breasts between his thighs as she placed her hands gently against his bare chest, her mouth only inches from his cock.

“Mmm,” he groaned again, “Please let me… Nina,” he hissed deeply like an enraged animal, as he moved both his hands up into the air, squeezing it like a pair of soft warm breasts. “Please…let me fuck you,” he breathed deeply forcing her to smile with delight as he moaned out her name once more. The few years that separated them in age vanishing as their desires for each other grew. “Yes… please,” he let out a long throaty hiss as she raked her lips against his inner thigh, sucking his flesh gently into her mouth as she rolled her tongue teasingly across the full length that lead to the crease between his thighs and his balls.

“Mmm,” she moaned almost to herself, engulfed by the heavenly sweet taste upon her lips.

“I think it’s time for some more,” she thought as she gazed up at his long slender cock. Slowly Nina placed her hands around it, her fingers encasing his tool as she gently gave it a quick squeeze, watching as the head blossomed like a large mushroom before she released it. Quickly glancing at him only to see a slight grin on his face as he continued to reach into the air with both his hands, Nina slowly flicked her tongue across the head, gliding her tongue slowly around it a few times as she took in the sweet overwhelm savor before leaning in and taking him in her mouth. She could feel his body tensing as she moved into him, working both her hands over his length as she stuffed him down her throat, before lowering her bottom jaw and slowly pulling back. Each time she would go down just a bit further, trying her best to get as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, wanting, and needing to feel him inside her mouth without gagging.

“Mmm…, fuck Nina… so warm,” she heard him moan deeply, almost throatily as she gazed back upon his face. She could see him wetting his lips with his tongue his stomach rising and falling quickly as he panted to the onslaught being placed upon him.

Slowly she pulled him from her mouth, as she ran the tip of her tongue around the head of his cock once more, this time starting at the tip and working her way down the underside of his shaft before draping her tongue over his balls.

“Mmm… Nina,” she heard him moan deeply once more, causing her to smile as she slowly worked her way back up, starting from the underside of his balls, up his shaft and across the small line of flesh that connected the shaft with the head.

“FUCK!” he moaned as he suddenly slammed his hips towards her, grinding into her hands as flashes of lightning lit up the sky; he arched his head up against the headrest.

“Mmm… its time,” Nina whispered as she stood on her knees, positioning herself over his hips as the edge of his lubed cock pulsed against her opening, her body clenching with want and desire, a passion, a craving to be filled. Nina wanted, she needed to stuff her pussy with every inch of his cock she could, to feel as much of his long length pushing up inside her, to feel the heat of his body connecting to her own. She needed to feel all of it.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she sank onto him, feeling the head of his cock sliding past her moist lips and into her hot pussy as she closed her eyes. Not allow herself to open them, instead all she could focus on, all she could feel was the hot tightness of his cock surrounding her, tearing into her, devouring her with every new inch that sank into her.

“SHIT…. FUUUUUCK!” Nina whimpered.

“Fuck me Nina,” a low hiss gasped out from his lips as he clenched his teeth, grasping one of his hands against the back of her ass, his nails digging into her sweat covered flesh.

Leaning forward she felt his other hand grasping her hardened breasts, the tips of his fingers caressing her pink nipples as he crushed her breast into her chest, before slamming his hips upward into her, forcing her to take even more of him into her hot pussy.

“SHITTT!” she cried, cringing as her entire body shook to the pleasured pain, forcing herself to clench her pussy even tighter around him, forcing them both to cry out in passionate lust. “FUUUCK!” Nina screamed, only to open her eyes and gaze down into his charming blue eyes.

“Caught you masturbating,” she whispered as a slight red hue masked over her face.

“Yes, yes you did,” he said as he slammed himself into her, feeling the tip of his cock pushing into her cervix, causing her to yelp to the intense pressure. Resting her hands on his chest to brace herself, Nina began to roll her hips in small circles, allowing his cock to push against every inch of her pussy as they continued to kiss ever passionately.

“Yes… Nina… fuck me my young beauty,” he hissed as he broke away from the kiss. Placing his head back on the headrest as he rolled his hand back over her breasts, massaging them with his fingers and his other hand gripped her ass cheek, holding her onto him as he pushed his cock in and out of her pussy.   Falling back into the moment, Nina cast away her shyness, finding herself a bit surprised at how full she felt with her masculine lover so deep inside her. Lifting her hips upward, she glided her body back up his length till all but the head of his cock was still nested inside before slamming herself down onto his hip, drilling his dick into her body, impaling herself on his prick as they both gasped to the sudden action, before she continued to ride on.

Feeling himself building to the pressure, the dream come reality, he quickly rolled both his hands down across her ass, gripping her soft taut ass before spreading her cheeks apart and pressing his cock even deeper into her body.

“Fuuck!” Nina whimpered as pleasures beyond anything she had yet to experience in her young adult life shot through her body, forcing her over the edge as her thick sweet juice slide down his shaft, collecting at the base, as he continued to slam himself in and out of her, forcing her into the next wave of pleasure.

The sheer thought of what he was doing to her over took her senses as she thought of his long hard cock sliding in and out of her. Tearing her tight little pussy apart from the inside as he continued to pound his large manly dick in and out of her pussy, the rhythm of his movements growling harder and faster with each budding thrust that she knew he was coming close to his own sexual peak.

“Fuck yeah…,” she hissed as she dragged her nails down his chest, causing him to bleed, as she felt another wave of pure lust, pure ecstasy teary through her tight, little pussy. “FUCK THIS PUSSY,” Nina cried out, arching her body back, as she lunged her breasts forward, his pace growing, as he slammed harder into her.

“FUCK YEAH!” he cried as he grasped one of his hands up her sweet bosom, his nails digging into her nipples, causing him to quick sit up as his lips glided swiftly over them, devouring them with his mouth.

His movements becoming more inconsistent and frantic as he pulled her down resting his head back on the pillow, her body pressing tightly against his as he roped his arms around her. Bending his knees, he braced his feet flat against the floor before thrusting with all he had back into her tight pussy, pounding her repeatedly as the full length of his cock sank deeply in and out of her.

It was then that she could feel it, the sudden quickening of his body as he tensed up, the thunderous sounds of crashing lightning slamming down upon the earth as he lunged as hard as he could into her. Nina could feel him exploding inside her as a wave of pleasure drove through her body, bursting through every nerve as he came into her again and again, shooting every load of his thick hot cum into her tightness. Though she was senseless with the lustful pleasures that tore through her, she rode him out as he continued to peak more and more of his cum inside her, until finally with one last thrust and a light sigh he took a deep breath, allowing her to blanket him with her warmth.

Unable to move, Nina rested her head on his chest, licking the beads of sweat, the beads of lust that had gathered across his chest as she giggled slightly to the feelings still echoing inside her.

“When… when did you know I was here?” she asked, finding the entire situation a bit overwhelming.

“Hmmmm,” he paused, roping his arms around her as he pressed his hands down across her tight ass.

“Before I answer that, let me ask you something,” he sighed as he rolled her over, pressing his body against hers, she could feel the firm underside of his cock pressing up against her bellybutton. “Doesn’t everyone else know that you do your night laundry at the same time every night?” he asked with a smile on his face, just before slamming himself back into her body.

“Only those that care to fuck,” she smiled.

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