Tom woke, unable to move his arms. He could feel the restraints around his upper arms and wrists. Moving them forward, he was unable to get them above his waist. Gauging from the lack of feeling in them he‘d been bound and in that position for a while. The ground was cool beneath him, no doubt a tile floor as he could feel the grout indents in his arm. Struggling up to a sitting position, he couldn’t fully open his eyes and realized he was blindfolded. The heart in his chest beat a little more rapidly at the predicament he was in, and raced further when he heard a door open and close from behind him. Turning his head in the direction of the sound, Sally’s voice presented itself as a soft clicking of heels made their way towards him.

Her hand came down gently on his head, causing him to start with the unexpected touch. She walked in a circle around him, nails trailing in his hair as she did so. “Beautiful. I love a boy kneeling and bound on the floor in front of me.” She stopped behind him on the second time around and gripped his hair hard with one hand before crouching behind him, pressing her naked body against his bare back. “But, how obedient are you?”

Tom didn’t dare answer, unsure if he was supposed to or not.

“Unless otherwise told to, you will answer when spoken to. Now, how obedient are you going to be?” Sally warned.

“Very.” Tom answered eagerly, “As obedient as I need to be.”

“Good. A good boy has to be obedient.” Her words were raspy with pleasure, “Oh, and I see you’ve woken to the idea as well.”

Through the entire ordeal he’d been fighting the reaction, but his body was reacting in a way he didn’t think possible. A hiss of breath released from his mouth as she ran something hard against his balls and up the shaft of his cock. “Such a pretty cock you have here.” The hard something slapped gently over his balls and he jumped.

“On all fours,” she said suddenly, and when he didn’t respond in a timely manner, a riding crop came down a little harder on his balls. “Now!” she barked at him.

A small smile twisted on Tom’s lips as he bent over from his sitting position.

Tom stiffened a little as her hand came to rest on his ass cheek. “Uh, uh, now, relax,” she said, Tom’s body sighed into relaxation, “Much better. Gee, someone likes their ass spanked, don’t they?” She whispered into his ear.

To emphasize her point she trailed a hand down his back and over the curve of his ass. Without hesitation, she opened her hand flat and slapped with a small amount of force onto his open bare bottom.

“Like that, do you?” Sally responded at his gasp.

“You are not to come until I tell you to. If you do,” Sally stated, “the consequences are going to be favorable for me.”

She continued to follow the curve of his ass until her fingers touched the back side of his balls. She lingered there for an uneasy minute, and then dragged her fingers to meet his asshole. Her middle finger circled the small entry, leaving Tom excited and nervous.

A sound caught Tom’s attention. It was similar to lotion being squeezed from a bottle. Sally’s finger still traced his hole, slightly penetrating then retreating every so often as Tom listened to the glistening sound of lubrication dragging over a dildo.

Sally used her other hand to stroke the lube up and down over the dildo connected to her black panties. She alternated between watching herself stroke the dildo and finger Tom’s asshole.

Sally’s finger had joined with two others to shove inside Tom, she reached deep inside of him to widen his ass and take the cock strapped to her. She stopped pushing her fingers into him and sat for a second taking in the small but gaping hole.

Without warning, she shoved her cock into Tom. His voice went deep, low and smooth as he bellowed an almost painful moan of pleasure. Sally pushed the cock deep into his ass, sliding with ease to the base of the dildo, pressing her pelvis hard against him.

Slowly, she pulled from him and held just the tip inside of him before pushing, slowly still, back into him. Her chest bent slightly so that she could firmly grasp Tom’s hips. Her fingers wrapped around the fold of his hips and legs.

Sally effortlessly pushed in and out of Tom with increasing speed as he moaned and gasped. With each push, a shock of pure ecstasy shot through his groin. Wild with the need to feel more, Tom began to push his hips into Sally to help her go in deeper.

As she shoved into him harder, his bound hands gave way underneath him, pushing his ass higher as his chest fell to the floor. Sally did not slow; she continued to shove with more determination.

“Remember, you’re not allowed to cum until I tell you.” Sally’s words brought a small cry of desperation from Tom’s lips.

Abruptly, Sally pulled out of Tom and commanded, “Sit back on your heels.” Sally unstrapped the dildo as Tom did as he was commanded.

Sally’s cool, moist with lube hand wrapped around his cock, pulling on it roughly. She teased him, pulling and twisting his cock. It didn’t hurt, instead tom found it quite pleasurable.

Without warning a soft slap came across his face. Her hand wove through his hair again and gripped it tight, canting his head back a little. Her lips came down on his in a nipping kiss full of teeth. Her tongue moved its way into his mouth.

“Open that pretty mouth of yours.” Sally demanded, “I’m going to stroke your cock, let me hear the sound of your pleasure.”

Her hand wove and twisted around his cock, causing some pleasing discomfort. Tom was beside himself with sensation as her silky, chilled hands played with him. Her eyes were deep in concentration as she watched what she was playing with.

She removed one of her hands from his cock, while the other continued to play with his shaft. The second hand met his warm balls. Tom let a gasp of pleasure escape his lips, making Sally’s eyebrows raise with the corners of her lips. Her fingers twisted around his balls delicately. Suddenly, she pinched just below Tom’s balls. His body stiffened with excitement. Her other hand never leaving his shaft.

“All fours. Now!”

Her heels clicked as she walked around in a semicircle to be behind Tom. Her hands picking up where she had left off. Pulling his cock behind him, he felt the warmth of her mouth overwhelm his dick with sensation. She pumped her mouth vigorously over his dick, holding it steady with her hands. His balls were tight and on the very of bursting. He unconsciously cried out his despair. “It’s not your time to cum!” Sally reminded Tom.

Sally rose to her feet and pulling Tom by his hair, she tugged him up and pushed him forward. Because of the way his hands were bound and, he now realized, his feet, he fell and was unable to break his fall. Once again she handled him roughly until he was on his back on a bed. “Eat it. Ass and pussy.”

She climbed on top of his face and sat. He worked her pussy and ass as demanded with his tongue, running it up and down her slit the best he could with his limited motion, penetrating her as far as he could while she ground herself on to him, rapidly moving her hips over his mouth and nose, nearly suffocating him with her pussy. Tom moaned under her with excitement.

The command in her voice and the way she tasted was nearly enough to make him stroke himself off behind her back. His tied hands wrapped around his dick and he excitedly jerked his cock. Moaning under her, Tom’s body tightened and softened as he released his orgasm.

“Oh, that simply will not do.” Sally stated, looking back and seeing what Tom had done.

All too abruptly she moved and situated herself over him and slammed her wet pussy down on his cock. The force and feel of her pussy, so tight and wet encasing him, made him sit up. Sally pushed him back down, his bound hands nestled between their stomachs as her hands braced themselves on his chest and she rode him while moving just her hips.

She swiveled her hips in a clockwise, then counter clockwise motion. He could feel the ball of her cervix with the tip of his cock as it moved around inside. Forwards and backwards she moved, the feeling of her pussy around him caused a low moan to escape from him. Reaching down as she continued to ride Tom, Sally untied his hands giving him freedom to touch her.

Pulling her hair he tilted her neck to the side and bit lightly, claiming her as his own. He bit his way across her shoulders and collarbone, to her tits where he bit and sucked her nipples. She cried out. She wanted to feel the entire length of him within her.

Flipping her over, Tom covered her body with his own, fucking her hard and deep. Her hands went to his back and she dragged her nails down his back, causing him to moan out in pain as she was silent. Releasing the hold, her body came off the bed a little bit, arms wrapping and him as she bit and kissed her way across his chest in turn.

She settled back into the bed and he came down, forcing his tongue into her gasping mouth to kiss her before pulling once more on her hair. He withdrew from her, his cock bouncing in time with his heartbeat. “Roll over.”

On all fours he entered her pussy. She gasped. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he pulled her head back causing her back to arch as he fucked her from behind, using her hair as his leverage. Grabbing a pillow, he placed it under her hips.

“Make me cum!” Her lips hissed the demand as she released a loud moan.

As he brought his lips to her neck he felt the first real tremor of release from her pussy around his cock. He picked up his thrusts, a steady rhythm, not too hard and fast, his balls no longer slapping, but drawn close to his body for his impending orgasm. He moved her head to the side and he kissed her as he deep and rhythmically threw his cock into her, driving into its home.

They both moaned into the kiss. Sally trembled first, breaking it just as the crest of her orgasm took hold. He fucked her convulsing pussy as it teased him to cum. She cried her release. Thrusting into her, he fucked her harder than before, his moans now desperate with the need for his second release. He bent down and kissed her roughly. She bit down on his lip and he tried to pull away. Her arms and legs wrapped around him once again as she met him thrust for thrust.

“You can cum now.” She smirked as she gave permission.

And then it was there. She felt him swell further inside of her, become harder, his thrusts more erratic. Then the sound which she loved and craved to hear erupted from his mouth. She could feel his cock twitching with each spurt of cum that flooded her pussy and warmed her from the inside.

They both laid there for a while; catching their breaths while entwined with one another. While he’d softened inside of her, he still filled her, and he could feel the aftershocks of her orgasm around his cock.

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  1. a story that will have bottom drawers opening for sure.And i feel the need of tissues too.Arousing for both sexes,hopefully will lead to much shared pleasures.

  2. Thank you for this story. I was late to my meeting due to “adjustments” I needed to make with my pants :) Looking forward to more.

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