“Wow… I can’t believe I’m going to get some tight pussy tonight,” Kyle wailed, grabbing his crotch with the tips of his fingers as if holding himself from cumming in his pants. Only to turn toward me, allowing me to see the mystical array of his two diverse tinted eyes, one green the other hazel, both gazing deeply into my dark blue orbs as he licked his lips with the tip of his tongue.

“Maybe,” I hissed, the heat from his stare reaching deep inside me as I began to feel all wet and hot between my thighs, the idea of fucking him right there running through my head as I brushed away my long sandy tan hair.

“Maybe?” Tom asked as he gazed back at me, licking his lips as he reached out towards me, his hands trailing down my thighs as he took a deep breath. “Weren’t you the one that tracked us down, wanting us to help you with your ‘itch’? Weren’t you the one that purposely got both Kyle and I so fucking sexual aroused, while all the while knowing, teasing us as we tried to remain ever so the professional?”

“What do you think about the two of us… think we can have some of that tight pussy of yours to help cure that itch?” Kyle asked ever so loudly, my mouth nearly dropped open from the vast bravery it took to ask, loving the sound of a mature man asking, almost demanding to fuck my pussy.

“What… what happened to the two nice professional guys I’ve known all my life?” I asked, playing slightly innocent once more.

“We’re still here, but now that we know what you really need and want, well it’s all part of the act, Carol.” Tom said as he quickly stood up on his knees, reaching out towards me from the other side of the bed with one hand as the other quickly unzipped his pants.

“We plan to make you remember us over those other bastards in the past.” Kyle gasped.

“At least let me know how it feels to slip my cock into your lush wet mouth.” Tom panted, pulling the tip of his cock out from his pants, the thick four inch girth of his cock forcing me to widen my eyes in excitement, as it reached out to me. Throbbing fiercely, in the palm of his hands, the mushroomed head spraying out large beads of pre-cum as it dripped over the tips of his fingers.

“Fuck that’s so thick and hot,” I gasped; I couldn’t believe the urge of sexual desire that ran through me as my eyes fixated on his cock. My mouth salivating as the thoughts–the visions of taking Tom into my mouth began to drive through me.

“Maybe,” I gasped playfully, almost teasingly, widening my eyes, as one of my hands instinctively slid between my thighs, the tip of my index finger gliding over the smooth wet slit of my pussy as my own erotic juices began to dampen my panties.

“Maybe?” Kyle hissed as he rushed me, his eyes looking into mine as he reached for me, grabbing hold of my waist pulling it toward his with one hand as he unbuttoned his pants with the other.

“I think you meant to say ‘Hell yeah, Kyle fuck my cunt… Tom let me suck that hot cock of yours.” He grunted as my knees fell against the edge of the bed, feet pressing against the hard wooden flooring as my ass hung pressed up towards him. I could feel his hands roaming around my inner thighs as he pressed his crotch against my covered ass, the only thing keeping him from taking me, from drilling his hard cock inside me were my black laced panties, which he had already begun to remove with his fingers.

It was then that Tom rolled around me, standing on the bed in front of me as his rock hard cock throbbed just inches from my lush wet lips.

“As much as I want to fuck that pussy of yours,” he hissed, “I want to feel you choking on my cock,” Tom hissed, the saliva in my mouth flowing like a running faucet. His fingers tangling into my long brown locks, pressing my face closer and closer towards his crotch, towards his penis. As I prepared to feel the warm, hard fleshy beast against the inner sides of my cheek, the taste of his masculine flavor running rampant against my tongue, driving into me, face fucking me.

“Mmm… fuuuuuuck Kyle” I panted, almost out of breath as the two men I chose to fuck me just hours ago, continued to seduce me, seduce their prize, their sexual treasure, claim their sex crazed best friend, their horny assed trophy.

“Mmm, Kyle,” I moaned again as I felt a set of hands roaming between my silky smooth thighs, I could feel Kyle’s cock slither roughly against the wetness of my wonderfully soaked panties. “I… I can’t wait to see and feel what the two of you asses can do with a hot woman like me,” I gasped, feeling the tip of Tom’s cock pressing against my lips, the warm, hardened tip, slowly pressing further into my mouth as he continued to slowly yet firmly apply more and more pressure.

“Take me please,” Tom hissed, widening his stance, pressing me into him with his hands.

“Mm…,” I sighed, the feeling of Kyle pressing against my ass, pulling away my damp panties so that he had a clear path of my moist, neglected opening.

“Yes… you feel so good,” he growled almost uncontrollably before placing light kisses around my neck, dragging the tip of his tongue over my flesh, taking in the sweet tender taste of my body.

“Your body is just… just as I imagined,” he whispered, “Can’t believe any man married to such a hot piece of ass wouldn’t just be fucking you hourly,” Kyle added. His words warming me from deep inside forcing me to moan deeply, allowing my deep vibrations to whip across the head of Tom cock, before opening my mouth a little more, only to reach up and encase his hardened pole in my hand.

Holding Tom firmly in my grasp, I blew a long, warm, and drawn out breath over the ridge of his cock, forcing Tom to grunt to the sudden heat, the intense action driving through him as I arched his cock up towards his stomach, slamming the edge of my tongue across the underside of his sack. My fingers encased around the girth of his shaft, I could feel the throbbing heat of his penis, his large cock almost vibrating in the tight firm grasp.

“Mmm, fuck yes… horny, neglected, hot women are always good at sucking cock,” Tom panted, “Every time… every time you talked to us in the bar, I got hard just thinking of this moment.” He added, “Wanting to know just how great it would feel to blow my load deep down your throat, watch your eyes roll back into your head.”

“Really,” I asked, a bit surprised that the two were able to hide their lust filled thoughts from me for so long as I remoistened my lips by gliding my tongue over them. I could feel Kyle sliding the tips of his fingers down the slit of my pussy as he pulled my wet panties down my thighs, gliding them around my knees before draping the tip of one of his fingers over the tight rim of my asshole.

“Fuck… Yes… Yes…,” I panted, feelings of excitement mixed with a sexual high rushed through me as the anticipation of what was to come overtook my thoughts, the idea of being fucked hard and rough once more filling me with elation. The very tip of Kyle’s hard cock scraping across the wet opening of my slit as he slithered it slowly, erotically up and down my opening; my savory fluids, my heated juices lubricating his cock before attempting to enter my boiling, hot tightness.

“Mmm, Fuck, Kyle… yes,” I grunted, stroking Tom’s hard beast in my hand as I flicked my tongue slowly over the head, bathing it with my saliva, before pressing it back up against his tight, muscular abs. Rolling the full base of my tongue over the underside as the tips of my other hand rolled down between his thighs, taking his sack into my hands, holding him in my grasps, gently yet firmly squeezing his large balls.

“Fu-uuuck,” Tom panted, driving his fingers harder through the strands of my hair, pushing my face closer to his crotch as if wanting; demanding me to take the full length of his manhood into my sweltering warm mouth.

“Fuck… baby yes,” he cried as I gazed ever so playfully up into his eyes, I could see the glisten in them, the passion, the extreme sexy pleasure rolling through them before sucking the tip of his beast back into my mouth, pumping my hand firmly around his full girth.

“Ugh..,” I almost gagged, my head slamming frontward as I felt the sharp biting crack, the burning heated sting of my ass being slapped from behind, forcing my body to react instinctively by jerking forward, jerking away from the sensually erotic pain.

“Kyle…,” I grunted, pulling away from Tom’s cock only to angle my head to the side, gazing back at him as I felt the horny beast reaching up from behind. The firmness of his chest, the hard abrasive feeling of his sweat-laced abs and firm, trimmed stomach gliding across my back as his hands cupped my breasts, crushing them back against my chest as he squeezed them roughly with his hands.

“Fuck… Kyle,” I cried deeply, airlessly, as I felt the long hard shaft of his cock pulsating against my opening, the large spongy tip scraping across my slit, in wild, long, drawn out flicks, teasing me, preparing me for the coming storm of pleasure.

“Mmm… yes Kyle you’re so fucking… so fucking big,” I hissed, ridding out the sharp, stabbing quakes of desire, his cock grinding roughly across my already aroused and swollen clit. Only to feel Tom slam the full length of his cock deep into my mouth, the tip scrapping across the back of my throat as his balls pushed firmly against my lower lips.

“Thought maybe you forgot about me,” Tom grunted, thrusting his hips into me, forcing the tip to press against my tonsils. I could feel the firmness, the utter hardness of his beast pushing its way down my throat, causing the sensation to gag to the masculine taste. The spurned linger of his flavor overpowering my senses as I stroked my tongue in an almost zigzag motion across the underside, while roping one of my hands around his ass, pressing my nails deeply into his sharp ripe flesh. “FUCK!” he gasped, his body tensing, to the twist of sure pain stabbing through his flesh.

“Fuck me Kyle,” I begged in a thought, loving the taste of Tom’s cock in my mouth, the pulsating warmth of his hardness thrashing in and out of me, as I rolled my tongue into a canoe, zigzagging it across his cock every time he thrashed back into me.

All the while, I could feel Kyle teasing me from behind, draping the tip of his cock against the opening of my pussy, pushing the tip of his cock into me, his girth widening me as he continued to rake his hands over my breasts only to teasingly pull out before doing the whole thing again.

“FUCK ME HARD, BASTARD!” I screamed; my cries echoing through the bedroom, my dogs barking and howling to my cries of passion, their sounds breaking way into our rhythm becoming the beat in which Tom slammed his beast into my mouth.

“Fu-Fu-fuck me!” I demanded, breathing deeply as the sharp slam, the powerful thrust took me by surprise, driving Tom’s cock even deeper into my mouth as Kyle crashed the full, wonderful length of his cock into my aching pussy, I could feel the light tapping of his balls as they bounced against the cheeks of my ass.

“Shit,” I gasped, the pleasures of both men consuming my every sense, my every thought as I began to feel lightheaded.

“Pound me,” I hissed as I pulled away from Tom’s cock, begging Kyle to pound my pussy for all it was worth. “Fuck me like the bitch I am,” I grunted, flicking the tip of my tongue over Tom’s cockhead, forcing him to wince to the pleasures penetrating his body.

“Mmm fucking bitch,” Tom hissed, jerking his head up as he rolled his hands over my shoulders, caressing them as I continued my attack on his cock, all the while I was being taking from behind. I could feel Kyle pounding into me, entombing his long fat cock all the way to the hilt inside me with each thrust, the head of his cock reaching deep into my abdomen; pushing through my cervix.

“Fuck… fuck you’re so good to me… to us,” Tom moaned deeply; breathless as I pushed my hands away from his cock, brushing them back against the underside of his balls, before opening my mouth wide enough so that the head could only slide in to it. Feeling his tip pressing into my tightened lips, I sucked him fiercely into me, flicking his shaft with my tongue repeatedly as I took more and more of him inside.

“OH… Oh God yes,” Tom panted; I could feel him squirming around me. “OH GOD YES, YES,” he cried, pressing his hands up towards the ceiling, going freestyle as he allowed me to take him unassisted.

“Fuck… you’re both so big… I can’t believe how lucky I was to find you two tonight, without your significant others” I hissed, pulling my mouth away from Tom’s cock as I took him in my hands pumping him to the rhythm of Kyle’s thrust into my pussy. The beat of his lust, the pounding of his cock inside me building with each new thrust, taking me deeper, harder, higher than I thought possible.

“Yes… fuck that pussy hard and rough,” I demanded, flicking the tip of my tongue over Tom’s cockhead, as I pumped him roughly with my hand. Grasping his ball sack firmly with my other, tightening my grasp around his balls each time Kyle slammed into me, each time Kyle tore his nails into my breasts, forcing Tom to feel the heightened sense, the sharpening high that drove me to my sexual peak.

“Fuck… Fuck yes, yes,” I panted, gritting my teeth as I arched my head towards the ceiling, tightening my grasps around Tom’s cock as bolts of lust, waves of sheer pleasure rushed across my body, showering me in stream of pure bliss as Kyle drove me into my first orgasm.

“YES… KYLE, YES,” I screamed, only to feel Tom’s cock tighten around my hand, the vein on the underside of his cock stiffening even harder as he shot his load of cum across my face. His hot, sticky seed spraying out like a gusher as more and more of his manly juice shot against my face, landing over my chin, my cheeks, lips and nose, until finally I took him back into my mouth. Taking in the salty goodness of his man juice as Tom shot another load deeply into the back of my throat forcing me to swallow his seed.

“Fuck… YES… suck it… swallow it all,” Tom cried as I felt Kyle grip my shoulders with one of his hands, arching me back into the seat, as he prepped my ass up closer to his crotch.

“I… I’m going to cum too,” Kyle hissed, “I’m going to fill your tight pussy so full, your deadbeat lover’s going to feel it,” he grunted, slamming into me at an almost ungodly pace as his hands quickly dug into the flesh around my waist, holding me firmly against him with each thrust of his cock. I could feel the friction between our bodies growing, forcing me to tight myself around his cock each time he slammed back into me.

“Yes… Fuck me hard, fuck me harder,” I grunted, pushing my face into the bed as I continued to stroke Tom’s still hard cock with my hand, flicking my thumb along the small layer of flesh that attached his head to his shaft.

“Fuck my Pussy… fuck my pussy harder,” I begged.

“Ugh… Fuck… Fuck… I… I… Can’t take anymore,” Kyle hissed as his entire body stiffened like a board, I could feel the sudden rush of his cum. The pounding of his sweet hot semen seeping deeply into my pussy, filling me up so quickly that it rained down the insides of my thighs as he continued to slam more and more of his creamy seed into me, filling me to the brim over and over again.

“Fuck… fuck that was tight… your pussy so fucking tight, Carol,” Kyle hissed, quickly pulling out of me only to press his face between my ass cheeks, his mouth roaming passionately over my pussy as he licked up the sweet tangy mixture of our sex induced juices.

“Pervert,” I breathed deeply, loving all of it as his tongue barreling into my pussy like a snake, I could feel every flick, every roll, as Kyle slowly slid the tip of his fingers over the rim of my ass.

“There is… there is so much more to do,” Kyle hissed as he broke away from my pussy, his lips glazed over with the mixture of our juices. “There’s still your hot moist mouth I’d like to fill with my cock,” he hissed, his breathtaking eyes sparking in the dim shadows in the room as he stepped away from the bed.

“Yeah and I’d like to get into that pussy too,” Tom gasped.

“You two are highly perverted… but so am I,” I said playfully, turning my cum filled pussy toward Tom, before licking my own erotic flavors off Kyle’s semi-hard cock, the three of us completely naked and ready to fuck even more.

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