It is dark
It is quiet
I am curled up in my bed
Just drifting off to sleep
It is a warm night so I am naked
Just a sheet covering my nudity
All I can hear is my own steady breathing
My mind is empty

Then I feel a little waft of cool air on my back
As the sheet is raised off my body
The mattress creaks gently
As you slip into bed beside me
I sense the warmth of you

Gently, trying not to disturb me
You spoon yourself around my body from behind
Lightly lowering the sheet again to cover us both
You are naked too
Your firm chest presses tenderly against my back
Your soft cock nuzzles against the round cheeks of my bum
Just swelling slightly as it finds its place
Your legs rest against mine
I feel your foot burrowing under mine, making a connection

I sigh softly
An almost inaudible purr in my throat
I cannot see you
But I hear your soft breath in my ear
I feel your chest rising and falling gently against my back
As your breathing matches itself to mine
Breathing as one

A soft susurration of the sheet as your arm slips over me
Your fingers brush the contours of my warm skin
Your hand comes to rest over my left breast
Cupping it delicately like a newborn chick
I can feel my nipple harden at your touch

That purr in my throat again
I push myself back against you
Wanting to melt into you
I feel the swell of your cock
Much harder now
A slight tremble flickers through your body
Your hand clasps my bare breast tighter

You whisper my name
Tell me not to move

Your hand releases my breast
One finger traces a sensuous trail round my nipple
I feel the little glands of my areola becoming aroused
Your finger stimulating their rough nodules

My nipple is very erect
Tenderly your fingers pinch it
Roll it between them
Then release it

Your touch vanishes
Then I feel your fingers tickle
Round the curves of each little breast in turn
Back and forth
Coming and going

With my eyes closed
I don’t know where your touch will come next
I feel the first fresh flush of excitement stir inside my pussy

I raise my leg slightly
Making it easier for your hard cock to reach me from behind
I feel the smooth knob-head
Brush the delicate petals of my labia
Releasing a little trickle of moisture
Tenderly your cock traces the outline of my soft lips
Nudging them apart
My fragile flower opens to your questing touch

Your cock enters me
Slipping inside
I clench my vaginal muscles
Welcoming your tender invasion
A brief waft of my aroma
Released by your presence
I can feel your nipples hardening
Pressed against my back

Slowly, lovingly, you start to slide your cock in and out of me
The walls of my vagina expand to admit you
You fill me so tight
Oh so tight

As the pressure builds my breath comes faster
Yours too so we still breathe as one
You whisper my name in my ear
The only other sounds the occasional creak of the bed
As your movements accelerate
And the slurp slurp slurp of your cock in my cunt
Your right hand grasps my bare breasts
Squeezing them tight

You are moving faster now
I sense the approach of your orgasm
Your cock seems to swell even more

Deep within me, I feel my own orgasm start to swell
Like a distant tsunami
Threatening to engulf me
Roaring up from within my soul
As your cock thrusts one more time
And explodes
Again and again
I feel my pussy fill with your cum

And as you come
I come too
My vagina clenches
Fireworks fill my mind
My orgasm explodes

As I come I breathe your name

Trembling, my breathing subsides
Yours too
As your cock withdraws
My juices flow out over my thighs
I am glowing all over
My labia puffy and pink

And now for the first time I turn and kiss you
Our lips pressed together
Our world complete
No words are needed

We fall asleep


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