Three's Company

Three’s Company

Stephanie watched as the dark haired beauty slinked towards her, the red of her lips and the sway of her hips were a mesmerizing combination that she found herself unwilling to look away from. She had always found something fascinating about Bianca, a connection that had formed the instant they had first met. She had been a friendly acquaintance of Christopher’s before they had joined together as a couple and had officially met one afternoon when they had been out together for a late lunch. Bianca had been walking past them unaware of their presences until Christopher had called out to her, and the moment she had approached their table with a sweetly sincere smile upon her face, Stephanie had felt a quickening inside of herself, an instinctual pull towards her. The three had enjoyed a friendly lunch together and had planned on meeting up later that weekend for a night out together in the well-loved downtown of the city they all called home.

The soft glow of the bedroom lamps suffused Bianca’s skin with a caramel glow, blending in beautifully with the deep brown of her waist length curls as she crawled towards her. Stephanie’s heart thumped excitedly within her chest as Bianca reached out her left hand and gently ran her fingers back and forth across her flushed cheek, her grey coloured eyes widening as she glanced over at her husband. Christopher smiled at, his almond shaped eyes glinting with rousing desire as he watched Bianca touching his wife. He ran his right hand excitedly through his black shaggy hair, brushing it back behind an ear before eagerly leaning forward as he watched them. Stephanie had met Christopher two years back when she had finally found the time to take a vacation for herself.

She had chosen Japan without a second thought, a country she had been interested in at an early age. Once there she had ran into Christopher at a local cafe, her excitement had meeting another traveller prompting her to find out more about his background. He had been born outside of Japan but had family members still living there that he had always had the desire to meet. They had talked for what felt like hours in that cosy cafe in a new city they were both not familiar with, and to Stephanie’s delight Christopher had kept in contact with her even after they had gone separate ways when the cafe had closed. Their connection had only grown more intimate with the passage of time and before long they had pledged their dedication to each other by becoming husband and wife.

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