Laurie shifted on her seat with a sigh. What had once been comfortably soft was turning into an annoying hardness as the hours had ticked by. She could have bought airline tickets but the timeless allure of the train had appealed to her, an experience she had always romanticized in her fantasies but that had in reality not quite lived up to her expectations. Laurie leaned forward and rubbed tiredly at her temples, the high ponytail she had placed her waist length curly blonde hair tightly into that morning causing her head to ache in time with the continuous clicking of the clocks placed throughout the train station. The sounds of would be passengers hurrying to the arriving trains teased her as she sat with her eyes squeezed shut, their rapidly falling footsteps a clear reminder of just how long she had sat stranded in the Nebraska train station.

“You look like a person with a lot on their mind, and none of it pleasant in nature.” The soft inquiry jolted Laurie out of the sad memories plaguing her thoughts, her eyes flying open as she turned to the young woman who had sat down a seat over from her hunched body.

“You wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption,” Laurie responded meekly and the young woman’s almond shaped eyes lifted upward as she smiled gently. The inky blackness of her eyes shone within the lights shining down from above, the wispy ends of her black ear length bob falling forward as she reached for the faux fur lined jacket at her feet. “Here, take my jacket. From what I can gather this is either your first time in the northern half of the country or you’ve been gone for so long that you’ve forgotten how chilly autumn nights in Nebraska can be.”

“Thank you,” Laurie replied with a soft smile, which was given back in return as she gratefully placed the jacket over her knee length skirt. “Having my legs exposed below the knee was very comfortable when I left Texas this morning, but I should have known that by the time I made it to Nebraska that would change.” The young woman moved into the seat directly beside Laurie and smoothed the jacket over her legs as she said, “My name is Sally by the way.”

“My name is Laurie,” she said in return, her eyes watching the nimble progress of her hands as she skimmed them lightly across her legs. Laurie felt her body react to the faint touch of Sally’s hand, her body quickening to her surprise as she shifted in her seat.

The darkness of Sally’s eyes deepened as she noted the way in which Laurie responded to such a light touch, but she pretended not to notice and with a knowing smile asked her instead, “You mentioned you left from Texas. Why did you leave there for here, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Laurie closed her eyes briefly with a sigh before staring into the hurrying crowd moving past them, “I lived in Nebraska has a teenager and moved to Texas a few months ago to live with my girlfriend. We…didn’t end up working out after all, so I decided to come back home…for a change of scenery you could say.” Sally leaned closer at Laurie’s hesitant admission, her fingers lightly caressing her arm as she offered her condolences. Laurie jumped at the sudden touch of her fingertips against her bare skin but she made no request for Sally to remove her hand and instead continued with her story.

With a harsh laugh Laurie turned her head to the left so that her blue eyes met the black of Sally’s as she pressed on, “It’s like a movie cliché, which you might see in the beginning of a romantic comedy or the middle of a romantic drama. I came home early one afternoon to find my girlfriend’s friend, whom she had firmly insisted many times was ONLY a friend, with her head buried between her thighs. I decided then and there I was long overdue for a family reunion. So, despite her protests that what I saw really wasn’t all that bad, I left early this morning.”

“I’m so sorry that happened to you Laurie, truly I am,” Sally said sympathetically, her fingers sliding lower down her arm as she leaned in closer to her. “No one deserves to be treated like that; I think you did the right thing by leaving as quickly as you could.”

“I know,” Laurie replied, “but as sad as it sounds I can’t help but have doubt play with my resolve. How sad is that?”

Sally shook her head vigorously at the sound of Laurie’s self-disgust as she said urgently, “It makes sense that you might have some doubts considering how much, I’m assuming, that you had invested in her. Don’t be so hard on yourself; all you need now is to take your mind off of it in one way or another…” Sally punctured her last words as she slid her fingers even lower down Laurie’s arm until they disappeared beneath her jacket and rested lightly on her lap.

Laurie’s breath stalled within her throat as her wide blue eyes caught the deep stare of Sally’s as she ran the tips of her fingers beneath the band of her skirt. Laurie’s mind ran wild with emotions, her body reacting heatedly the light touch of her hand while her thoughts were frantic with how close they were to the people all around them. Sally could see the longing intermingled with the indecision written across Laurie’s face and she curtailed the indecision by pulling the jacket up higher onto her waist.

“Rest the side of your cheek within the crock of my neck and focus on us, no one else,” Sally encouraged, her right hand sliding further beneath her skirt as Laurie did as she was told.

Laurie bit back a throaty gasp as Sally lightly traced a single finger up and down the outline of her cleft through her panties, her heart rate rising as she pressed her cheek more firmly on Sally’s shoulder. Laurie squeezed her eyes tightly shut as Sally traced her finger across fabric that already begun to moisten beneath her touch. Laurie frantically muffled her startled cry as she moved her cheek and pressed her face fully into Sally’s neck, the sudden sensation of her finger slipping beneath the thin protection of her panties and onto the softness of her skin. Laurie’s breath rasped against Sally’s shoulder as she tried desperately to muffle her moans of pleasure as Sally ran her fingers down and up the slickness of her arousal. Laurie panted and pressed herself as subtly as she could into the touch of Sally’s hand, her fingers brushing back and forth across her aching clit in tempting circles that Laurie found herself desperately hoping for more of.

All the sounds of people moving around them gradually began to disappear beneath the delicious pressure of Sally’s fingers against her clit, the wet sliding sensation of her fingers brushing relentlessly back and forth across the surface of her sensitive skin. Laurie bit into her lower lip and tried desperately to prevent the loud moan that threatened to escape from her throat, each slide of Sally’s fingers across her slick skin sending shiver after delicious shiver up her spine as she sat there in the public train station with her body trembling with both need and an awareness of where they happened to be. Sally nuzzled her cheek against Laurie with a mischievous smile that spread her pink lips wide, a smile which turned swiftly into a sweeter version of its former self that beamed at people passing by who happened to glance in their direction.

Laurie’s breath expelled in panting gasps into Sally’s shoulder as she felt her arousal rising and rising, her body aching for a release Laurie wanted ever so desperately. She moaned as she pressed her hips upward into Sally’s hand, her appreciative murmurs in response to Laurie’s libidinous reaction to her touch washing warmly over her.

Each firm press of Sally’s fingertips into her wet flesh brought her closer and closer to that delicious edge of shattered self-control, Laurie’s body quickening in hungry hopefulness…until the sudden sound of the announcer speaking into the intercom system was heard, informing potential passengers of the next train leaving the station.

“Oh no,” Sally exclaimed in a breathless chuckle, Laurie’s desperate mewls of protest falling upon deaf ears as Sally pulled her fingers away, “that’s my train…”


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